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Hartford Insurance Review

Hartford Insurance Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Hartford Insurance Company Workers Comp. payments cannot be relied upon. In our case they missed a payment and then lied about why and when the payment will be sent. You cannot trust this company, and do not try to maintain payments to creditors on a budget, if you are receiving Workers Compensation payments from the Hartford Insurance Company."
Commented on 2019-08-10 10:09:52 EST
"I have been with hartford since 2016, but as soon as I have a collision was not my fault. They send me to a body shop down in a hole off the street. My cost was much but my deductible was more then they would pay. I will stop using them as soon as the contract is over. This is suppose to be for people over 50 ,that is a joke."
Commented on 2019-04-02 14:39:49 EST
"on today I had a flat tire on highway 94.I called them ,promptly a mechanic showed up and changed my tire. it was very cold outside,thanks for the insurence."
Commented on 2019-01-15 08:31:08 EST
"Worst customer service ever. Been dealing with a hail claim since June. Staff is extremely slow to respond, one says our deductible was waived due to monetary value of claim then when it gets turned over to another she says it is not and reduces our claim by deductible. Then she erroneously tells me they overpaid us by more than 15,000. I have to do her job and show her she was wrong. No apologies from anyone for their errors. Have to call to get updates because they wont respond to emails. Hartford is the absolute worst homeowners insurance to deal with. They are cheaper for a reason. Do not get stuck with them because if you have a claim you will lose your mind dealing with them. Still dont have it settled after more than five months. First claim like this we have ever had to deal with and I pray we never have to go through this again."
Commented on 2018-11-25 11:18:07 EST
"tons of red tape and useless paperwork... Even after I cancelled they kept sending me documents for a long time and threatend to 'back charge' me if I failed to fill out the documents and send them in on time. No claims ever made, just nonsense red tape paper work. I do not recommend this organization. They seem to have a rip off approach. Not happy with their services at all."
Commented on 2018-10-25 15:36:27 EST
"Have been with them over 50 years never had a claim. My first claim due to a tornado. Claims is a nightmare. Its a joke they jerk you around dont return calls act like youre stupid incompetent have different people call you and they dont know anything about your claim. Shingles have been discontinued and they say I have to pay for repairs. Cant find a roofer to repair because it cant be repaired due to discontinued shingles."
Commented on 2018-10-23 02:33:57 EST
"we have had service with them nearly 20 years and only made two claims where payment was needed..the most current was the hail storm this week...our policy expires next month and they wont renew us due to the two claims. we are without insurance since the work that needs to be done wont be completed before the policy lapses and no company will cover us with the damages still outstanding...what a way to treat long term customers"
Commented on 2018-08-10 16:55:43 EST
"after two years with no accidents or other claims to the company ,they raised the yearly dollar amount by 188. I'm retired so I don't drive very much anymore. I'm on a fixed income. To get the AARP discount you have to pay for the whole year in full. No accident no tickets and only drive maybe once a week But they did not care and AARP did not care either."
Commented on 2018-08-08 08:30:41 EST
"stay away"
Commented on 2018-04-13 11:20:23 EST
"Quote for 2018 renewal for home owners was 613. When i received the bill it was for 1693.00 and had no claims filed. I was told North Carolina had a lot of claims in 2017, so all North Carolina customers will large rate increases even if they didn't have a claim."
Commented on 2018-02-26 16:53:09 EST
"I had disability and life insurance with Hartford. They took a 10 minute exam from a Dr determined if I was currently still disabled. They have two work functional compacity test and a Nero psych test showing my disability. I magically got well in a few months. I wish my body and brain would see this. I live with more pain and more disability diagnoses along with more short term memory problems than I did in 2003 when Hartford said I was disabled. They followed me two times because I never come out of the house but once a week to keep my sanity and keep my pain controlled. I was always with someone else to help me. I was pushing a cart and because I need a cart to help me walk and help with the pain in my low back they say that is one thing that shows I am no longer disabled. Also caught me carrying two bags one was a loaf of bread and the other was a dozen eggs. Neither of them or together weight is 10lbs the amount I am limited to lifting. Just because someone is caring a bag does not mean they are no longer disabled. I would hate to be the one watching me and putting me on video because I dont come out of the house unless I am going to a Dr appt or my once a week grocery trip. Now I dont even get out to do my grocery trip but have everything delivered now because I feel so violated by this insurance company and has made the mental stress worse. So if you have this insurance for your disability just remember when they are ready to drop you they will. No mater if you are truly disabled or not."
Commented on 2017-12-22 08:29:31 EST
"They are making it nearly impossible to get our refund after canceling policy"
Commented on 2017-11-29 07:14:47 EST
"They are very disorganized and have made several mistakes on home and auto policies in less than 1 year. Do they do anything right In my experience not much. They are a disaster waiting to happen as they will mess up your policy sooner or later - sooner is my guess."
Commented on 2017-09-17 13:35:32 EST
"I was collecting annuity payment stream from Hartford Financial which I paid for until Hartford conducted a yearly review of the paperwork and stopped the payments. When I called them about the payments, I was told to get an attorney. When I resolved the paperwork issue in court, Hartford filed a motion for a rehearing to delay the payment stream payout to me. Hartford is a terrible company that will rip you off and keep the money you paid for a payment stream."
Commented on 2017-09-05 11:02:08 EST
"with no claims ever, they raised the rates SIGNIFICANTLY and they can't tell me why"
Commented on 2017-08-28 10:31:12 EST
"They have made repeated mistakes and have not corrected them, despite repeated contacts. Do not use Hartford Incompetent and negligence"
Commented on 2017-07-07 07:54:10 EST
"The generally understood concept of insurance is that the insurance company assumes your exposure to financial loss for the price of a premium, which it collects from all insureds, pools, and then disburses to those suffering losses, But it doesnt work that way for the smaller losses that happen with higher frequency, as in my case where the Hartford essentially gave me a 950 dollar loan at a three year interest rate of 24.5%. My metal garage door was crushed overnight to the point of not opening by probably the paper person no note, soft confession. Claims people were very helpful - no worry man. What they failed to disclose was that this one 950 after 250 deductible claim would increase my annual premium by 550 a year for at least the next 3 years This is after 30 claim free years with the Hartford and having a very high credit rating. The bottom line is that its foolish to pay premium rates for a HO policy with anything less that a 2000 deductible. Submitting a claim for that amount just results in an annual premium increase that returns the claim amount or more to the Hartford over a three year period. Rather than submitting a claim, a personal loan for three years would cost much less that 24.5%"
Commented on 2017-04-05 06:16:00 EST
"After 26 years 9 at our previous home, 17 at our current, The Hartford has decided not to renew our homeowners insurance due to the wildfire exposure. Hello We live in Arizona and they have covered us all this time Oh well, after reading the prior reviews, I'm sure glad I never had to file a serious claim with them. Good riddance, Hartford."
Commented on 2017-03-20 07:03:47 EST
"Find a reason not to claim"
Commented on 2016-12-07 14:35:18 EST
"Company does not recognize paid premiums and tries to cancel insurance as they see increasing risk. They take too long to review payment This is terribly unfair. Also does not give out name of responsible individuals"
Commented on 2016-12-06 13:57:44 EST
"DO NOT buy any form of Insurance from The Hartford. And if you do, be sure NOT TO USE IT. Else if you EVER get into a situation where you'd use your insurance that you're paying for, they will drop you WITHOUT WARNING leaving you vulnerable without insurance and you'll be scrambling on a weekend to find insurance. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too late for you."
Commented on 2016-11-22 09:36:12 EST
"I was injured on the job and the Hartford denied and then delayed my weekly benefits check of 66 23 of my normal salary. I had to hire an attorney and ultimately sued the Hartford. Everyone associated with the Hartford is evil-in my opinion They are heartless and enjoy frustrating and tormenting individuals who are hurt or in need of care. I will thoroughly enjoy the day when the Hartford goes under as a company They are criminals and should be prosecuted and persecuted for their unethical practices"
Commented on 2016-10-10 10:18:00 EST
"Spent over a year trying to receive our claim for damages to our rental home. Over 25,000.00 in damage to home and Hartford denied me. Then my husband took over and had to bully his way to a small settlement after which, Hartford changed the original rental policy they sold us back 5 years ago when I first and only time rented my home out to a bare basic Fire Coverage. They are a slimey group of people to deal with. I am not a lawyer, but you should have one when you are dealing with The Hartford We are moving all of our insurance needs to another Insurer and are filing a complaint with Michigan's Dept. of Insurance Financial Services. Beware of The Hartford AARP should be ashamed to recommend such a rotten Company - they are not concerned about their customers, especially older folks and disabled folks. My husband is 100 Disabled Veteran - Boots on the ground in the Vietnam Jungles getting sprayed w Agent Orange and The Hartford treats us like we are the criminals"
Commented on 2016-08-19 06:52:48 EST
"Sad that we had a moving violation surcharge added for someone hitting our car and leaving scene"
Commented on 2016-06-13 17:42:30 EST
"Some of the WORST customer service I've ever experienced You are treated as though your bothering them and have to send the same information via email over and over and over and over....>HORRIBLE. I was able to get the accident report in 3 days and it took them 10. Believe me, you need to do all the work yourself and then they do nothing to help assist you. Spend you money elsewhere. Also, they do not use OEM real parts for your repairs. You get a sub-standard China made item that doesn't match. "
Commented on 2016-05-16 09:03:28 EST
"After a 2014 RV Fire due to a wiring malfunction, the Hartford despite full coverage and premiums for $85,000. they offered $13,000 initially to pay claim. After two years of stonewalling to settle, CA Insurance Commission got involved, and we managed to settle 4/516 for only $35,000. Hartford totally resisted paying a fair settlement and forced a mediation settlement. Policy does not allow choices."
Commented on 2016-05-11 15:50:51 EST
"the objective of their customer service reps is to insult your intelligence while NOT answering your questions"
Commented on 2016-04-04 12:43:04 EST
"They decided to send a survey company out to look at our home. Now they have a long list of things they want "fixed." It sounds like sour grapes but our insurance agent is annoyed with them too because of this. "
Commented on 2016-02-02 06:39:08 EST
"The bill for the current year for home owners insurance was double that of my neighbor who also has Hartford. When I inquired as to "why", I received the run-around and they said, "Well, if you tell us to lower the value we have given you by more that 20%, we cannot promise that we will renew you next year." I was also told by an individual in Mr. XXXX's office "You can send as many letters to Mr. XXXX as you please, but he won't see them because they have to go through ME". This is not the first time this has happened with this company. My neighbor's house is covered for appx $200k and mine for nearly $300k. His bill was $404 and mine was $816. I am looking now for another carrier. I had investments with Hartford that I moved because of performance below industry averages. Overrated company"
Commented on 2016-01-19 10:57:06 EST
"my claim was short term disability,my doctor indicated a 12 week min recovery time and hartford arbitrarly stopped payments at 7 weeks and it took four weeks to get payments restarted after a lot of disrespectful abuse from customer service. they feel they are better qualified than my surgeon in determining my back to work date."
Commented on 2016-01-18 08:26:16 EST
"rip off"
Commented on 2016-01-06 06:08:04 EST
"Hartford is advertising they will not drop you. That may be so but they certainly give you reason to drop them. After several years of a clean driving record and no accidents, I got my renewal notice which had increased by almost 300.00 dollars. I made several different calls and each time got a different reason for the increase. None of them made any sense to me. I dropped them and got a much better rate somewhere else than what I had with Hartford before their increase. I believe people are getting fooled by Hartford's affiliation with AARP which I also dropped. "
Commented on 2015-12-29 10:06:16 EST
"The Hartford AARP auto and home insurance program misrepresents its terms, by refusing a promised longevity discount after three years, and has continuous and continuing rate increases which they refuse to explain. They are incompetent at making policy changes and are rude and inconsiderate in customer relations. The Hartford is a horrid insurer and AARP refuses to help its members. Shame on both of them"
Commented on 2015-12-28 07:11:19 EST
"Unhelpful, rude. Does not have the company culture that I want to be associated with as a customer."
Commented on 2015-12-18 11:33:49 EST
"don't mess with Hartford ,they are crooks"
Commented on 2015-11-20 11:45:23 EST
"From start to finish Hartford was there fore everything. The Hartford Representatives were very prompt and helpful."
Commented on 2015-10-29 09:30:39 EST
"They stoop to a lot of shannigans and will try to raise your rates out of the blue when you have had no claims and have been a customer for over 20 years. I am in the process of reporting them for other shannigans to the department of banking and insurance. I very strongly do not recommend them. "
Commented on 2015-10-05 18:19:10 EST
"My premiums started at 38.00 a month, increased to 58.00 a month, and now they want 100.00 a month. Upon calling I was told it was a rate increase combined with losses in NC. Sheer greed."
