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Guardian Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Once a claim is filed the relationship between client and guardian becomes extremely adversarial. I am waiting 6 months for a decision. I became incapacitated move 6 and filed March 26th. I was diagnosed with burnout and extreme anxiety disorder. I have not returned or even been close to office since then. Guardian is exacerbating my clinical diagnosis. It almost seems that they wound want me to break down again My disdain for guardian disability is extreme. Extremely disappointed and disillusioned with the company"
Commented on 2019-09-18 09:30:23 EST
"This is a short term disability policy through my employer. It is the worst experience I have ever had with any company of any kind Incompetent. delays. never get to talk to the same person twice, then you have to explain everything all over again. They don't monitor their faxes, communication is awful. Horrible customer service"
Commented on 2019-08-20 17:02:40 EST
"I wish I had read these comments prior to filing my short term disability to prepare me for all the running around they make you do. Unfortunately I have this policy through my job. Out of work for over a month with one partial payment 2 wk income. They amount they sent was incorrect and now they are just jerking me around. I've been without any means of supporting myself since 61119 and they don't care. Never asks if I'm getting better or anything. I may need to seek legal advice."
Commented on 2019-08-05 08:45:31 EST
"This is by far the worst experience I have had with any company or place of any kind. They seem to be very unconcerned, unorganized, and very difficult to get accurate information from. My claim was filed on June 15th and as of 722 I have received exactly one check . The second check has supposedly been in the mail for over a week.and my direct deposit is in the final stages of approval after only 6 weeks. I have my dental through this company, which is through my job, but I am afraid to use it at this point. I am about to see if I have other options . I would not recommend this company to anyone. This is literally the first time in 48 years that I have felt it necessary to take the time to provide info on a company that wasn't good. But with this experience, it is definitely warranted. If this is a fortune 500 company, it gives me hope that I may have a chance to have one myself one day."
Commented on 2019-07-22 15:57:57 EST
"Guardians handels my std and Ltd. When std expired I had to resubmit all paper work from doctor and surgeon. Std department had all this info but ltd couldn't make things less complicated and just pull the files over from std. Been a month now since iv seen a check. A game they play just to delay payment. Guardian claims 25% of working population will need a ltd claim. If you happen to be a part of 25 Expect to jump through hoops while you're sick injured."
Commented on 2019-06-08 08:26:04 EST
"This is one of the worst dental insurance providers. You start paying in June but their year started in January and ended in December. PURE JUNK. If I could stop the plan with my employer now, I'd do it."
Commented on 2019-03-07 10:50:29 EST
"Before I was dealing on no. 30, gold crown with root canel, denied after 0ver 40 years for replacement. Now it's 28 and 29 done in the 199o's or so, still want more x rays. Why would I go thru the discomfort for 3 crowns , if I didn't need them replace do to decay and gum line. They are terrible"
Commented on 2018-12-17 16:14:58 EST
"Scam artists Stay away, they don't pay legit claims"
Commented on 2018-12-11 20:54:05 EST
"I would give this company 0 stars if it would let me. I'm in the process of dealing with a claim that they are refusing to pay ANYTHING of. It was a deep cleaning that I was told and my dentist verified it would be covered. When I got my EOB and saw they denied it, I submitted an appeal. My dentist sent this in TWICE tried 3 different ways both time online, faxed, and mailed and Guardian says they never received it. So I uploaded the narrative myself online and then they magically got it. Took them 28 days to evaluate my appeal only for them to deny me AGAIN. Apparently, my deep cleaning wasn't deemed necessary even when I have 30% bone loss and sent in the proof LOL. I told them this is ridiculous and I want them to contact my dentist to get it resolved - even if they don't cover everything, something is better than nothing. They told me they can't and I had to submit the request in writing and wait ANOTHER 28 days. I called today to verify they received my written request and they are saying they never received it... AGAIN. This is a HORRIBLE company. I'd rather drop my dental coverage all together than stay with them, which is exactly what I plan on doing. Worst dental plan I've ever had."
