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I am covered by my employer but I just cannot afford to pay for my two kids. What can I do?
If your income is too high to qualify for any of your State or local funded programs, investigate buying an individual policy for the kids. Sometimes a carrier will insure two children at a slight discount over two separate, individual health policies that are identical. If this is the case, make sure your YOUNGEST child is the policy owner by using that child’s social security number as the "insured", and the oldest child is the "dependent" or secondary insured, because that way when the oldest child gets too old to be covered anymore (age 18 unless in college) and rolls into his or her own policy (guaranteed issue, same price as anyone), the youngest child simply remains insured and keeps that policy until it is no longer needed. Under the 2010 Healthcare Reform package, employers will receive a tax credit beginning in 2014 which could help pay for your children. Once they are on a group plan, with the new law, they can stay on the plan until age 26.