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Question 1 of 3 in Health Insurance Decisions For Married Couples
I’m self-employed and my spouse has the chance to put me on the group health insurance plan as a dependent. Is that cheaper than finding my own coverage?
That depends on factors such as how healthy you are, where you live, and how much of the monthly premium your spouse’s employer will pay.

If you live in one of the few States that requires everyone to be allowed to buy coverage regardless of premium, you should simply look at the cost versus benefits to compare. If you live in a State that allows medical underwriting for both individuals and group coverage, you will likely find better options at a lower cost within the individual market. If the employer contributes nothing at all to the premium, you have a very good chance of finding an individual plan with similar benefits at a lower cost in most markets. If you live in a State that makes insurers accept or reject the entire group but allows the individual market to reject applicants for medical reasons, you will likely find individual coverage much less expensive if you are healthy but will be much more likely to get group coverage if you are not healthy.