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I’ve heard that insurance companies can cancel me or raise my rates if I have a big claim. True or false?
Let’s assume you did not lie on the application, forget important medical history, or failure to pay the premium on time. If those assumptions are correct, and if you are with an insurance carrier licensed within the State of your residence, you cannot be cancelled, nor can your rates be raised for claims unless the carrier cancels everyone else, or raises everyone else’s rates at the same time and with the same amount applied to anyone else of your age, sex, and zip code. Even if the carrier drops the plan you are on, you are allowed to roll into the closest plan currently available for new sales in your State. Just be honest on the application, pay your bills on time, and know you are as secure as everyone else in your same carrier in your State of residence. Beginning in 2014, people with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied insurance, all lifetime and annual limits on coverage will be eliminated, and new policies will be required to meet higher benefit standards.