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I see advertisements for health coverage for individuals and families and the price is under $100 a month. How come all the companies I look at are so much higher?
Look closely and you will see a footnote somewhere that "health coverage" is "not insurance". For $100 a month, a family can get a plan that lets them have a discount when they buy drugs, go to a doctor, or get some minor lab work. Sometimes you will find that they offer you "cash in the hospital" too. However, again read the fine print and see that generally you get several hundred dollars per day for hospitalization (which can cost $2,000 per day or more just to eat or sleep there; never mind the cost for surgery or treatment). In short, the discount plan works quite well until you get sick or injured. Don’t waste your money; either buy a very high deductible plan to give yourself the "in-network" discount and protect your assets, or if you have very limited assets, see if you qualify for State assistance (such as Medicaid or AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers)).