Commented on 2015-10-01 10:15:16 EST
"Received my renewal quote for homeowners ins today never had a claim on homeowner's or auto insurance increased 30%, house is only 10 yrs old in perfect condition. Called for an explanation and was treated rudely, called stupid that I didn't realize fires were burning everywhere I live in Dallas? and everyone has to absorb the insurance co.'s losses. I reminded the person insurance is a risk business. I asked to be taken step by step through the policy to be sure something had not been missed. She simply said all parts including discounts are part of base policy. She suggested I increase my deductible by 1,500 to save $50. I am appalled that the AARP endorses this mockery of customer service. >There is no such thing as customer service any more in the insurance industry unless it concerns their getting money from the customer--that is their only concern and if they can't screw the customer, they aren't interested."
Commented on 2015-08-18 08:08:15 EST
"Do NOT buy insurance with this company. Their claims processing is absolutely the worst. You've been warned."
Commented on 2015-08-17 11:42:12 EST
"You are better off getting a policy from a vending machine "
Commented on 2015-07-24 11:52:07 EST
"They lowball their estimates on claims and their contractor connection is totally unresponsive forcing the policy holder to find their own contractor. When you do find a contractor willing to do the work the cost is nowhere near the estimate so you ask for a re-inspection with your contractor present. You end up with a couple of phone calls amounting to being put on terminal ignore. "
Commented on 2015-05-07 10:26:48 EST
"A minor flood from broken pipes led to a claim which was extremely difficult and time consuming to finalize. Engaged 137 one hundred thirty seven and yes I have them all emails regarding the claim and attempt to resolve. They would not accept many of the contracting bids for repair even from multiple bidders. Ended up taking a loss. Hartford was sponsered by AARP."
Commented on 2015-03-26 10:15:28 EST
"Countless problems with this company with everyday normal issues. We're not even talking a claim. That I'm sure would be a nightmare. As has been the whole process of dealing with Hartford."
Commented on 2015-01-13 12:53:03 EST
" I would rather go out of business than use The Hartford for insurance. With a CEO making upwards of 4 Million a year and over 7.5 Million in Stock options in 2012 they feel they are to big to talk to small business vertical clients on a realistic level. After 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars in workers comp. with NO loss runs they were unable to comply with an increase in insurance coverage that our company needed and then billed us an additional 1800 for canceling because we were forced to switch companies. With a company that has experienced over 60% growth for 4 years in a row I certainly will not be doing business with them in the future. Very bad business decision on their part in my opinion."
Commented on 2014-10-21 07:00:29 EST
"I was on vacation for three weeks. Received a bill just after I left then a cancellation notice.Called them when I returned the day after the cancellation notice.They put pressure on me to insure my home with them or they would cancel my policy on a rental house that was with them for at least 30 years.I have another company for my home therefore my policy was cancelled.Basically these are strong armed tactics to intimidate Senior Citizens.Do not insure with Hartford. Tell all your friends.The other comments on this web site verify my information. "
Commented on 2014-10-06 14:55:42 EST
"To me they are thievs who should be put in jail. They will look for any little crack to screw you over.THEY ARE WORTHLESS"
Commented on 2014-08-29 09:37:50 EST
" Beware I've been a customer to the Hartford for over 20 years then I had my first accident ever which I was deemed NOT at fault. The repair/adjustment process has gone on for over 3 months now and my car's steering is still not working correctly - a serious safety concern. I've had false promises and repeated lies from the Hartford and it appears that I will have to take them to court to get them to fulfill their obligations - all the while not having a usable auto. Beware do not TRUST the Hartford"
Commented on 2014-08-21 11:49:30 EST
"Suddenly had monthly automatic deductions stopped on checking account with no notice as to why. Suddenly hit with 500 bill twice a year in addition to quarterly premiums with no explanation. Spoke to agent Bobbie asked for email with attached form to renew automatic deductions.......never got it. I'm done with them"
Commented on 2014-06-24 06:14:34 EST
"Rates have risen quite a bit but at least part of the increase is due to a new car replacing a very old one. On the other hand I just compared my rates with a USAA quote. they were roughly the same with one exception. The USAA quote was for six months half the time as the Hartford bill"
Commented on 2014-04-15 12:53:14 EST
"I requested a simple road assistance last Saturday April 12 at 700 pm for a tire change because of flat tire and it took almost 2 hours before help came at 900 pm. They made mistake and failed to inform me it took several more phone calls. So frustrated."
Commented on 2014-04-14 08:59:29 EST
"Hartford took 10 days to even look at the vehicle and then let the car rental approval lapse before they paid the auto body shop for their work. In other words the car was done the payment was days late and I was left with no car. "
Commented on 2014-02-25 06:11:34 EST
"AARP should not endorse this company. I am having a very hard time settling my claim. The claim was for a fire that happened this past June. From the very beginning it has been a headache. First they never removed the clothing until almost a month later then it sat in bags for about a month and the best part is that our clothing is in another state. They subcontract out their dwelling estimates and the personal contents estimate. They were so consumed with trying to figure out how the fire started and who they could go after for it that they didn't give two craps about the occupants of the home. Nothing was allowed to be removed until they said so. The joker that they had as the adjuster was jerk. He was told by the public adjuster that it was a large loss and he never did anything about it until September when it was moved to large loss and another adjuster came out and looked at the house. He gave his approval to completely gut the house and now i am told that Hartford expects me to be back in my home by mid May. Well you can't hire people and expect them to work for nothing. I still haven't received a dime and still don't know what the final number is. I could go on for days about how this insurance company treats their customers. By the way they have already increased my premium and I still have no money. Thinking seriously about contacting the local news media. "
Commented on 2014-01-26 17:21:51 EST
"I am a Minneapolis tornado survivor. The Hartford cheated on the dwelling repair costs and personal property loss. The adjuster actually crossed items I lost in the tornado off of my loss list. After telling me to discard wet items that were not allowed in storage he refused to replace them. The adjuster lied on top of lies just about in every category. Run from this insurer. They are dishonest and cannot be believed. And they prey on women."
Commented on 2014-01-07 23:08:32 EST
"The Hartford had their surveillance investigators follow me videoing me going to my fathers funeral services and my family picking out a grave stone. This is the most private moment a person can have."
Commented on 2013-12-29 09:12:22 EST
"Filed a claim for long term disability and Dr said I was totally disabled but they made their decision without even getting the records from my last visit. I tried to tell them there was important information in my records from that visit but I was told they were only determining if it was preexisting. Then I get a denial letter before they even look at all the records.This was after they did everything possible to delay the claim. They couldnt figure out how to fax a request or mail a request. I am going to go on and on until everyone know just how bad this company is. They ruin people why are depending on them. I dont think you should ever choice them unless you have no other choice. Just read all the reviews."
Commented on 2013-12-10 23:04:35 EST
"The Hartford is a rip-off They doubled my premiums even though I never had a loss. In trying to find out why my rates went up I was told different things each time I called. Thank God I never did have to file a claim My new insurance co. covers more with lower deductibles for less money"
Commented on 2013-08-27 13:41:32 EST
"Car was considered a total loss and they shot me a figure back stating that they would only give me 1000 dollars for my car and that in all categories my car was below average when my tires had at least 90% tread and my brakes and rotors were essentially brand new. My suspension components were new as well. I had brand new interior door panels installed. Probably the absolute worst insurance company you could have have or deal with."
Commented on 2013-07-22 15:11:47 EST
"rates keep going up I pay more for less square footage than any of my friends homes"
Commented on 2013-07-11 16:04:17 EST
"They never contacted me or inform me bout my claim. I had to call the other insurance company to find the status of my claim. The checked was mail over 2 weeks ago and went to the wrong address. They never followed up with the other insurance company. I did all the leg work. They are lazy and didn't do a thing for my claim."
Commented on 2013-07-09 16:08:54 EST
"I have had the Hartford for my business and commercial vehicle for the past several years. It was a mistake I will never repeat. I had to fight tooth and nail to get a fair settlement for my vehicle which was totaled and then I took the funds and had it repaired. They never notified me that my insurance would not be renewed because they don't insure commercial vehicles w/ a salvage title Then the business interuption insurance they asked for docs amd paperwork and started paying my claims on a monthly basis after receiving each month's current sales' figures. Then 9 months into the process they asked me for additional paperwork and decided they overpaid me which I adamently disagree with and actually sent me a letter asking for the "overpayment" If I need to hire counsel to fight this I will. Unbelievable"
Commented on 2013-04-15 12:50:11 EST
"My husband was in a serious accident just weeks after our auto policy began. There was a check in the mail within a week for his totaled vehicle and they even upgraded it's condition when I disputed the adjustor's report. Hartford has great auto rates in Washington State."
Commented on 2013-02-28 17:20:25 EST
"We filed for an ins claim for damage to the rocker panel from driving over a curb. The bill was around 800. Consequently they raised our premium over 900 for 3 years. We have been with them well over 10 years and never filed a claim. Our bill went from 2100 to 3000 for 2 vehicles."
Commented on 2013-02-12 11:58:08 EST
"waiting over 6 months for damages payment on a claim. Hartfords policy is deny deflect and delay. Do not buy insurance from Hartford"
Commented on 2013-01-14 17:39:30 EST
"After the hurricane I filed a claim. It was taken care of in orderly and quick considering the large amount of damages done."
Commented on 2012-12-06 09:09:33 EST
"Social Security found me disabled. The Hartford said I was not disabled because of the "language of the policy"."
Commented on 2012-11-21 00:48:46 EST
"They are the epitome of what everyone hates about insurance companies. They intentionally throw junior/inexperienced staff at claims in hopes that they frustrate you until the point that you either accept a bad offer or get fed up to the point that you get an attorney. Once you get an attorney then you get the better claims people who will resolve your case as it should have been done in the beginning except now you pay a portion to the attorney. "
Commented on 2012-11-14 08:03:27 EST
"The Hartford Insurance should be avoided at all costs. Customer for over 20 years and filed claim for water damage from leaky diswasher. It has been over 37 days and still not settled. Hartford refuses to replace bottom cabinets and fix other problems. Outright lying from Claim reps on adjustor reports and recommendations is shocking. Contacting State Insurance agency to seek a legal remedy. 73 year old husband a retired policeman and Navy veteran is bound and determined to expose their unfair illegal practices and protect other from this ""scam" called The Hartford Insurance Co"
Commented on 2012-11-09 17:46:04 EST
"I paid the premium on my Long Term Disability to The Hartford for 20 years. I became totally disabled three years ago. Two years ago I was approved for Social Security Disability The Hartford terminated me and said I was able to go back to work. I had to sue them and how now waited two years to get it through the legal system.To a lay person anyone reviewing the facts would be disgusted that they could try and pull something like this. Unfortunately the legal system is just a game of . The Hartford is notorious for pulling this kind of crap.DO NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF POLICY WITH THE HARTFORD...THEY ARE UNSCRUPULOUS CROOKS. "
Commented on 2012-10-22 19:37:44 EST
"Got into an accident and tried several times to call the insurance adjuster in charge of my claim. Every time I called her she never answered her phone and it went straight to voicemail. Ironically her voicemail says "Thank you for calling "her name" as I am the best person to handle your claim." "
Commented on 2012-09-20 18:27:14 EST
"They do not actually cover anything. You will have to fight to get any sort of claim approved. Also two claims in one year will cause them to cancel your policy. They are a horrible company."
Commented on 2012-08-20 08:19:50 EST
"To make a very very long story short-My dad had an annuity with Hartford and they messed up the paper work many times over the almost 6 months I tried to get the annuity money. I will never never deal with them again"
Commented on 2012-08-10 12:04:30 EST
"We have a current claim for smoke and water damages and are not getting anywhere with the adjuster3 1/2 monthd later The adjuster is an idiot. "
Commented on 2012-06-17 22:48:25 EST
"they never sent bills until you called and then said it was late so they could take from your account elect. then they sent me a late charge when they took it out late. they then take and never send statements and they take whatthey want.BEWARE if you get ins. from them"
Commented on 2012-06-12 06:34:57 EST
"No one is looking out for the little guy.just got a 100% Increase.they made it sound like they fought tooth nail for us. What a joke."
Commented on 2012-06-04 05:20:47 EST
"Extermely overpriced. Shop around - you will always find a better price and better service."
