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Question 3 of 5 in Health Insurance Decisions For Domestic Partners
My domestic partner is 55, And i’m 42. We have one 14-year-old child. Should we buy a family health insurance policy, Or all get our own policies?
The "fine print" matters here: some health insurance carriers use the age of the "youngest spouse or domestic partner" while some carriers use the age of the oldest partner. With the large age discrepancy, almost your first criteria should be to weed out those who would rank you with the 55 year old families. After you narrow the search down to the carriers who use your age, look closely at the cost for just the two of you together, with a separate policy for your child. Some carriers have a "family" category that assumes an average number of children (2). Others go by the exact number in your family. Be a careful shopper and select the company that provides the health insurance policy you want at the price most favorable to your family ages.