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Grinnell Mutual Review

Grinnell Mutual Ratings and Company Information

Company Rating:
Best Insurance Reports: A
Url of page where rating was collected:

Best Rating:
Grinnell Mutual and Grinnell Select Insurance have earned A ratings from A.M. Best for the last 23 years

Type of Insurance Company: Mutual

Name of Parent Company:

Insurance subsidiaries:
Grinnell Select Insurance

Company Overview:
Company History: The Iowa Farmers Mutual Insurance Association was founded in 1909. The company began to expand into other states in 1930 and entered into the auto insurance business. In 1963, the company changed its name to Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company. Now Grinnell is the largest primary reinsurer of mutual farm companies in North America and the 123rd largest property-casualty insurer in the US. Grinnell Mutual employs over 700 people.

Principle Sales Methods: Independent agents and Internet

Auto Business: Ginnell Mutual offers standard auto, elite driver, and sport vehicle insurance.

Homeowners Business: Grinnell Mutual sells Homeowners, Renters and Mobile home coverages, along with a variety of equipment breakdown coverages.

Special Business: Grinnell Mutual sells a spectrum of Commercial policies, including Business and Farm Owners insurance and Reinsurance in the Midwest.

Company Financial Status:
Assets & Premiums: 2013:
Premiums: $78.322 million
Assets: $858.609 million

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Homeowners

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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