Commented on 2012-06-02 11:18:55 EST
"had one claim for basement flooding due to a broken pipe after being with hartfors for 27 years they with little notice cancelled the policy"
Commented on 2012-05-26 18:09:12 EST
"i had the mortgage protection plan for five years i was told by the sales agent that sold me the policy that whever our business and home were paid off we would get every penny we invested much for that. we found out that the policy had to mature for 30 years and so we decided to go ahead and cancel it. our annual statements said the value of both of our plans was 1500.00. granted we were going to take a huge loss with that but atleast we would get some back. when we got the check it was for 135.00...after five years of paying in we got DO NOT BUY ANY POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY...THAY WILL RIP YOU OFF"
Commented on 2012-05-24 11:05:06 EST
"Took premium payments for many years but provided an outrageously small amount on our one and only claim. We switched insurance carriers shortly thereafter. The new policy provided better coverage at a lesser premium."
Commented on 2012-05-22 08:12:10 EST
"They did not even take the time to follow up once the claim was in process."
Commented on 2012-05-18 15:13:19 EST
"The Hartford Home insurance After a 4000.00 claim my rate went up 56.5% and after a single car backing accident my car insurance rate went up 21%"
Commented on 2012-05-06 16:37:09 EST
"I have nothing good to say about the handling of my claim the claim adjuster was not knowledgeable at all she acted as if it was her money being paid out and I felt like I had been robbed all over again. I have filed a complaint with the state of michigan and I have filed a complaint with THE HARTFORD and I will not give them the opportunity to insure anything else for me. This was my very first claim with them and will SURLY be my last because I have found that they were not honest with me."
Commented on 2012-04-23 18:32:33 EST
"They gave us one quote for our kitchen from their own contact that was 40k then wet themselves and sent out a second quote that was 7k and desperately fought for that. We settled on 13k because of the hassle. They were loyal up until the point we actually needed them. What a waste of money."
Commented on 2012-03-28 04:22:54 EST
"Every year premiums kept going up when pricing around found out we are paying way more with hartford for auto homeowners this year Hartford jumped up on our homeowners 636.00. I blame myself for not paying attention but who wants to shop for insurance every year."
Commented on 2012-03-21 04:55:59 EST
"I have had car and home insurance for 8 years with Hartford. My home insurance for this year increased by 50%. My dwelling is now insured by Hartford for 38600 but my home is only appraised at about 350000 which includes land. They said additional coverage was for items like debris removal etc. I am now looking for another insurance company. "
Commented on 2012-03-06 05:39:50 EST
"Had 1 claim for 900.00 for food loss from last Octobers snow storm now my homeowners has jumped up 580.00 a year. Tryed to get an answer to such a large increase but am only able to talk to customer service as there are no agents. Definetely dropping them as my insurance company. Totally unfair."
Commented on 2012-03-05 15:10:49 EST
"My sense is that this company is too large to give addequete satisfaction on all levels i.e. billing claims etc"
Commented on 2012-02-29 14:33:53 EST
"Covered all damages fairly on two home claims."
Commented on 2012-02-21 19:55:27 EST
"With no claims the rates have increased about 28% for this next year. I will look elsewhere for my auto home insurance."
Commented on 2012-02-04 16:35:44 EST
"Homeowners rates are excellent however there was a very long delay in paying a claim for water damage inside my home. I had to pay out of pocket and wait for the check which was made payable to my mortgage company. Therefore the mortgage company had to sign off which further delayed receiving repair money I had to spend up front."
Commented on 2012-01-31 12:27:19 EST
"I have never had an accident or filed a claim in over 40 years with Hartford under AARP program. Now they increased my auto insurance 25 for no reason. I suspect they are raising rates for homeowners and auto insured in order to cover weather-related losses in other parts of the county. I am going to get quotes from other insurance companies and leave Hartford."
Commented on 2012-01-12 17:52:56 EST
"The AARP/Hartford has serviced my policy well but I have never made a claim. The premiums are are reasonable but I have recently found I can get better coverage for less cost."
Commented on 2012-01-10 19:09:04 EST
"I have Flood Insurance and were badly damaged by the 3.5 month 500 year Missouri River Flood in the summer of 2011. The adjuster visited the site while there was still water in the home and will not revisit. The estimate is far from complete Some claims have been denied quoting language that does not exist in the policy. My agent is in Montana and will not talk to me. All calls are forwarded to the adjuster. "
Commented on 2011-12-19 10:04:37 EST
"Hartford dropped me after a phone audit without telling me when I got a letter in the mail over two weeks later informing me that I had been dropped I went out to get insurance within a day or two. The builder I work for was audited as he is each year and they picked up on my two week laps. I was just recently informed that I was to repay him 1800 dollars due to being uninsured. Called my agent for Hartford and he pretty much told me toughs. Thanks Hartford"
Commented on 2011-12-13 13:35:41 EST
"We had roof water leaks because of snow melting and had and adjuster come out and estimate the damage. He was very good. "
Commented on 2011-12-06 16:06:54 EST
"First off they raised my insurance premium from 1620p/y to 3074p/y because of my credit rating which fell because of my mortgage crisis. Then when I missed 1 payment they said that I had to reinstate it by paying an initial 750. I broke it up into 2 payments. I payed the first 50 by the first of the month. The remainder was due by the 14th. I was a few days late and they cancelled me and wouldnt take my payment. They also would not let me renew my policy. They stated that my policy ended 2 months prior which is making it hard for me to get a policy with another provider. They intentionally screwed me over. Why After reading the other complaints I can say that they have declared war on the American people. How can AARP be assocciated with them Im cancelling my AARP membership."
Commented on 2011-11-29 09:41:50 EST
"After almost 2 months of home owners coverage I recieved a letter in the mail stating that after a recent inspection my home does not qualify for coverage due to some raised shingles on the roof tree limb hanging over the house and clutter/debris around the yard. I was never told doing the application process that a home inspection would be done and definitely that if that inspection is unsatisfactory my coverage would be dropped. The reps were too busy trying to obtain my bank account information to mention the fact of an inspection. I would not in good faith recommend this company to anyone. Also I plan to report them to the BBB my home state AGattorney general office as well as the AG office of the home state listed for The Hartford. I plan to write a letter of complaint to AARP for their endorsement of this company with suggestions to investigate their business practices to ensure that it warrants their endorsement. "
Commented on 2011-11-27 04:30:08 EST
"This company will give you a great rate for the first year then raise it. bait and switchI called customer service 3 times and was given 3 different reasons for raising my rate 25. The final reason was that they estimated my mileage and it was higher than what I had reported the year before. After the 3rd call last one to a supervisor they suddenly decided to drop the rate back to what it was. Had I not questioned their business practice I would be paying more than what I had agreed to. Be VERY cautious about this company. AARP needs to wake up and check this company out before endorsing them. I had American Family Insurance for 20 years with no problem and no rate hikes based on voodoo estimates. Hartford is a rip off avoid them at all costs. I will be going back to American Family Ins tomorrow. Their rates are higher but at least you can trust them. "
Commented on 2011-10-22 07:10:46 EST
"Customer service very good."
Commented on 2011-10-13 07:06:16 EST
"recommend it to others for insurance comparisons - insurance claims two in the laST 21 YEARS have been difficult even having loads of evidence on my part. Have heard this complaint from others."
Commented on 2011-09-30 15:06:10 EST
"I had a disability policy with the Hartford for 27 years. Never thought I would need it but had peace of mind knowing I would be taken care of if I did what a joke These people are like robbers if I could just get my premiums back I would be tickled its like they have these young guys working day and night trying to dream up some way to keep from honoring a claim. Never waist your money on Hartford insurance put your premiums in the bank you will be far better off if you ever do have a claim."
Commented on 2011-09-27 13:25:14 EST
"started out with a good price for car and home owners Ins. Paid premium in full for the year. Had no claims but they jacked my rate 10 on car and 15 on home after first year.Got hit with the hurricane about a month ago.Had a minor claim for loss of use and some wind damage.After multiple phone conversations and some written corrispondencestill havent heard anythingstill havent been paid. My neighbors have already been paid and had their damages repaired as they were insured by other providers. That good price quote upfront turned out to not be the best deal. When I asked why my rates went up they said they under estimated what their cost of claims would be and that health care cost was the reason but I could cancel anytime I want if I didnt like it.I will be dropping them when my next premium is due "
Commented on 2011-09-24 05:37:45 EST
"with out warning they will cut off your medical benfits and stop paying your doctors. "
Commented on 2011-09-13 09:22:30 EST
"Bill ONE day late - never a claim but they cancelled policy and refused to renew."
Commented on 2011-09-09 13:08:19 EST
"Its a shame that AARP endorses this company for seniors. I bought insurance for a used car over 2 years ago and my premium jumped from 600 for one retired driver to more than 950. I had no accidents tickets or claims in the period I had the insurance. I moved 10 miles away from my previous address within the same county and city where I drive even lessand that was there excuse for raising my premium. I replace insurance policy with same coverage plus renters insurance for less than my first premium with Hartford."
Commented on 2011-09-07 14:14:57 EST
"Never filed a claim but rates have gone up by almost 45 in 2 years When I spoke to a representative and said that I thought they were supposed to be providing affordable insurance for seniors through AARP I was told that insurance companies have expenses too and need to spread their costs out. "
Commented on 2011-06-23 13:17:23 EST
"company customer services is horrible. Even walmart customer services is far more superior."
Commented on 2011-06-22 11:03:02 EST
"When I switched to Hartford my rates according to them were slightly higher than normal because of an accident that occurred 3.5 years prior and was typical procedure for all insurance companies. They assured me that after the 4 year anniversary my rates would drop. When I called back 8 months later they informed me the clock had reset when I purchased the policy and I would have to wait an additional four years. This company thinks the elderly are ripe pickings for their fraudulent practices. Buyers beware"
Commented on 2011-06-17 11:29:19 EST
"My rate doubled last year. I called them and they said the fire dept in my area was not AAA certified. I had to check and find out that they were. Just got my bill for this year. It was doubled again. Called them and they changed it but with a 120.00 increase saying that there were a lot of clams IN VIRGINIA which is bogus. They are out to cheat people."
Commented on 2011-06-16 06:03:41 EST
"I have thirty plus years of experience in the insurance industry. Not Hartford In nine years I have had no problems. I shop premiums once a year. I am in Florida and Hartford is one of the few real insurance companies writing HO policies. Claim was a naf total auto loss. Quickly settled to my satisfaction. I used my policy. This renewal was not competitive. Hartford offered to rewrite auto at a lower rate. They did not offer until I stated I was moving my business. "
Commented on 2011-06-12 09:14:14 EST
"In my opinion, The Hartford extorts money from AARP & elderly members. They refused to discontinue my insurance upon written confirmation and continued to send bills and threatened collections. I called them and they said that they received my written cancellation. The ongoing bills were because I did not use their specified cancellation form. Bunk. They are ready for a lawsuit."
Commented on 2011-05-31 17:50:40 EST
"You will need to sue to get what you are rightfully owed. "
Commented on 2011-04-26 15:17:03 EST
"One of the biggest companies out there. Big because they keep more money and unfair and greedy."
Commented on 2011-04-26 07:21:21 EST
"The more than doubled our insurance poilicy and when i called they said that is just the way it is. "
Commented on 2011-04-19 07:59:50 EST
"They increased my policy by %14 this next renewal. When asked for a reason in this economic environment, I was told building cost have increased that much. After checking the internet for building cost index, I found it to be more like %4. I interpret this to be corporate greed on the backs of those on fixed income. "
Commented on 2011-04-01 21:57:06 EST
"despite my numerous physicians advising them of my inability to work I am constantly harassed by a new hoop to jump through by Hartford. The most recent is a home "visit" by an investigator for their company to ask me questions that could merely be filled out on a paper form. this is clearly an attempt to yet again scare me for no apparent reason. I have been on their LTD for at least 5 years and nothing has changed, only gotten worse. If your attending physician and one that Hartford "hand picked" doctos all agree about my inability to work then why the constant harassment? They obviously do not want to believe the experts for their own greed. Why are they allowed to continue to sell insurance of any nature?"
Commented on 2011-03-11 03:23:35 EST
"proceeded to raise rates at first renewal by a huge amount for no reason"
Commented on 2011-03-10 18:06:30 EST
"First of all, endless investigation. Investigations produce findings that only support denial of the claim. Hartford calls the findings "their own work" and will not share the findings with the policyholder. Of those findings that I manged to get, two of the findings were found to be fraudulent when I hired my own forensic engineer. "
Commented on 2011-03-07 15:06:39 EST
"This auto insurance company has been the most unhelpful, unuseful and uncaring insurance company my family and I have ever dealt with. They do not care about their customers and honestly do not deserve the busiess we have given them. I would not recommend this insurance company if you ever plan on actually needing to use the coverage."
