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What travel insurance should I get for a cruise?
The choice is between the policies offered by the cruise line and those offered by third party suppliers of travel insurance. While it is usually easiest to buy from the cruise line there are advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

The price charged by the third party supplier often depends on age, and the destination of the cruise is usually not a factor. In contrast, the price charged by the cruise line is often tailored to the trip, and age is usually not a factor. So, the price of the insurance from the cruise line is often less expensive, especially for older people.

Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded under cruise policies (for cancellation and for medical coverage but usually are covered by third party plans as long as the coverage was purchased close to the time the trip was paid for. Note that cruise plans that exclude pre-existing conditions may still cover emergency evacuations caused by pre-existing conditions.

Bankruptcy and failure to sail by the cruise line will not be covered if you buy the cruise line’s coverage, but will probably be covered under a third party plan.