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Question 1 of 2 in Health Care Reform Of 2010 For Disabled Status
I’m on social security at age 30 due to a disabling illness. How am I affected by the healthcare reform package? Will I be kicked off, Charged more, Or covered better?
No, no, and yes. The "better coverage" is now scheduled to be implemented slowly through 2019 (at which time the prescription "donut hole" will be fully eliminated). The healthcare reform package of 2010 itself did not address many Medicare issues, but coincidentally the Federal government (in the form of CMMS) has changed the supplement plans for the first time since the early 1990’s. Starting June 1, 2010, a new series of plan options will be available that universally cover preventive visits annually and include hospice care. Some of the older plans are eliminated due to low use, as are certain provisions (home health care, for example) that had very low usage. If you do not want to move into one of the newer plans you may stay where you are and be grandfathered in your current plan.