Commented on 2011-02-22 20:17:06 EST
"We were very satisfied with the Home Owners coverage of damage to our home from a mini burst but our auto insurance on two old cars keeps going up even though we have had no claims. It is difficult to answer the above questions, therefore I answered only about auto insurance. Home Owners good. Auto insurance bad. The people on the phones are very unhelpful."
Commented on 2011-02-15 11:49:04 EST
"Never had an accident. When I did they raised my rate by $ 700 a year for three years. Surprise! They did handle the claim and the repairs very well. I was more than satisfied with that part. So check them out very carefully. s"
Commented on 2011-02-12 09:05:05 EST
"Hartford will charge you a 10% termination fee when you cancel your policy. SURPRISE!!"
Commented on 2011-02-07 13:53:20 EST
"would not call me back would not pay more than 6 weeks for a birth of a child even tho the doc wanted me out for 8 weeks "
Commented on 2011-02-03 12:35:00 EST
"Hartford sucks!"
Commented on 2011-01-27 19:30:26 EST
"Do not use this company. Payed months in advance. Had 1 small claim and they will not call me back"
Commented on 2011-01-24 08:07:14 EST
"I removed my wife from my auto policy because she is no longer able to drive and they would not lower my rate. They will increase your rate if you add a driver but will not reduce it if you delete one. Very self-serving! AARP should not back this company."
Commented on 2011-01-18 08:12:10 EST
"company plays games, lies and finds ways to not pay at any cost"
Commented on 2011-01-12 12:33:47 EST
"I was with Hartford for 21 years, I had 2 claims the pass two years with my homer owners insurance. The claims were due to a leaking window caused by storm shutters that were not sealed at the fasteners when stalled. The leak resulted in mold. Hartford raised my premium by $1500."
Commented on 2011-01-11 09:03:34 EST
"After moving to a new address 17 months ago and changing our billing address to receive statements without any problems and making several on time payments I received a notice that I was late on 1 payment. I made the payment and called customer service who told me that our insurance had been cancelled due to non payment. They had sent our new policy to the old address. Apparently, sales and billing depts. are not on the same page. We had been driving without insurance for more than 45 days and The Hartford would not give us another quote or reinstate our policy! I the state I live in driving without insurance is a $2000 fine. No excuses! We had a policy with this company for about 10 years. Thanks Hartford for not doing you job right, and caring about your customers. Sincerely, a former customer."
Commented on 2011-01-10 12:21:31 EST
" Excellent rates, very good cust. service, Friendly and professional"
Commented on 2011-01-03 20:32:11 EST
"Refused to mail me a copy of the policy. Lied, lied, lied that they mailed it to me."
Commented on 2010-12-28 12:54:28 EST
"They applied blame to my daughter when all evidence pointed to the other drive then raised her premium over $2,000. The claim is now with the California insurance commission. This claim was blatantly decided solely for the benefit of Hartford"
Commented on 2010-12-27 22:51:22 EST
"This company has the most erratic and disorganized billing practices I have ever dealt with. The final bill I received from them (after I had cancelled my policy) came from a collection agency. No previous bill or notice that, even after paying the premium in full, there was an outstanding balance...just straight to collection. Nice."
Commented on 2010-12-21 12:03:32 EST
"Very unsatisfied dealing on the phone with staff. While polite they would not resolve my problem and when asked to speak to a supvervisor I was put on hold 3 times because the supv was busy. I was informed that I could have the supv call me back in 24 to 36 hours! I then asked for the number of the Presidents ofice. The supv via of the person I was speaking with resolved the problem after the 3rd day of calling. "
Commented on 2010-12-17 16:22:22 EST
"Customer service sucks the people they hire are very snide and unco-operative."
Commented on 2010-12-12 10:18:03 EST
"Good luck to all those poor souls who *think* they have coverage because on top of trying to deal with your medical problems, these people are the ones who will cut deeper into you by trying to weasel out of paying what is rightly and justified owed to you. I cannot even begin to describe the horror of dealing with them. Being incompetent is just an excuse of their real bottom line - you are cutting into their profits. Without me sounding a little off (because I am so upset), please take the time to do your research and take heed to these warnings. What they tell you is offset by what you sign and what they can hide and get away with. I cannot believe this is acceptable here in the states. WtF?"
Commented on 2010-12-10 06:59:12 EST
"My claim(roof hail damage) was handled very professionally, courteously and quickly. I recommend Hartford for all of your insurance needs. They have me as a customer for life."
Commented on 2010-12-07 08:02:32 EST
"Thay refused to renew our policy because there was som MOSS on our roof! That eliminates about half of the houses in our area. Other companies are aware of the difference between Moss and Mold."
Commented on 2010-12-02 12:25:47 EST
"I am a start up business and the Hartford was Packged together by my insurance broker. One of my employees had a serious automobile accident. The hartford then cancelled my insurance. Because of this rating I am now having a hard time finding insurance at all. While they quickly settled my claim would they have not better been served to keep me and possibly recoup hier loss. it just doent make sense. "
Commented on 2010-11-29 20:51:33 EST
"Just received my renewal the premium went from $1300 to $4429. Explanation the cost to rebuild in Florida has increased. It is clear that they are simply trying to exit Florida without stating the fact. I have been with thewm for 12 years. I now have 5 estimates from $1100-$1500 so it is clear what they are doing. I called to try and get answerd but all I got was bull. "
Commented on 2010-11-19 08:24:19 EST
"I had one citation in 40 years they increased my rate 50%"
Commented on 2010-11-17 14:44:06 EST
"Bad customer service"
Commented on 2010-11-17 12:06:24 EST
"if you file a small claim with them after 11 years your rate will increase by 50%."
Commented on 2010-11-16 12:10:10 EST
"They totally suck."
Commented on 2010-11-04 04:39:49 EST
"Insurance goes up 15% per year with no claims. AAA is offering same coverage for house and car at nearly 1/2 the cost."
Commented on 2010-11-03 13:04:42 EST
"My husband received a moving violation. Our insurance went up $300. Each year it has gone up some but this was the highest hike it has taken. I called a different company and got a quote that was over $200 lower with the violation and the coverage was a little better. "
Commented on 2010-11-01 16:35:13 EST
"Our house and many others near us was hit by hail. Our neighbors all had thier roofs replaced. Hartford sent out thier company whores to look at our roof and they decided it was fine. I had 3 contractors look at it and they found the roof needed to be replace. I am now going to tell everyone I know not to get hartford insurance. I am also contacting a lawyer."
Commented on 2010-10-31 16:24:32 EST
"I insured one of my vehicles with Hartford last year. Right from the start I had issues with them... first of all premiums were not delivered to me on several occasions causing a lot of work to try to straighten things out so they would not cancel me. They tried to cancel me one time due to non payment when they did indeed have my payment and this year I paid the entire years premium by the end of March to try to avoid any future premium problems with them and on 10-30-10 I received a check from them for $240.00 and all that it said was that it was a refund due to my insurance being cancelled on 10-04-10 which means that I was driving uninsured for 3 weeks. No letter or phone call from them explaining what their latest issue was. They simply cancelled me and sent me a partial refund 3 weeks later. "
Commented on 2010-10-30 21:07:30 EST
"They keep finding reasons to raise rates (+30% for 2011). This with no claims, no accidents, no citations, same vehicles."
Commented on 2010-10-29 11:28:27 EST
"My only complaint is that my insurance rates have gone up $100 even though I have had no claims or tickets in the last 3 years."
Commented on 2010-10-25 19:44:01 EST
"Medical STD Claim Denied and customer service to resolve policy issues is terrible. "
Commented on 2010-10-25 06:22:21 EST
"My wife and I are both senior citizens.Last year our auto premium was $809.00.This past summer my wife received a moving violation for 5 over the speed limit.I have just received a new insurance bill from Hartford in the amount of $1399.00.That is an increase of over 70%.That is an outrage.What if I were in an accident ? Would they cancel me ?? I have never filed a claim nor have we had any moving violations in many,many years ?? Absolute insanity is what it is !!!!They hook you with their ads for the first couple of years and then sock it to you.What scam artists !!!!!!!!!"
Commented on 2010-10-24 10:35:55 EST
"You buy insurance, only to find out it has exceptions for most damages!!!"
Commented on 2010-10-22 11:47:19 EST
"My Mom paid for disability insurance for years then when she needed it they were the unkind, unfair, difficult, and down right the cruelest company I have ever had to deal with. She would have been better off investing her insurance premiums. Rip off big time."
Commented on 2010-10-19 15:45:31 EST
"8 months since my fire loss still getting the runaround "
Commented on 2010-10-15 07:37:15 EST
"The company does not provide full details regarding claims issues in a timely manner. It is only through the appeals process that all information is disclosed and then only in after several attempts. I guess this is meant to close the timeline with regard to appeals deadlines. Secondly I believe the company used dubious means to decrease my monthly benefit after paying benefits for 3 years. The company stated it "made a mistake" and suddenly discovered a second off-set. The first being social security which I understand is the norm. I do not trust them and this decrease was very sudden. I am seeking legal advice to ascertain if the insurance company behaved legally and if I have an actionable claim against them in court."
Commented on 2010-10-13 17:48:27 EST
"My policy went up 25% for 2011, which is unacceptable."
Commented on 2010-10-13 11:46:02 EST
"You jacked my auto premiems 230.00 in one year"
Commented on 2010-10-07 06:53:20 EST
"they denied delayed and stalled on my claim.I had to get a lawyer, on my way to trial."
Commented on 2010-10-05 06:42:26 EST
"Good price on initial policy, but huge increases after that for no reason other than they could increase rates. No accidents or tickets."
Commented on 2010-09-24 09:04:07 EST
"This company will find any way possible not to pay off.They had a structural engineer to check a retaining wall that had fallen in my basement.He went all the way with Hartford.They said I could get an engineer out of my pocket.They knew I could not afford it.Useless to have this insurance."
Commented on 2010-09-15 13:04:05 EST
"Do not accept a job that has the HARTFORD as a workers compensation carrier."
Commented on 2010-09-08 17:04:26 EST
"they agreed to pay for damage to inside of home for damage they called wind but will not pay to fix roof. How can you have anyone agree 3 different areas of my home have water inside my home but not pay for the roof damage how can that be? Oh and by the way the inside damage was 579.00 and I just so happen to have a $500.00 ded. who in there right mind would turn in a claim that you know will affect your rates for $79.00 and roof still leaks whats wrong with this picture."
Commented on 2010-09-07 12:43:01 EST
"Recommended by AARP. Received great initial rates. Just received my renewal quotes: Home increased 46% and auto up by 22.6%. No claims or accidents/citations etc. I think the connection between AARP and Hartford warrants investigation."
Commented on 2010-09-02 06:20:46 EST
"Had them for my auto ins, 2 vehicles full coverage, 1 vehicle Liablity only, no accident or tickets after a year they tried to raise my rate over 20% Bye Bye, got a better deal"
Commented on 2010-08-30 15:01:56 EST
"After 24 years of paying Hartford for Disability insurance I was only able to collect for 2 years. I had disabilities that were covered however Hartfords excuse was they were not satisified with my medical care. Do NOT use Hartford."
Commented on 2010-08-30 12:35:40 EST
"took one car off and added my house and after accident not my fault they doubled my bill"
Commented on 2010-08-30 07:37:19 EST
"Pay quickly and fairly but their rates are high."
Commented on 2010-08-28 15:29:20 EST
"over 12yrs with Hartford (aarp) 1s accident/ received (2)letters stating 1st accident forgiveness your rates will not increase. Received renewal and took 75% increase; called them and they said ;after arguing; increase was due to accident claim;(I never claimed any damages) nothing in writing. my car made of rubber (Saturn)THEY LIED AND COMMITED FRAUD BY SAYING IN WRITING "NO INCREASE IN RATES" I have papers to back it all up; am retired and dont have money to sue them for "DECEPTIVE PRACTICES" AS WELL AS "FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES"."
Commented on 2010-08-23 16:45:20 EST
"The Hartford is very difficult to deal with when they are obligated to pay a claim. Their stategy is to make it so difficult you just go away. They should be ashamed of themselves."
Commented on 2010-08-23 16:39:23 EST
"The Hartford was unfailingly polite, responsive and efficient in handling my LTD claim. Very impressive."
Commented on 2010-08-21 18:01:38 EST
"the stalling tactics for short term and long term disability are very ridiculous. They will say that they haven;t received medical information from your doctor to proceed, yet your doctor has confirmation that they have received the information. They will continue to stall and find one more thing that they need before they make a decision on your case. All of this is so that they do not have to pay you the benefits."