Commented on 2018-11-08 13:27:46 EST
"They will take your payment and deny you coverage. They are VERY RUDE on the phone. When you speaking with them they cut you off."
Commented on 2018-09-27 13:20:11 EST
"Guardian Dental did not pay for an incision and drainage of infection for an emergency visit to remove a wisdom tooth. They said it should have been included with the original charge for extraction removal of the tooth. I'm stuck for an additional 275 charge that was previously approved on the estimate of services."
Commented on 2018-09-20 14:32:05 EST
"I currently have Dental Insurance with Guardian through my Employer. In the past 6 months I have had 2 Claims denied. One for a Crown and a Build up on a tooth that broke off. When my Dentist filed that Claims both denied. My Dentist has filed Appeal Letters....with no reply back from Guardian, my Dentist had sent a letter requesting a call back from a Consultant, and one will not call back. I myself have contact Guardian and have talked to a number of Representative, and Appeal Letters, and keep getting the run around. I am done with the run around I get from Guardian and am sending a Grievance Letter to the Insurance Commissioner in my State. I have NEVER...EVER..had a problem with Delta Dental when Insured under my husband Insurance prior to his Retirement. But Guardian has been a total JOKE of a Insurance Company."
Commented on 2018-05-30 20:08:43 EST
"Guardian dental insurance claims that it gives the insured 1500 annually but out of this money they pay only 2 regular dental cleanings which must be 6 months apart.Deep cleaning is covered only 50% and also two six months apart.Everything else is denied under all kinds of policies.I have this insurance through my employer so basically I cannot do anything about it.It's like not having dental insurance at all since it costs me more per year than paying out of pocket for the dental work that Guardian covers. Avoid Guardian like plague..."
Commented on 2018-03-25 10:28:27 EST
"If you are going to file a Short Term claim, you better be on your death bed...otherwise...GET A LAYWER"
Commented on 2018-01-26 23:12:52 EST
"i was paying for Guardian Dental, accident , and short term disability insurance through my job. Only once they have paid out on a claim and in the system it stated that I was waiting for the next payment cycle to get paid,keep in mind I was on bed rest for 5 day however they seen that I wasn't going to renew my membership so they denied me. Find a better company as Alfac always take care of there customers."
Commented on 2017-12-06 14:13:15 EST
"This short term disability insurance is a joke. I choose to pay it and they say one check in four months. I am just as well off with out it but I guess they need the money I pay for there own use I you are offered this disability insurance through your work I advise you to look else where they gladly take your payment but they also keep it when you need it They are not worth your time or money"
Commented on 2017-08-05 12:09:00 EST
"My employer offers short term disability through Guardian, but I pay the full amount of the premiums. Had a total knee replacement in May 2017 and expected to be off work for 3 months. Received my first check in a reasonable time, but then NOTHING. I've called Guardian every week sometimes several times a week to check the status, but every time I'm told they are waiting for records, waiting for payment, waiting for something. I'll be going back to work in a week and haven't received a check from Guardian in almost 2 months. I totally agree with everyone else....stay far away from this despicable company."
