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Question 2 of 2 in Health Care Reform Of 2010 For Disabled Status
I work full time but am bipolar and a recovering alcoholic. My medications are very expensive and I just gave up going to psychological counseling because I couldn’t afford it. Will anything in the package help me?
One provision will, upon full implementation, cover your counseling sessions "as any other illness". That means that if your employer’s plan currently pays for unlimited office visits for regular medical issues, it will also pay for unlimited counseling visits. If the existing plan pays at 80% with no internal maximums, it will also pay 80% for counseling with no internal maximums. Finally, if you have an emergency episode and must go to a hospital out-of-network because it is nearest, you will be covered for that emergency as though you are in-network. The package did not specify prescription costs, so however your employer’s plan covers the RX now will not change because of the healthcare reform packages.