Commented on 2010-08-17 15:20:43 EST
"My son became paralyzed from an accident. He had long term disability with Hartford. They forced him to apply for SSD and he was approved the first try. After 2 years, they said he was no longer disabled and could work. They terminated his benefits. After getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit, they settled for 2.5 years of benefits and no more. Do not deal with Hartford. They should be called Heartless."
Commented on 2010-08-12 17:18:51 EST
"After the first year our home insurance bill went up $140.00. Before we received the bill we had a terrible hail storm in May this year that damaged our home. Our roof had a 30 year warranty and was only 15 years old. Hartford sent out a structural engineer that they pay and he said no hail dammage. However in the pictures with his ruler he showed hail damage. They denied us any percentage of payment. I am leaving Hartford and will look into changing our life insurance also."
Commented on 2010-08-06 08:51:30 EST
"I had Hartford a year ago with a great rate, they "accidently" terminated my car insurance without claims or tickets. I checked into Hartford last week and this for car and homeowners. The cost was 3 times the amount from last year with no explanation. AARP should not keep recommending them."
Commented on 2010-08-05 19:58:54 EST
"My Auto renewal policy ($729.)increased over 50% from last years ($315.) I called spoke with a rep who tried to explain that I was underbilled from last year and the company had to correct its billing. He kept trying to explain that a letter when out. I never recieved any documentation of an increase especially an 50% increased with no additional cover. They claim its a State issue. After calling around no one else with other companies had a rate increase such as this. Still shopping before my policies expires. Do your homework with this company or better check your renewal throughly. "
Commented on 2010-08-02 14:04:21 EST
"After several years with this AARP associatted company I received a renewal bill with a 25%+ increase. rI have had no accidents, tickets, claims, low miles and called them for an explanation for this. I spoke to someone obviosley from overseas and received no reason at other then there has been a "slight" increase in usage on one car. When I asked what slight increase would justify a 25% raise in premium she could not explain. She put me on hald, while she "looked into this further" and came back to state that there had been a state wide increasse also. When KIasked for the amount of the increase she would not tell me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, she put me hold and came back stating that she was thee suoervisor. After 30+ minutes of getting a run around from her I hung up."
Commented on 2010-08-01 11:33:24 EST
"Do not buy annuity. big rip off."
Commented on 2010-07-30 06:46:09 EST
"I have a disability policy with the hartford thru my previous employer.Two years ago I was diagnosed with COPD.They were obligated to pay me 66% of my hourly wage should I become disabled.They paid me the full amount for about 6 months after I was disabled and then sent me a notice that I have to file for Social Security disability or they would stop my payments.I did and was approved for SS disability the first time I applyed. That reduced the obligation that hartford had by 60% and forced the government to pick up the tab.I have one child that is still in high school and now they say that I have to apply for ss disability for her or they will stop the rest of the payments they are obligated to pay me.The problem is my child lives with my exwife and I pay her child support.If I apply for ss disability for my child ,ss tells me that the payment will go to the parent the child lives with.The bottom line is h Hartford skates out of all their obligatios to me and my ex gets child support from me and a payment from ss.They have hassled me with one thing or another every since I have been disabled.If I pay them for years for disability ins and once I become disabled they make our government pay there obligation.That is not right and our government is broke.My mother holds about 80,000 dollars worth of the hartford stock. I have been in contact with her and if they make this final move to break their obligation to me then we are pulling all our monies out the hartford funds.I am also contacting a lawyer to stop this harrasment."
Commented on 2010-07-27 09:30:33 EST
"my spouse had accidental death in with hartford thru his bank autmatic withdrawal for years. He died as a result of falling outside of his home and hypothermia set into him after hours in the 49 degree temps. i sent all the info they asked for and they have herassed me with more and more demands impossible for me to get. I hate them!!!"
Commented on 2010-07-24 16:23:49 EST
"Priced with the other expensive insurers. Will shop around for better pricing before renewing with Hartford."
Commented on 2010-07-24 15:41:02 EST
"They look for every way possible to reduce the claim payment. This was after they increased the premium, although no claims or issues, by 50%. They are everything you dislike about big business and big insurance. "
Commented on 2010-07-20 13:55:08 EST
"Waste of time and money. You will definatly lose here!"
Commented on 2010-07-18 02:13:48 EST
"increased my premium by over 30% and refused to give me a reason, never had a claim on car or home. aarp should not represent this company, they are all about the money. treat seniors like crap.its all about the money. stay away!!!!!"
Commented on 2010-07-12 06:08:20 EST
"They drop you if you have any loss. Even if you call to ask about it. Their information is not posted anywhere to let you know this. Extremely unsatisfactory company!"
Commented on 2010-07-02 13:02:58 EST
"Hartford has proven that their company is morally bankrupt as shown by they way they terminate claimants suffering from disabling conditions via disgusting video tapes of the poor person walking, getting in and out of their car and eating. Did you see the segments on Good Morning America? The company is evil and will do anything for money. Look at their address - ASYLUM avenue. Lets put them out of business!!"
Commented on 2010-06-30 22:57:26 EST
"billing sucks"
Commented on 2010-06-30 21:33:25 EST
"When I decided to cancel my policy because it was no longer needed, they spent considerable effort in harassing, intimidating and ultimately turning me in to the government having my business audited."
Commented on 2010-06-08 19:14:30 EST
"Priced higher than most but good customer service and billing options."
Commented on 2010-06-07 16:19:20 EST
"Paid $98000 for house in 2006.Current policy shows it is insured for $153000.Cost of policy is getting prohibitive. Car insurance is $1800 for 2 older vehicles and a newer vehicle.Cost is way too high."
Commented on 2010-05-17 10:56:34 EST
"When my father passed they paid within two weeks without any problem! Customer service was and is very helpful...."
Commented on 2010-05-17 10:52:14 EST
"Called about large increases in premium. Unprofessional response. Stated "You have to pay for others accidents or lack of coverage""
Commented on 2010-05-08 16:40:34 EST
"If you want to get your STD/LTD claim honored, get a lawyer."
Commented on 2010-05-06 15:10:30 EST
"This company had no right to deny my claim, they did not consult with any doctor or any physical therapist and did not contact me for over a month to tell me that my claim was denied while in the mean time they did not return any of my calls did not return any calls or paperwork from THEIR doctors office and gave me no reason why they denied the claim. So i have had to hire a lawyer in order for me to continue my Physical therapy."
Commented on 2010-05-05 01:45:30 EST
"After 6 years of homeowners, auto, and life insurance with the Hartford ( and no claims filed) we got a letter in the mail that our home owners policy would not be renewed due to hazards associated with damage to my home. Yes our roof needs to be replaced soon but it does not leak and it is not covered in moss like many neighbors. Yes there are unsecured items in the yard but that happens when you have three children and they leave toys and bikes out. No our front steps do not need a hand rail as they are not even over 1 foot in height and they are the original steps that came with the home. No there are NO trees overhanging the house ( they say there are many tree branches??? what house did they look at??) They want the items in the carport to be secured?? We just keep the boat and kids bikes and skooters there and the good bikes are in the garage. There is more but I think they just want to get rid of us because they have been losing $$$$ Time to find somebody else. "
Commented on 2010-05-04 10:39:32 EST
"You need to really review your insurance every few years for the best value and customer satisfaction. I had one claim on the house and the next time the rate went up $75 dollars per year. I called them to complain and was told this was a surcharge because of the claim. Reading on others comments, I guess I was okay in that 6 years with AARP/ the Hartford my rates have gone up about 40% including the surcharge. The customer service has been great for both car and house, just trying to get a handle on premiums. My rates are in line with other insurance companies. "
Commented on 2010-05-02 13:05:45 EST
"The Hartford will do anything possible to avoid paying LTD. I have paid in for 30 plus years and it is going to be a long court battle just to get what I have paid for, and am not receiving. They have more tricks than a circus clown. Very unorthadox business practices."
Commented on 2010-04-26 06:17:14 EST
"I feel sorry for the older folks the are not being taken care of by this company. very rude , will not explain things, make a claim very hard."
Commented on 2010-04-12 15:01:07 EST
"We were assinged an adjuster who never returned our calls after the accident. She would not take our time I did get her she put us on hold 15 or more minutes and never came back to phone. Sent us to a car repair place that we were scared to get out of the car, delayed our repair date by a week, would not accomadate our request for a disabilty van because we only get 30 a day for car one would adjust rate to get us the 15 more a day vehicle,almost all customer service reps had the same nasy attitude as the adjuster wo we only got to talk to once. We demanded a new adjuster and still have the same one we cannot talk to. Looking for new insurance as I write this."
Commented on 2010-04-12 11:49:42 EST
"I lost one week of business due to their poor commercial coverage. "
Commented on 2010-04-08 09:12:14 EST
"This is a company that does not want to communicate in writing about any problems or questions. The representatives will say anything on the telephone and you will find later you received something different than told. The company targets the seniors with their deception. Avoid this company."
Commented on 2010-04-03 06:19:14 EST
"I have my home in a revocable trust and my attorney said I should advise my homeowners insurance. When I called Hartford they increased my total policy premium $100.00. When I told my attorney he said this is ridiculous. He knows of no other company that charges for this identification. Needless to say I am looking into other insurance. "
Commented on 2010-04-02 14:34:50 EST
"nastiest rudest beings you have ever encounter. i hesitate to call them humans, they have given up their humanity to be demonic beasts and their god is hartford."
Commented on 2010-03-26 13:19:08 EST
"So-so customer service, erratic billing. "
Commented on 2010-03-22 05:48:28 EST
"Communication is IMPOSSIBLE with this company. They get their business primarily through their association with AARP and once they get your money you are ignored! Even a simple billing problem ON THEIR PART has taken 6 months to resolve and there is NO HELP from AARP. You would think that Hartford is owned/operated by the Federal Govt = IT IS THAT BAD!!!"
Commented on 2010-03-18 09:03:53 EST
" No help over the telephone, rates getting too high!"
Commented on 2010-03-14 09:06:41 EST
"Started using this thru AARP and was very satisfied until the past 5-7 years when the rates started to take big jumps. I find they are not longer competitive in the market, especially for SENIORS!!!!!"
Commented on 2010-03-10 14:47:39 EST
"After I backed out of a parking space my car was hit by a driver in a pick-up truck. The driver did not even look, Just backed up. My car was stoped. The police report did not indicate any fault, as the officer was not on the lot when the accident happened. Through much aggravation the car was repaired. However I was never informed that there was frame damage and my new car had lost thousands of dollars in value."
Commented on 2010-03-10 08:25:39 EST
"we have had Hartford for over 20 years with no claims ever. Just this year they doubled our homeowners insurance. They were very rude on the phone and would not elaborate why the price increase. We left them for progressive."
Commented on 2010-03-05 16:27:28 EST
"Hartford charges a 10% fee for canceling a policy! No where does this show on your policy nor on the company webpage."
Commented on 2010-03-01 11:42:17 EST
"Company recently completed a visual inspection of home and the underwriter utlized photos of a different home to document potenial hazards. Phone coversations with the company representatives concerning the factual misrepresention were disappointing at best."
Commented on 2010-02-26 11:43:24 EST
"look out they cancel when you have a claim not for the claim but they will find a reason to cancel"
Commented on 2010-02-03 13:53:00 EST
"The Hartford will bear false witness against the disabled and then deny or terminate the claim. "
Commented on 2010-02-03 01:36:16 EST
"Consistent rate increases without any explanation or justification. 34% increase upon renewal and I have never had any claims or penalties.Very strange."
Commented on 2010-02-01 17:00:53 EST
"They are slow to pay clims...weeks and weeks for a check to arrive....customer service, even at the supervisor level, is poor."
Commented on 2010-02-01 09:58:04 EST
"Too much "fine print"...vague terms...refusal of only claim in 15 years."
Commented on 2010-01-28 16:59:29 EST
"Seniors beware! My bill for homeowners insurance was just raised 30% for the new year. When I questioned why, a customer service rep said it was because Hartford had too many senior citizen customers who turned in petty complaints and everyone was having to help pay for them. She actually advised me to get insurance elsewhere which I plan to do."
Commented on 2010-01-25 15:18:45 EST
"I find The Hartford customer service to be wonderful"
Commented on 2010-01-18 07:07:39 EST
"Short term/long term disability. Hartford denied long term benefits after three years. I understand this is the "magic number" for insurance companies. My wife had her lower two disks fused. The fuse did not take, she has a screw that broke loose and is floating around somewhere and she has two breaks in her spine and has to have another surgery...Go figure....."