Commented on 2017-07-31 16:58:45 EST
"This is the worst insurance. I had surgery on 4 28 17, they only sent me 2 checks up to May 18th. I have been fighting with these oeople ever since. I have sent mwdical records over and over and when i call to get a status i get the same response STILL UBDER REVIEW. I have nit received a payment for my short term disability for the past 3 weeks. I get this insurance thru my employer but i have to pay for it myselg and i wish they can get rid of them and get a better one. I am living a nightmare with them. My bills are piling up and no money coming in from them. Wish i can report them to BBB"
Commented on 2017-06-09 07:18:55 EST
"My husband paid for Short Term and Long Term Disability. We started Short term and got some payments but when his Social Security kicked in, that through them into a tailspin. We then finished short term and moved to long term, and we have not received a payment since April 2017. Each and every time we talk to them there is something wrong with the claim, something else they need, the doctor did this and that. WTF We paid for the insurance and we cannot receive money. People are loosing electric, water, no food, cannot make payments over something different each time we call. How are we to live We did not ask to be injured, but since we are and have done every damn thing Guardian asked of us, we need to receive our monies"
Commented on 2017-06-06 14:42:47 EST
"8 weeks. 8 weeks after i took off work to have surgery i am still waiting on my short term disability to pay me. I have had to jump through hoops for these people and still have nothing to show for it. After 9, yes 9, attempts to have my Dr fax and email them an explanation of why i was off work they finally approved me. They kept using the we havent received anything excuse. I havent had a paycheck in 2 months. Tried to explain this to multiple Guardian employees with no luck. Electric and water cut off 2 weeks ago. No food in house because everything in fridge spoiled when power was cut...cant buy new food because i haven't received any money. Begged them to overnight my check 8 days ago when they finally approved me and they refused so here i sit, waiting on them to finally send it."
Commented on 2017-05-26 15:10:02 EST
"The insurance is through my employer, so I have no say. The situation is that Guardian Dental dropped coverage on a few not all employees on the group policy. The checked with no one. They notified no one. They refused to admit error when forced to correct the situation. The employees without coverage had no indication of loss until claims were rejected. Guardian is noncooperative in such circumstances. They will not work with employees. They treat the little guy with no regard. Very unhappy with Guardian Dental, and I would be looking for other coverage if I had a choice."
Commented on 2017-04-24 08:33:18 EST
"They use bait and switch tactics. Guardian is denying my dental claims 8 months after the procedure was approved and done. Now they say that at the time of the procedure our dentist was not in-network, even though the dental office got the procedure pre-approved by Guardian. This company is very dishonest I will be looking for a new insurance company."
Commented on 2017-03-14 19:12:51 EST
"Filed a 2000 claim for an implant and they paid nothing. They said the extraction and implant had to be performed in the same year. The usual wait is 6-12 months after an extraction before the dentist will consider an implant. What a waste of money Guardian Dental is. They pay for nothing."
Commented on 2017-02-04 17:47:40 EST
"claims dept is very slow it takes months to get approved unprofressional"
Commented on 2016-12-28 07:13:34 EST
"This company has been giving. be the run around about my maternity leave with my company I work for.The claim its currently pending as they state I was not pregnant in April. I literally just had my baby in November. I have all the paperwork, plus as I told the representative, do the math, I obviously knew I was pregnant in April as I was trying. They will do anything to not pay on claims. Horrible people"
Commented on 2016-12-14 12:09:58 EST
"I have a Whole Life policy. On 1-4-93 I needed insurance to consider what would happen to my company's employees upon death. After 20 years I determined that no longer was necessary and changed the beneficiary. After 23 years I decided the cash value and payments could be better invested. After 7 months of stone walling to get answers and close the account I now feel it will take a third party assistance. "
Commented on 2015-10-27 05:13:20 EST
"Got pre-approved or a minor procedure for my daughter, then claim denied. Appealed, with letters from dentist and specialist and orthodontist, denied again. Appealed again, same three references, all documentation, pictures, letters from specialists, denied. Filed a California Dept. of Insurance complaint providing all the documentation we provided to Guardian... and the claim was paid. They wrote, "your claim has been re-reviewed." THe dental professionals that provided service had each had bad experiences with Guardian, and were pleased we eventually had our legitmate covered claim paid. Our company offers Guardian for dental, but I'll opt-out this year if they Guardian is still the provider. I should be able to do better either out-of-pocket, or just buying a policy on the open market."
