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Grinnell Mutual Review

Grinnell Mutual Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 2.541 Reviews Grinnell Mutual has received an average of 2.5 stars out of 5 based on 41 user reviews.

Company History:
The Iowa Farmers Mutual Insurance Association was founded in 1909. The company began to expand into other states in 1930 and entered into the auto insurance business. In 1963, the company changed its name to Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. Now Grinnell is the largest primary reinsurer of mutual farm companies in North America and the 123rd largest property-casualty insurer in the US. Grinnell Mutual employs over 700 people...Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Homeowners

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Grinnell Mutual

Company Contact Info:
President/CEO   Larry Jansen
4215 Highway 146
Grinnell, IA 50112-0790

Grinnell Mutual Reviews and Customer Comments

"Unorganized. They try to pay as little as possible out. Rude customer service and they don't communicate efficiently."
Commented on 2018-04-18 06:32:52 EST
"watch these people. They are premium takers and not insurers. I was broadsided by another car and they did not settle the claim. By the way the other guy was also a Grinnell Customer. It was grinnell who won"
Commented on 2018-03-10 08:46:35 EST
"Stalls payments, loses things, mails refunds to wrong or no address at all. This outfit is a complete scam. Dont buy insurance from Grinnel Mutual, ever, or you will regret it."
Commented on 2017-11-17 00:31:42 EST
"I recently switched to Grinnell Mutual for auto insurance, I saved about 40%. Three weeks after changing to them I had an accident, I had just returned home from my Mother's funeral in another state. I was very stressed and feltt rather foolish about this accident. The body shop faxed the estimate to the adjuster. Less than a week later it was approved. The entire claim was completed and I had my car back in 19 days. I do have a complaint about Enterprise car rental Grinnel has a contract with them but so far Grinnell Mutual has been fair and responded promptly."
Commented on 2017-10-30 16:01:34 EST
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