Commented on 2010-01-17 12:30:16 EST
"I received a traffic ticket a year ago for failure to stop at a stop sign. The courts did not fine me for doing this, however now after one year Hartford learns of my ticket for this incident and are now saying that my insurance rates will go up 33% from last year which will be more than $700. My driving and credit records are very good but it looks like Hartford is taking advantage of the situation. They are now telling me that they cannot forgive my first accident because of this one incident. I am wondering now if it would have been less expensive for Hartford had I collided with another vehicle, rather than not stopping at a stop sign. "
Commented on 2010-01-10 05:38:33 EST
"This company stinks.Very poor customer service"
Commented on 2010-01-01 11:32:12 EST
"10 years with Hartford - one claim for which Hartford paid $300. Raised premium $500/year. Thanks but no thanks Fartford. "
Commented on 2009-11-25 08:59:10 EST
"My grandmother decided to get a policy after she found out her cancer had returned. She never would have taken out insurance if she thought it was just for accidental death. She passed way after 8 months and when my parents filed a claim they said it was not covered it was for accidental death. This company took advantage of my grandmother. She thought that she was getting everything ready for when she passed and they screwed her over. All the money she had given them. This company is a big FRAUD!!! Dont get there insurance."
Commented on 2009-11-13 07:53:07 EST
"This company is totally a disgrace for what they put as significant to the seniors that they are servicing!! DISGRACE "
Commented on 2009-11-12 10:48:26 EST
"Hartford will insure expensive cars but heaven help you if they handle a claim and they pay out over $500.00. This company will raise your annual premium to a new high. Definitely not a company you want to be insured with and have slightly better than average auto. "
Commented on 2009-11-08 10:57:58 EST
"Hartford insurance advertises that they will not drop you. But they will increase your rates. My wife and I have had two windshield claims in 11 years, no other claims. My wife did a rolling stop which resulted in a ticket. It was her only traffic violation in 44 years of driving. I have had none in 11 years that we have been with Hartford. Hartford raised our annual premiums (a surcharge) over $200. The penalty will exist for 3 years. "
Commented on 2009-10-23 14:15:06 EST
"This company has been more than fair with me bue they are quite expensive."
Commented on 2009-10-23 13:55:21 EST
"Rates are 400.00 more than GEICO for the same policy coverage"
Commented on 2009-10-22 20:58:50 EST
"Too expensive"
Commented on 2009-10-21 19:49:31 EST
"A "computer glitch" deleted our policy from their system and we were never informed!"
Commented on 2009-09-29 11:55:19 EST
"denied claim after a business fire that was claarly not arson, claim was denied anyway, friend lost his business and income and is now having to pay for an attorney to try to collect. This company ruins lives!!!!"
Commented on 2009-09-16 14:02:29 EST
"I recently moved to another state and had to call three times to get the information on both home and cars recorded correctly. If an insurance company cannot get the details right, then I will not trust my homes and cars to it."
Commented on 2009-09-11 15:48:45 EST
"After a fire in my condo complex, it took 5 days after I notified Hartford for them to send an adjuster. I have had to call intrepidly just to be sure that my claim was even in their files. They seem to be only functioning to trim their payouts!"
Commented on 2009-09-11 14:09:43 EST
"Hartford has raised the value of the home every year and refused to revaluate the home despite the lack of a cost of living increase last year. Currently their valuation is about 25% greater than the home is worth."
Commented on 2009-08-25 07:47:40 EST
"My husband is a sole-proprietor contractor. We renewed our policy in plenty of time. They admitted that they forgot to send it into our state licensing database. Therefore we were unknowingly working without insurance for two weeks, possibly losing jobs if customers looked it up. We had to pay the state a fee to re-enlist and Hartford refused to reimburse us after saying they would. "
Commented on 2009-08-19 08:56:56 EST
"Watch for rate increases by region they pick the areas they want to be competive in based their risk factor "low risk low prices, High risk high prices". if you need insurance and are in a high risk area ( Large Metro area ) Do not call them. "
Commented on 2009-08-19 08:13:45 EST
"large rate increase after one year"
Commented on 2009-08-15 16:34:17 EST
"Over the past 20yrs we have had auto claims of a open door damaged, windshield broken, car stolen, rear ended, three times, minor fender bender(partial at-fault), four towing claims. On the house a burglary, new roof re hail damage, lost item at cleaners and a $600 wind damage claim. ALL claims were handled fairly and swiftly. Communication and problem solving excellent. Could not have ask for better service. Auto rates are still very competitive however homeowners rate seems very high. The policy is guaranteed renewable. Yea Hartford."
Commented on 2009-08-08 15:30:21 EST
"Their premiums are cheap to begin with, but their customer service is horrible. I had a miner fender bender between my car and a stationary pole and they upped my premium from $648 to $1,062 stating I was a bad driver. I have not had a ticket in over 30 years, and the last time I had an accident with another car was when I was rear ended sitting at a light! I wrote to complain, and all I got in return was another form letter."
Commented on 2009-08-01 09:22:58 EST
"The day before a holiday, I was rear-ended by a senile 90-year-old who had obtained Hartford insurance through AARP. Hartford would not provide transportation until they had established fault by speaking to the driver, even though she was not cognigent. Despite being provided the police report number, officer name & phone etc. they dithered around until it was time for them to leave for the holidays, leaving me without transportation during a 4-day weekend."
Commented on 2009-07-31 10:44:49 EST
"We filed a claim for water damage to our house, they were very fair and prompt in settling the claim - absolutely no complaints. However, we are now switching to save money on premiums."
Commented on 2009-07-29 22:07:54 EST
"I changed my homeowners insurance as well as my automobile insurance to Hartford a little less than a year ago because of a considerable savings in premium. My roof had been replaced about a year prior to that due to hail damage. Three months ago my relatively new roof was damaged again by hail. When I looked at the roof it looked fine to me but I had a roofing company come out and they said it needed replacing. My initial thought was that the roofing company was trying to create business for itself so I called Hartford. They sent an appraisor out and he confirmed the roof needed replacing. The estimate from hartford was within a few dollars of the estimate from the roofing company and after the work was done Hartford paid the amount indicated by the roofing company. I am very satisfied with this company. "
Commented on 2009-07-28 10:29:18 EST
"Hartford wants your money for premiums but do not want to pay when you are disabled. They want you to fight them for every penny they pay you. This adds stress to you which adds more pain to your already injured body. They make it where you have to find an attorney to appeal every decision. They are like vultures waiting for you to just lay down and go away or be eaten up by their mass of politically driven attorneys."
Commented on 2009-07-27 08:43:59 EST
"I have been with Hartford for over 5 years, and never had a claim. I recently found I could save over $500.00 dollars a year and switched to GEICO. When I canceled, Hartford billed me an additional $185.00 dollars to cancel my auto insurance. They gave me a variety of bogus excuses. They basically blackmailed me by the fact that they could affect my good credit rating if I did not pay. Interestingly they did not feel the need to charge me to cancel my homeowners insurance. These guys are pirates. I wonder how they would have handled a claim."
Commented on 2009-07-14 21:26:00 EST
"I have not had to file a claim, but in two separate auto accidents when we were rear-ended they were very prompt at coming out to make sure we were okay and willing to pay if the other party was not insured."
Commented on 2009-07-07 11:31:47 EST
"This company will do anything to keep from paying a claim. After years of being with them and having no claims, our roof was damaged during a wind storm. Dozens of homes in our neighborhood suffered the same damage and their insurance companies have replaced their roofs. Not the Hartford. They sent out an adjustor who actually insinuated that WE DAMAGED OUR OWN ROOF ON PURPOSE to get a new one!! The adjustor was rude, arrogant and condesending. We are still fighting with them after all this time. They try to bully you and intimidate you and will do anything to keep from paying a claim. I am done with this bunch of crooks."
Commented on 2009-06-25 07:29:42 EST
"I have a policy with the Hartford under AARP. Lightning hit a tree in my yard twice within one week. They paid the claim swiftly and promptly but at renewal my policy went up over $270 per year. When I asked why- they said "cost of replacement value of property went up" - couldnt believe that and called back several more times. Finally someone said "You filed a claim", it will go up for 3 years. Once it goes up - it never comes down. Good service but dont think I will renew."
Commented on 2009-06-23 09:28:59 EST
"Costly premiums"
Commented on 2009-06-20 05:55:06 EST
"After having a total loss house fire and dealing with The Hartford for 6 years to get payments I can say this: - You’ll need to get the Georgia Insurance Commissioner involved with your claim in order to get your original house loan paid off. They took over 3 months to pay it off. Note, they would not return my phone calls until I got the Georgia Insurance Commissioner involved. - They repeatedly lost my internal contents claims receipts, and required me to resend them at least three times. Often it would take them more than two months to pay contents claims off. - You can count on them to be very sarcastic and disrespectful when you start talking about rebuilding your home. I suggest tape recording your conversations, that changed their tone quickly. - They will argue over the rebuild cost of your home even when you have multiple estimates from reputable builders. There again, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner office helped a lot on this issue too. All in all, I would NOT recommend The Hartford period! Take plenty detailed notes if you have a serious insurance claim, because the Insurance Commissioners Office can really help you out when the Insurance company is not following their own documented policy. "
Commented on 2009-06-16 11:09:06 EST
"I have an auto policy, 2 cars, and a renters policy with The Hartford. Ar first they were great; good rates, etc. Then I had to file a claim on my renters insurance policy. Our adjuster did not come out for 5 days after we initially spoke to him. He does not answer his phone, does not return phone calls, and did not turn our property claims list into the "research" department for two weeks after we faxed it to him. Our phone conversations with him were horrible; he was very short and dismissive. he would try to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, i.e. he would say "I submitted the property claims and I will call you when they are done..OK, bye." I am currently shopping around for other insurance companie and I will not be sticking around until my current policy expires."
Commented on 2009-06-03 13:26:33 EST
"Hassle free auto insurance"
Commented on 2009-05-31 10:31:17 EST
"If you cancel a policy they will try to charge you with a 10% penalty on whole policy amount."
Commented on 2009-05-21 07:06:03 EST
"After having equipmement insurance for 2 weeks, we cancelled due to our lack of funds/economy. Hartford still insists that we owe for the 9 month policy even acknowledging that WE cancelled it. And after trying to work with them to resolve the matter, no results and now we are in collections for it."
Commented on 2009-05-18 16:13:10 EST
"they made up some bogus reason to cancel my policy when i realized just how insane they were i went online and researched them went to the NJ Atty Generals website amd discovered that they had the highest verified complaint rate of any auto insurance co reported out of about 30 ins cos stay away they suck!"
Commented on 2009-05-08 05:46:51 EST
"They lied to me, and finally admitted that the Attorney General of Washington State, when i took the issues there... NEVER BUY FROM HARTFORD"
Commented on 2009-04-25 10:13:48 EST
"Took over a month to get them to come through with the coverage we were promised with our auto policy."
Commented on 2009-04-25 09:46:25 EST
"Just BEWARE - shame on AARP for recommending this company. It's called bulk insurance and yes the rates are somewhat cheaper but the headaches in the long run will not be worth the aggravation. As a retired risk manager I should have done my home work better. The bulk call centers is a good clue and these people are so rude, I to am being cancelled for not receiving an application in the mail to get back to them - yet they have been yanking out my insurance payment. No advance warning, no emails, even it they would have an automated calling system advising of problems just to avoid cancellation. But I can guarantee higher management sleeps well at night. Where does regulations come into play here. I just learned of this website and just made me sick to my stomach reading the horror stories. Thats it for me. "
Commented on 2009-04-20 16:20:13 EST
"Would not replace roof after storm damage even with replacement cost rider. Would only replace a few shingles that did not match on a 10 year old roof."
Commented on 2009-04-14 15:09:15 EST
"They have over-insured my house by at least 80%. When I complain and said there is no way my home is worth that much they said theeir appraiser type person said so... "
Commented on 2009-04-10 09:10:49 EST
"service is awful.....too much voice mail ...not enough knowledge especially in AARP..they are not smart people"
Commented on 2009-04-02 18:03:13 EST
"extremely satisfied with the settlement covering a chargeable accident,however,the company's policy is to increase premiums for three years running------"
Commented on 2009-03-15 13:18:58 EST
"I was injured at work when I fell on ice and broke my ankle. From the onset, I began receiving antagonistic phone calls questioning my workman comp. claim. They did not pay in a timely manner, attempted to say the injury was due to my own carelessness, and were incredibly unprofessional in manner and decorum. Know you are in for a headache when dealing with any of their "claim profesionals". Beware!"