Commented on 2015-10-20 13:58:06 EST
"I was injured in a car accident on top of having neurological illness and I have short and long term that I paid into for years and I became disabled and trying to collect has been one lie after another with them. they don't return phone calls they tell you the check is being sent out over night to find that there isn't one. then you call and start the run around process over again. this is so stress ful I have shut off notices I haven't been able to pay my mortgage having to borrow money from friends and family to go to my doctor appointments. my company needs to switch insurance companys because this one is a joke "
Commented on 2014-10-13 12:04:39 EST
"I seldom take the time to review companies unless I have a really good or really bad experience. In this case I had a really bad ongoing experience with Guardian Dental - the company lives to deny any legitimate claim presented to them. 10 years for a replacement crown is just pathetic...I won't be renewing my policy with them. Avoid at all costs and just pay out of pocket. At least you know what's covered."
Commented on 2014-09-03 06:59:32 EST
"This company requires crown replacements be covered only if they are over 10 years old. Thier patient notations on claims is not very clear."
Commented on 2014-08-17 15:38:19 EST
"After working as an executive for nearly 30 years and seldom using a sick day let alone needing disability it happened I became disabled. Guardian is absolutely awful and completely unprofessional to deal with. They are great at marketing but MIA when it comes to honoring a claim. They lose your documents don't return calls continue to drain you with requests for additional documents. It is clear their objective is to wear you down and not honor their contractual obligations. Run don't walk if you are considering this company. They prey on people who are at their weakest and often most difficult times of life. There's no doubt it's in their DNA and strategic focus to find any way possible not to pay a claim. I'm shocked someone like Buffet would ever be involved. IAlso have Gieco and they couldn't be more different than Guardian not perfect but at least reputable and honest the opposite of their sister company. "
Commented on 2014-07-11 23:16:34 EST
"Guardian sucks"
Commented on 2014-04-21 08:15:24 EST
"Agents don't respond by the time they state on letters sent to me always unnecessary delays especially when employer backs employee claim"
Commented on 2014-04-18 09:13:13 EST
"Guardian will do anything to avoid paying a claim. In the past three weeks they denied a dental claim for a crown due to injury saying that our policy was canceled. It took a week to get that sorted out and it turned out that they were conveniently using a policy we had with them over 5 years ago even though they were given the new policy number. Once it was cleared up I had to get a crown fixed which due to injury had disintegrated totally. They denied this a second time because they said it hasn't been ten years yet. Now how would they know that unless it was from the canceled policy that they used to deny services last week? Furthermore the policy states ten years or injury and my tooth is totally gone. But guardian doesn't care. My dentist was horrified by their denial. They could not believe it and that is saying something since they deal with insurance all day. They even wrote on my form that the tooth is gone and can't be saved in bold. The end result is they will do anything to avoid paying. They seem to have a business practice of giving patients the run around. I'd like someone to subpoena their records to determine the percentage of claims paid versus those made. You are better off without dental insurance than having it with guardian. "
Commented on 2014-04-02 12:07:06 EST
"Guardian Life is the best"
Commented on 2013-12-31 16:58:42 EST
"Guardian is the worst. The customer service reps are rude and not helpful. The deny all appeals on claims and use any excuse in a policy to deny deny deny the appeal. Worst company ever. Avoid at all possible. "
Commented on 2013-10-03 07:55:30 EST
"I had to go on Maternity leave in April it is now almost Aug and I have yet to be paid. Every time I call and speak to someone they cancel the "sent" checks and issue me new ones. I have still yet to receive them and have been issued new checks 4 times. The third time I changed my address thinking that may be the problem no still have not receive anything Now I called them to ask them to send me it certified or ups and they said it would be at my coast If you ask me i think it is absolutely ridiculous to ask that I pay for checks they've sent me 4 times and I haven't received because its clearly not my fault"
Commented on 2013-07-30 10:37:38 EST
"Difficult if not impossible to find a dentist in network. NO customer service. Total idiots. Avoid at all costs."
