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Question 3 of 3 in Health Care Reform Of 2010 For Married Status
I’m a 24-year old with no job, No money, A 3-year old daughter, A wife who doesn’t work outside of the home, And no health insurance. Did anything in this whole package help me?
Yes; the package increased the financing of the low-income subsidy programs, including loosening the qualifications for Medicaid (called MediCal in California). These provisions take effect by September 23rd, 2010, so check with your local welfare department to see if you and your family can qualify for subsidized health insurance now. Children are especially helped with additional coverage options, including dental coverage. You might check with your parents’ health coverage, too. If your parents have medical insurance, you can go back onto their plan until you are 26. Even though you are married, your parents can still put on as their dependent. That provision cannot be extended to your daughter, though, or to your wife. Only a biological or adopted child up to age 26 can be covered as a dependent.