Commented on 2009-03-13 18:37:11 EST
"I have had Hartford since March, 2004 and I am very pleased with them. I had 2 claims on my rent property and 1 on my auto from hail damage in 2005 and in 2007 I had a claim when something very big hit my windshield driving down the freeway. Both times I was extremely pleased at how fast they worked and the fair damage prices they gave me. I don't know if the unsatisfied customers had bad agents or what. The only reason I answered the question if I would renew my policies, I put "probably" because currently I am checking about reducing my premiums and still get as good a company as Hartford. Texas insurance premiums are very high. "
Commented on 2009-03-13 11:24:52 EST
"We've had Hartford insuring our house for literally half a century. We got a letter in the mail saying they're dumping us! We haven't even filed any claims in that time! I would NEVER EVER recommend this firm to anyone. They lose $2 billion last year and are now dumping faithful long-time customers. "
Commented on 2009-02-24 15:45:28 EST
"Clean driving record, high FICO score, no accidents or claims, and they repatedly raise my rates fraudulently. They overcharged me when my son was on my policy before he finished college, they overcharged hundreds of thousands based on their distorted, inaccurate interpretations of their credit reports, and finally, doubled the policy costs to people involved in a class action to retaliate. They should be put out of business."
Commented on 2009-02-24 06:10:50 EST
"Hartford sent a letter saying they would send an inspector to take a picture of our property from the street, however someone entered our property without permission and took fifteen pictures over an acre of our property. We were mailed these pictures with demands that we make small repairs or our policy might not be renewed. Also, we were given a higher rate the second year because of a bad credit score, which we do not have. "
Commented on 2009-02-23 17:02:57 EST
"Very dishonest slow paying"
Commented on 2009-02-23 09:43:02 EST
"no matter what you do they always find a way to increase your rate"
Commented on 2009-02-21 21:07:16 EST
"They have raised the rates 3 times in a row.I didnt ask why the first time,the second time they said I was driving too much.I ask how much I was suspose to drive and they didnt know.The third raise they could not tell me why.For 3 years they put out a credit base score with so called problems with my credit.All 3 years were the same reasons.My FICO score is 784,I have not had a morgage for 20 years.If they wanted to det rid of me they accomplished their goal."
Commented on 2009-02-17 15:09:28 EST
"The agent they got don't keep their word on what they said they will do. "
Commented on 2009-02-11 08:58:47 EST
"This company practices medicine without a license and has refused medical treatment advised by the highest rated specialist in the state and went on to order physical therapy against the advise from my specialist regardless of my personal health."
Commented on 2009-02-04 12:18:30 EST
"THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS! the did not pay 1 cent when i had approx $70k worth of personal property loss, business interuption loss. I had all the proper insurance and they BLEW ME OFF. my lawyer has sued them for BAD FAITH and CONSUMER FRAUD, and been strggling to survive after carrying HARTFORDS BILLS for almost 3 years. they should be out of business and anyone that would work for such a company are losers."
Commented on 2009-01-26 18:32:05 EST
"I ran into a deer and my 1998 Pontiac Bonneville SSei was totaled. Rather than comparing my model car it was compared to the SE and claimed no SSei models could be found in my area of the same milage, year etc. But I found some and presented them and then it was said they were dealer sales rather than private. The claim agent indicates there are sums allowed to make up the difference in comparison to a cheaper auto but the allowances are not representative of the real differences. He also indicates the value of my car would be want a dealer allowed for a trade in. I thnk I am badly ripped off."
Commented on 2009-01-20 18:52:02 EST
"Has taken 6 mos. and still not settled on Life Policy. Get a different person and different answer every time I call them. Will not let me speak with the Adjuster that is handleing the Case. All I've heard for 6 mos. now is be patient, it's being reviewed and etc..."
Commented on 2009-01-14 12:18:35 EST
"It closed the file on me without informing me, kept my deductable after turning down a settlement offer from 3rd party. It took 3 years to get my deductable back."
Commented on 2009-01-13 10:08:26 EST
"Never a claim in 5 years, either home or auto----they cancelled my auto because of a clerical error on their part, so I checked into insurance from another company. They were able to lower my auto by 15% and my homeowners decreased by almost $1000 per year for the same coverage! As a writer working in conjunction with various Internet publishers, I intend to write an article and distribute it to well over 300,000 people. This kind of business practice is simply akin to white collar crime. Especially as they advertise to retired folks, many of whom are on fixed incomes. Shame on AARP and the Hartford Group."
Commented on 2009-01-12 19:44:31 EST
"Homeowners Policy - Called after a fire and had to insist that an adjuster come out that day. Auto Policy - Someone hit me in a parking lot (major damage). I did not file a claim because other driver's insurance paid. They raised my rates because I was involved in an accident."
Commented on 2009-01-12 19:04:25 EST
"Very happy with the quality and value."
Commented on 2009-01-07 14:29:39 EST
"Hartford has raised my homeowners insurance 68% in the past two years."
Commented on 2009-01-07 09:35:21 EST
"Insured by Hartford for over 20 years and in that time I submitted one thief claim and one shingle claim, had to fight with them on both. Now being dropped because shingles, new shingles in 2001, looks bad from street. "
Commented on 2008-12-29 14:52:52 EST
"8 years, no claims, cars 4&5 years old, rates keep going up. Will save nearly $300 by switching. "
Commented on 2008-12-26 12:51:24 EST
"I never filed a claim for anything, but my rates keep going up $100-200 each year. I'm switching to another company!"
Commented on 2008-12-16 13:21:06 EST
"I fortunately never had to file a claim for my small business insurance, but decided not to renew after one year because I didn't have the business anymore. Hartford automatically renewed my insurance (I never agreed to this) and started sending me bills. When I contacted my agent about it, he said he'd take care of it. A few weeks ago, I got a $134 bill for a cancellation fee and late fee. I immediately sent my agent another e-mail asking him why and requesting that he fix it, which he never responded to. I never even signed up to renew this insurance! They are FRAUDS--don't do business with them!"
Commented on 2008-12-14 10:29:27 EST
"Never had ticket or a claim on either auto or homeowners policy for eight years, yet saw my rates steadily climb beyond other carriers. Found out the hard way they charge 10% cancellation fee. I went through AARP, but will now inform AARP they are reccomending a crooked and deceitful outfit."
Commented on 2008-12-03 06:46:32 EST
"Hartford Disability Insurance is an absolute farce. I worked for Walmart for 22 years and filed claim for disability. They declined the claim without even performing a medical review. They lied about the their medical review process and distorted statements by my doctors. I subsequently found four other long term Walmart employees who had the same experience and all had their claims denied. Under no circumstances should Hartford ever be trusted to pay a claim. "
Commented on 2008-11-23 10:43:11 EST
"Disability Insurance - Process is extremly slow. "
Commented on 2008-11-09 20:57:01 EST
"After not being able to even get 1 claim processed, we tried to cancel our policies - it has taken over 2 YEARS and they have not refunded any of the fees they took from our bank account AFTER THE POLICIES WERE CANCELED! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!"
Commented on 2008-11-05 13:10:34 EST
"this is the most uncompetent company i have ever dealt with.... they have cost me my home, overpayment pay backs due to THEIR ERRORS>.... have had 4-5 case workers in the time i have been on long term disability.... very hard to work with lie to you,, company is very deceatful...... NEVER WOULD RECOMMEND if they are doing this all to me how many others are they taking advantage of???????????????? and they are the company recommended by AARP for some of their coverage...????????? watch out they will STEAL YOU BLIND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> have cost me about 30,000 all together..... plus emotional problems due to all their errors... "
Commented on 2008-10-29 07:51:36 EST
"Will raise your rates mercilessly under guise of credit reports. My credit score was 713 when they jacked my rate by $600 per year. Be very careful of 10% termination fee."
Commented on 2008-10-28 05:05:37 EST
"Solid as a rock. Forget about the bad quarter. Stuff happens. It was here yesterday; it is here today; it will be here tomorrow"
Commented on 2008-10-22 15:55:17 EST
"Your credit reporting agency put my Grandson as a resident of my household when he lives in his own home and ownes his own auto"
Commented on 2008-10-21 09:04:40 EST
"Can't even get your policy information correct. names wrong address wrong etc. after 12 years with them they tripled my premium for no apparent reason and when I asked why they said that is just the way it is. NO MORE"
Commented on 2008-10-17 06:11:45 EST
"I just got my renewal in the mail, I could not believe it, they increased my policy by $450.00, and I have never had an accident or claim. I called and they told me it was an increase across the board in the state of Nevada, now as I read this board I see it is not true. I understand an increase but by $450.00, NO WAY, I am going to search around"
Commented on 2008-10-16 10:24:39 EST
"the way i was treated and the way my claims were handled and the shafting that they are trying too put too me is unreal and has me speachless right now!"
Commented on 2008-10-14 15:30:52 EST
"They are liars"
Commented on 2008-10-08 21:59:38 EST
"My main concern was that they did not offer me a car rental until the second week after the accident. Otherwise they were very fast in handling my claim."
Commented on 2008-10-08 16:47:40 EST
Commented on 2008-10-07 04:56:22 EST
"I talked to at least 6 different phone reps from the Hartford about accessing my funds which they were in control of. I was told by every single one that I could guarantee on the funds being transferred to me after I had left my place of employment. I quit, filed the paperwork and moved abroad to continue my education. These funds were completely essential to my being able to afford this. With out any attempt at contacting me, the Hartford sent all my funds back to my employer as I missed my 2 year mark by 3 DAYS! I am now abroad with 25% of my budget taken away and they have done absolutely nothing. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!"
Commented on 2008-09-26 14:08:39 EST
"They tripled my premium do to a false credit report"
Commented on 2008-09-20 19:59:49 EST
"The company I work for used the Hartford for workman's comp. I was injured in May 2006 when I was dropped about 12 to 15 ft from a piece of equipment at no fault of my own. My injuries required surgery where my ankle and leg were screwed back together, had external pins in my leg for 3mo and a slow recovery that almost required more surgery. I was off work for a total of 8mo. Now it being Aug 2008 I have yet to receive a settlement. They will not return calls, and from everything Ive read about service to others its hard to believe they are still in business"
Commented on 2008-08-26 03:26:09 EST
"We have Hartford Insurance through AARP. We have had no problems with them relating to car claims. We have not had to place any home owner claims. I was surprised to see how low others rated the company."
Commented on 2008-08-23 02:44:14 EST
"The Hartford is a ripoff. I was over-paying so I switched to ALLSTATE, saving over $600 a yr. Hartford then sent me a BILL 6 weeks later for $88, claiming it was an "early cancellation fee". Since they won't waive the "fee" and aren't worth damaging my credit, I will pay them in tiny increments, maybe, $5 a month...or less! They're bottom-feeding scum-suckers! "
Commented on 2008-08-06 15:45:26 EST
"Minor auto accident, total damages less than $500, (repaint a bumper). They didn't want to waste time on small $ so simply paid and charged me, then increased my rates by $750 over the next 3 years, I moved to different carrier with better rate."
Commented on 2008-07-18 14:03:55 EST
"Satisfied claim, then dropped my homeowners because I was late paying for my renewal this year because I was very sick (have colon cancer)...after 12 years of being with them I thought this was disgusting."
Commented on 2008-07-17 17:32:06 EST
"I had hartford for 10 years and they use to be inexpensive 80.00 or so a month for full coverage for 2 vehicles. Had a incident where a bunch of medal parts fell off a truck and hit me everywhere they sent me to their body shop and solved every thing in a timly manner but .......eventually every year my cost went up untill finally I did not want to pay 260.00 a month. Shoped arround and I am back down to 84.00 with Geico.That is 2112.00 a year savings basicly a vacation."
Commented on 2008-07-12 14:40:38 EST
"My credit report shows an 800+ credit score; however Hartford is charging extra for my "adverse" credit report. They state I'm using credit limits on revolving credit cards, I use only one credit card and I always pay my bill in full. So, what's the excuse for charging extra for someone with an excellent credit report? To top things off, my husband, a banker, checked to see if they really ran a credit report on us - no report was ever run! "
Commented on 2008-07-02 03:20:19 EST
"Don't be surprised if Claim is denied! Forces you to take to next level. nuff said........"