Commented on 2013-03-22 12:07:56 EST
"I feel it is a disjustice to children 6 and older to require them to see a regular dentist. Why do you think there are pediatric dentists? They are there to see children through all stages of childhood. To refuse a claim because the child was referred to a pediatric dentist is wrong. Especially when the regular dentist will not do the procedure. What other options are there? Why do I pay insurance if it cannot be used? Did you bother to tell me this when we got the insurance? You probably dont want to answer that. I am very unhappy as you can see. I will tell everyone I know not to get insurance through you. As far as your representatives you get when you call the number on the card they are not professional and rather rude. My son is having severe headaches and infection spreading to his brain but because you refuse to cover this service he will have to suffer. Just plain wrong "
Commented on 2012-10-05 19:15:16 EST
"Went to an in-network dentist. My dentist recommend a deep cleaning along the gums. Submitted the bill and Guardian is denying payment saying another "independent" dentist deemed the cleaning not needed. Now need to file appeal. "
Commented on 2012-08-20 07:58:17 EST
"Dental plans for children under 6 cover only mercury-based fillings. The FDA acknowledges that data regarding the health risks of this type of filling is not safe."
Commented on 2012-08-15 17:15:06 EST
Commented on 2012-08-15 13:38:40 EST
"Poor service. Play games to avoid/defer paying."
Commented on 2012-07-18 13:46:22 EST
"It has been a pain to even get them to acknowledge that I have a dental policy with them. They are horrible to deal with"
Commented on 2012-06-05 13:48:45 EST
"My company switched to the Guardian Preferred dental plan. I specifically asked a Guardian rep if the plan would cover the crown on an implant which was done several months earlier. I was told "yes". When I requested an estimate of coverage for the crown I was denied because the "extraction and implant" were not done under the Guardian plan. A real bait and switch. I wonder if they will refuse to cover a filling because the decay did not occur under their plan. Would not recommend Guardian."
Commented on 2012-04-04 11:56:12 EST
"Says it covers 100% dental even for out-of-network but only pays the price equivalent to if you went to a dentist in network."
Commented on 2012-02-24 16:58:01 EST
"I called prior to getting a crown Dental Coverage. They said they cover back molars...NEVER mentioned that the tooth has to be SAVEABLE not unsaveable..whatever that means...I am telling you...between Guardian and United Healthcare these two companies are the dredge of healthcare"
Commented on 2012-02-17 12:58:21 EST
"Their dental insurance pays dentists 1/2 of usual pay - no wonder dentists dont want to participate with them.They make it specifically difficult for dentists and patients to get a procedure approved. They discard x-rays on every claim and every appeal thus making it not even worth the effort to bother resubmitting. A customer service manager could not pronounce the name of procedure epicoectomy - makes you wonder."
Commented on 2011-12-13 09:11:38 EST
"Guardian rejects everything. They come up with bogus reasons as to why not to pay I wind up having to appeal to the State of New York most of time.They are good at collecting money but wont pay on anything. "
Commented on 2011-12-11 08:16:52 EST
"Extremely poor communication with my dentists office to let her know what is covered and what is not. Then AFTER the fact saying Well if your dentists office had asked in a different way they would have known it wasnt covered. They have slick little hidden rules designed to help them get out of paying and then act OH SO CARING. Bottom line is they are a poor excuse for a dental plan. Call them ahead of time and get it in writing that they will cover before committing to anything with your dentist WEAK coverage that will leave you and your family VULNERABLE"
Commented on 2011-09-24 00:55:41 EST
"I have a 15-yr-old damaged visible crown that needs replacing. My dentist has been consistently ranked one of the best IN THE STATE for several years which is why I have gone to him to have this work done. Guardian has come up with a bogus reason why they will not pay their share of this procedure claiming that is not the correct procedure but will NOT give an opinion as to what should be done. Pulling whats left of this tooth and replacing w/ a false one is NOT an option and there is no reason to spend even more money and have an implant put in to replace this tooth. The underlying tooth and bone tissue are fine I do not have periodonatal disease - they just dont want to pay the claim. How do I know that everything is fine - I had a neighbor who teaches dentistry at Harvard to look things over. What Guardian doesnt realize is that I will soon be the one making the companys dental insurance purchase decision..."
