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Question 2 of 3 in Health Care Reform Of 2010 For Divorced Status
I’m staying in a dead-end job because I need my health insurance for myself and my kids (who live with my ex-wife). Now that the health reform package of 2010 has passed, Can I quit?
Your question includes an implication that you and/or one or more of your kids cannot buy insurance in the current marketplace, or else you would have already quit. If that is the case, you cannot quit yet; but by 2014, you will be able to move among health insurers without being rejected for medical conditions, and without having any pre-existing condition exclusions or waiting periods. If you just cannot wait, the "temporary guaranteed issue" plans should be in place by September. (The Federal Government is asking States that already have "major risk" pools if they want to enlarge and expand upon the existing structure, which will make the transition quicker. A federally-financed website is supposed to be available by July to show the options.)