Commented on 2011-07-01 08:56:51 EST
"My company hired Guardian two years ago. They are the worse insurance company I have ever had to deal with in 26 years. Last year I had an accident and my bridge was broken. Guardian refused to pay anything on the 4000 replacement because the bridge was not yet ten years old. I even changed to an in-network dentist leaving my dentist of 20 years. It was broken I had to pay for everything myself. This year I had a fractured molar and the in-network dentist put a crown on it. Their expert cyber-dentist who has never seen me much less looked into my mouth decided that I did not NEED the crown and now they wont pay for that either I HATE this company and will NOT opt for it again IF my company decides to hire them again. Avoid purchasing Guardian coverage. They will take your hard-earned dollars and will give you nothing in return."
Commented on 2011-06-21 09:29:11 EST
"I paid disability to Guardian for almost a decade. When I was off work for 4 months, they refused to pay and cancelled the policy."
Commented on 2011-04-28 18:18:28 EST
"Avoid this company at all costs! They are difficult to deal with, inconsistent, and have cost be countless hours on the phone, filling out forms, and undue stress. Worst company I have dealt with in a long time."
Commented on 2011-02-16 06:57:01 EST
"Aviod them like the Plague. "
Commented on 2010-12-17 11:28:23 EST
"Every time I have Major Dental Work done they always try not to pay it! You have to fight, fight and fight with them. To make them pay! It took them 12 months to finally pay a valid claim of mine. I hate it ! "
Commented on 2010-06-16 16:30:20 EST
"I was denied on a legitimate dental claim from Guardian. I had an injury and broke two of my crowns which were nine years old. My policy states that they will cover "crowns over 10 years old OR if an injury is sustained while in the patients mouth." When I told them it was an injury this was their professional reply as to what an injury is: "Unless you got kicked in the teeth by a horse or had an auto accident. When I told them I bit down accidentally on a cherry pit, they claim that is a normal chewing incident.I have to send a grievance and appeal which will take 60 Days for a reply. Consumers beware--do not choose this Dental Insurance Company. It is clear to me that by all of the comments that I just read that I am not the only one-Get busy people. Contact the Department of Labor in your state and we have rights under ERISA Section 502(a)."
Commented on 2010-06-08 11:38:06 EST
"If you submit a valid claim, be rest assured this company will put every bit of their mighty resources in searching for some miniscule reason to get out of paying out on the claim. I have gone through so much red tape for Guardian that it makes me want to puke. In fact, every one of my many doctors has said they feel sorry for me as they have never seen an insurance company that was so arrogant, rude, beligerent and "cheap"! BEWARE OF THIS INSURANCE COMPANY because if you submit a claim, you may as well retain an attorney at the same time - you will inevitably need one!"
Commented on 2010-05-16 18:09:16 EST
"Avoid at all cost. Tries to do anything to get out of paying claims, this is basically a premium collection agency, not an insurance company."
Commented on 2010-05-03 09:06:49 EST
"This company has to be the worse insurance company out there. Only had insurance with them for three months, any claims filed are denied until they run out of excuses to deny them. They even have a cancelation specialist and I am sure she is very busy. Avoid this company at all costs."
Commented on 2010-02-26 23:54:13 EST
"This company will purposely delay reviewing claims and do anything possible to avoid paying them. My dentist, who is supposedly participating, has been cheated so many times that they will no longer provide service without pre-approval. Guardian claims they do not allow pre-approval and will not review information the dentists sends. If you have the work performed, they will deny it after the fact. Also, the rates they claim are "reasonable and customary" are so ridiculously low that you might as well just pay for the service and save your money on the premiums. Someone should report this company to the State Insurance fund and as soon as I have written proof of their fraudulent activities, I will do just that."
Commented on 2010-02-10 06:58:00 EST
"these people are rude. and they dont provide regular coverage to some normal things. excussions that i have been told by dental people that they have never seen or heard of."
Commented on 2009-12-12 17:53:44 EST
"Guardian has taken our money from our paychecks for three years, when a number of fellow enployees had large claims in July, they claim that our employer suspended coverage for that month with out notifying us. I was fortunate that I only had a few thousand that I had to pay out of my own pocket, but others had 10 -40 thousand in bills that they are liable. The employer denies that he asked for a suspension of services, while Guardian sticks by their claim, yet will give no proof. They state the the suspension was called in, and that no written notice was given. They did not record the conversation and could or would not tell us who called. We dropped them and ar seeking legal action."
Commented on 2009-09-18 18:02:11 EST
"Avoid Guardian at all costs-one of the most user-unfriendly insurers I have ever encountered..really terrible..get it??"
Commented on 2009-09-18 11:24:07 EST
"Guardian goes out of their way to delay processing legitimate insurance claims."
Commented on 2009-09-09 21:30:45 EST
"I have had health coverage, thru my employer, for 14 years. Until my colonoscopy, I had no occasion to use it. Even though I called Guardian three times to make sure everything would be covered, (for preventative they said the deductable was dropped and they paid 90%)and informed the doctor and hospital (both in network)(the company insisted it be in the hospital) the company denied payment for my anesthesia. I am still fighting with them."
Commented on 2009-08-08 09:59:27 EST
"the sales rep tells you what is allegedly covered and it was a lie, so far I have paid about 20,000 in care for my family and they have covered about 474. All of the items were supposed to be covered up to the maximum benefit."
Commented on 2009-08-07 06:56:26 EST
"I have guardian dental insurance. Dont waste your time with them. They dont pay you bills. They send you to an "in- network" dentist, and pick and choose what they want to pay even when it is clearly covered. Oh, and if you want to talk to someone at guardian about your bill, you have to pay $5.00 on your debit card! What a rip off!!"
Commented on 2009-07-16 11:46:12 EST
"There is too much grey area in our policy and they take full advantage. My infant had to go to the ER for pneumonia and I paid my ER co-pay. The doctor that attended to her was considered out of network so they wouldn't pay his claim. Instead they did me the "favor" of applying it to her in-network deductible and told me my co-pay was for the facility only. I'm not done fighting it yet. Our broker said the doctor should have been covered under the co-pay. This was not my first battle with them (nor my co-workers) and I'm sure not the last. Once this year is over, I will be switching to whatever insurance coverage is offered through my husband's job. "
Commented on 2009-03-09 16:52:54 EST
"I'm usually frustrated with the expediency of whichever health insurance company I use, but Guardian has reached a new low in that most practitioners I use complain to me about their beauracracy and red tape. "
Commented on 2009-01-15 12:22:26 EST
"Guardian seems to enjoy reviewing medical bills and deciding on the amount they are going to pay, then leaving the balance to you. I'm battling them over a $2800 balance they decided not to pay on a hospital bill. Of course the hospital expects me to pay it, and Guardian says they're not going to despite me having an annual out of pocket maximum of $1000. I pay more for healthcare now than I did with Anthem."
Commented on 2008-05-27 10:30:16 EST
"Very difficult to talk with and deal with directly. Very unfreiendly. I was trying to investigate an exclusion I had on my policy, and try to change it. Wrong information given by insurance agents, beligerant attitude (go away, we're done with you) from the adjuster. Refused to consider a letter from a doctor that said that their analysis of a medical report was wrong. So beware before you sign on the dotted line. Once they have a signature, it is not possible to make any adjustments. This being said, they have the best definition of disability of any disability insurance company."
Commented on 2008-02-06 08:24:58 EST
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