Commented on 2008-06-29 03:44:08 EST
"Hartford has outragous fees, nickle and dime. Poor comunications. I will go elsewher plus a list a mile long of unhappy customers. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insurance rates tripled two years ago, only because they said it was their new policy. I have NEVER had a claim, and have a credit score of 790. They will not accept credit cards for payment. No service from local rep. They have adopted policies from NBNA bank when they merged. "
Commented on 2008-06-24 11:09:42 EST
"The Hartford slips a Notice of Adverse Action endorsement in each policy claiming a poor credit score even when none exists. This allows Hartford to falsely justify any bigger premiums they decide w/o cause. Hartford has designed its own secret insurance score, not any standard credit bureau measurement score, which Hartford used to set rates for policyholders. No one should trust Hartford to do this honestly. "
Commented on 2008-06-13 16:53:32 EST
"We have had AARP / The Hartford coverage for more than 9 years. We recently did a cross-country move, and our "new" policy with exactly the same coverage is $800 more than our previous policy with Hartford. With all the confusion in the move, I figured it was best to just stick with them. I've been shopping around, and Hartford Auto coverage in Florida is outrageously expensive compared other nationally known companies. The quotes I have are $800-$1200 a year less. Hartford's excuse to me was that the "state" set the insurance rates. Um, then why are the others with the same coverage less expensive? "
Commented on 2008-06-10 08:52:50 EST
"fair,except rates go up every year and i like that they offer one year policies "
Commented on 2008-06-09 14:30:14 EST
"Initial rate was good. Now 1 year later a rate increase of 35% NO accidents or violations. Explanation: Too many accidents in my state and medical bills are higher!!! CHANGE YOUR TV ADS, AARP!!!! Will find a company that appreciates safe drivers!!!"
Commented on 2008-06-05 17:49:57 EST
"My roof was leaing due to severe storms in the area I live. I contacted the insurance compand and the appraser after his inspection stated that the damage was fair ware and tear. This roof is only 15 years old and I have had it repaired several to wind storms. Now the roof is leaking and and has caused damage to the interior of my hme, they are going to repair the interior but not the exterior which caused the problem. I would not recommend the Hartford to my friends or enemonys. I will recommend to AARP that they stop indorsing this company."
Commented on 2008-05-25 17:24:53 EST
"I have had two accidents, since being with Hartford. Neither was my fault and the other companies reimbursed all the expenses. The first accident was a nightmare. Customer service was horrible-rude and inept people. Really wanted to quit them and would never have reccommended them to anyone. I wrote a letter and received an apology. The most recent accident went really well in every aspect, so I really have a hard time deciding how I feel about the company. I hope they have made permanent improvements, but after reading some of the other complaints it's chancy. They did raise my rates this year saying it was a general increase in NY - don't know about that. Be careful. I think all insurance companies are crooked and there is no one to help you out. The State insurance Dept that is supposed to help you can't be bothered and sides witht he insurance companies."
Commented on 2008-05-20 18:16:19 EST
"AARP and Hartford ins cancelled my homeowners ins because my house is for sale and temporarily vacant. I'm a 79 year old widow with lupus and I'm unable to care for my house or expend the energy to get new quotes and policies. This is a dispicable company taking advantage of physically disabled people and should be avoided by everyone."
Commented on 2008-05-20 08:49:52 EST
"Surprised to read others comments. I've had Hartford for many years and have received only EXCELLENT customer service and promptness on handling claims. I've had homeowner's and auto with them. I recently got a business policy with them because they provided the best rate when I went through an independent agent. Although if I had bought a policy directly from them for the business it would have been much higher, something I just don't understand. "
Commented on 2008-05-14 22:37:32 EST
Commented on 2008-05-14 14:55:38 EST
"Rate for my car and house increased for no reason, 0 accidents 0 tickets. I ask why they told me it they raised it because I drove more miles on my vehicel this year then last year so they must charge you by the mile, first time I heard that one. Got quotes from other insurances and my house insurance was double at Hartford I questioned Hartford why double,they said prices of housing were higher this year. I said you got to be kidding what country are you talking about because in the US the housing market is way down, they did not try to negotiate - Loosing my business."
Commented on 2008-05-08 14:16:14 EST
"Hartford is a terrible auto insurance company. I was short on money and a representative told me that if I called at least 24hours ahead of my payment due date that I could change my payment date if needed. The next month after that I ended up having to call coincidentally a day ahead and they told me I couldn't do that and that they weren't responisble for what the person told me on the phone a month before. I asked them if they were hiring, and informed them I wanted a job where I didn't have to be held accountable for what I say to people on the phone. They are liars and don't care about their customers in the least bit. I refused to pay them for the last month of insurance coverage because instead of notifying me over the phone that they were cancelling my policy they sent a letter to me which I got out of my mailbox the day before chrismas because my roomate lost our mailbox key. Merry Christmas to me from the Hartford! They now have a collection agency hounding me for the last month I owe them for. I'll just make sure I take my time to get it to them like they took their time to tell me they were cancelling my policy for a simple late payment. I don't reccomend them to anyone, they will lie to you, and then they don't want to be held accountable for what they say."
Commented on 2008-05-07 23:32:37 EST
"Same story--rates go up, like 1200, then 1500, then 2500! So I got back with them via online for 861, now 1118, so I'm quitting after 20 years and will prob try Electric Ins., also online. "
Commented on 2008-05-07 13:49:30 EST
"Paid auto policy for 12 months in full. Added a 5th car and took off another car 1 month later. Received a new rate that doubled and tripled premiums on all 4 cars. Insurance went from 1554.00/year to 3198.00/year. They state that since I made a change to my policy they can change the rates on all the cars. No accident claim.This is fraud. I am changing to another company as soon as possible. Don't ever have Hartford Insurance. They use deceptive rates, they also do not tell you they will do this, it is not listed in the policy book."
Commented on 2008-04-30 19:45:45 EST
"Auto/Home with them 15+ years through AARP. First claim this year with storm damage. Took 15 days for adjuster to how up. Every amount allowed for different repairs was low balled to the point where no contractor was interested. Numerous mistakes made in sq footage, amount paid, etc. I have replacement ins. and they are balking. Stay away from this Co."
Commented on 2008-04-27 17:11:34 EST
"The first time I had a claim, it was a mess and I wrote to them complaining about it. They responded and were quite contrite. Just recently I again had to make a claim and they have been great. So, I am hoping that they are becoming better at this. Things have moved rapidly and with great customer service. Very satisfied this time as opposed to a year ago. These were both auto accident claims, not my fault and have bee reimbursed for them."
Commented on 2008-04-17 09:45:13 EST
"My car was stopped in traffic and rear-ended. When I called to report the accident the service rep took the information and told me that a claims rep would contact me in 24 hours. I was not contacted and had to call again to a claim number and the rep was VERY rude and compative! I had to request that another rep be assigned to my claim. It took The Hartford more than 60 days to pay for my rental car and the auto body shop that repaired my car. Not acceptable! "
Commented on 2008-04-16 12:30:31 EST
"Ridiclous auto rates"
Commented on 2008-04-06 15:36:38 EST
"They will use any means fit to dispute and terminate your claim. Terminated my claim on language definition not for medical condition without seeing any of their Doctors. "
Commented on 2008-03-22 13:58:50 EST
"Typical insurance company. Wants to collect, but never wants to pay up!"
Commented on 2008-03-21 11:37:14 EST
"Very High rates, even for AARP members. Arrogant Sales Representatives! The combination of the two, just lost my business!"
Commented on 2008-03-19 09:23:02 EST
"i found their customer service staff to be unhelpful and rude."
Commented on 2008-03-16 14:20:06 EST
"I have been waiting for over two years for the to settle on an uninsured motorist claim. With Injuries and Loss of Business, I was offered $5,000 + $2,000 to sign a "Gag Order" I was remined that I was in Delaware County. They even refused to speak to my Lawyer, and I was told to get rid of him if I wanted this case settled."
Commented on 2008-03-15 05:32:29 EST
"Took 6 months to settle. Hiked up my premium 300% and auto deducted 5 times their regular monthly rate making my bank ac get overdraft."
Commented on 2008-03-13 15:26:05 EST
"had Hartford for 3 years without claim. last year rate for 3 vehicles was 1,665.00 checked on computer for renewal rate went up to 2.443.00. when I called to complain they could not explain to my satisfaction why such a rate increase when asked to speak to supervisor girl hung up lost my business."
Commented on 2008-03-03 20:03:41 EST
"Was doing online transactions with Hartford, recently made arrangements to have payment withdrawn from bank to do transaction, Hartford did not do the withdrawal, saying that my bank had protested the withdrawal, I contacted bank, in which they said they didn't *it would be on record*. Had been doing online with Hartford for a while, they screwed up my transactions and now they have canceled my insurance. Now I have to seek another insurance company locally, so I won't have this problem again. It's a shame when Hartford won't admit their own mistakes and blame everyone else, except themselves."
Commented on 2008-02-25 06:10:13 EST
"Lies, omissions, and misrepresentations. This is how I would describe The Hartford long term disability program. Please choose carefully!!! "
Commented on 2008-02-24 01:40:52 EST
"66% increase in homeowner insurance. No claims ever filed and not located on coast line. Will be looking at other companies. Also was overcharged on second home in ermont because of a reporting error from credit bureau. Also didn't care for the condescending tone when I querried them for an explanation for the rate hike."
Commented on 2008-02-23 18:45:12 EST
"Had All-state but they stopped insuring homes on the east coast.They charged $841. Switched to Hartford AARP. They charged $1,015 last year. This year the cost is $1075. I have filed no claims. I will find another insurer. "
Commented on 2008-01-27 10:55:08 EST
"We have been with the Hartford thru AARP over 10 yrs with home and auto. We have never had a claim or a ticket. Our rates this past year went up 50% and we live in a rural area where you almost never ever see an accident. I called and asked why and they said they had a lot of claims. I told them my rates should be based on our driving record, not everyone else, plus they are putting our area into same rate as a big city like Phoenix. Needless to say, they are now losing a long term quality customer as we won't be renewing with them. Everyone else is quoting me at least $500 less on premiums, some with even better limits of liability."
Commented on 2008-01-23 10:09:06 EST
"I have had this insurance for 2 years. My wife had a accident prior to getting this company as our insurance. When the statute for the ticket had expired, they did not want to lower our rate because they stated that the state that we live in is a 5 year statute. In fact it is a 3 year. I argued my case and they still didnt want to take it off. I talk to 2 different service reps about this matter and nothing. I told them that i will be cancelling the policy. I called back 4 days later after renewing with a different company and cancelled. They went ahead and done it, and I told them I do not want the deduction taking out of checking. They took it out. I called the day they took it out and they told me that it would be put back in. 5 days later still dont have it. Called service dept, they said that since I cancelled, I was charged 10% of total bill. She stated that the service rep should have told me this when I cancelled. She never did. Poor communication and lack of customer service."
Commented on 2008-01-22 10:15:42 EST
"The company felt they had the right to over-ride my physician's date to return to work after my surgery. What's next, will they deny me a surgeon next time and demand that they will do the proceedure? What have I been paying for the past 35 years if i can't depend on them for the first time I ever needed their assistance? "
Commented on 2008-01-16 18:29:25 EST
"I use Hartford for both home and auto insurance. I had a couple of claims on my vehicles and they handled the claims quickly and accurately. I also had hail damage that I claimed on my home owners insurance. They paid to reside my whole house because the siding was obsolete. Most of the other home owners in my area did not receive the funds to redo the whole house. My costs have gone up over the last couple of years, but my service has been great. "
Commented on 2008-01-07 12:21:01 EST
"I have rhumatoid arthritis, and have been approved for social security disability.I have been off work for 2and 1/2 months and have not been paid but for one month of short term disability. They need more information to process my claim, and I filled out completely the forms that I was required too. If you use this company you would be ahead to find another as they are not customer friendly. I think they don't want to pay and figure most will not sue them."
Commented on 2007-12-17 16:35:11 EST
"Had problem with flooring contractor they had a rep call me back the same afternoon. Settlement came within two weeks. Had other occasion to ask assistance in making decision re my policies. My son and d.i.l also are with them. The prices can't be beat. Hasve had Geico and State farm previously. Auto accident claim also settled very nicely and in a short period I was listed again as good driver and now am a Superior Driver."
Commented on 2007-12-16 13:50:44 EST
"Their practice seems to be to deny long term disability benefits after a couple years and depend on people to not appeal the denial or proceed with civil action to force them to pay the benefits that were purchased. "
Commented on 2007-12-05 10:56:29 EST
"I had all my insurance through AARP and it was OK for awhile but them they became just another big business and seniors are not the top interest. That was proved when they got health insurance through the company whose CEO was proven to be a dishonest and is now gone. They base their rates on credit score which should be illegal but they will not admit it and give you all kinds of phoney reasons for huge increases in rates. If you are a person, especially a senior, who has never been late on any payment but who has a bad credit score for owing money for big health porblems or had to file for bankrupcy for that reason, you will not want to deal with AARP or Hartford. Honest people who try to do the right thing are penalized. The insurance business needs a good house cleaning but this will never happen while big business Republicans rule!!!"
Commented on 2007-12-05 05:04:23 EST
"AARP should not be endorsing this company. I had lousy customer service experience with them, lousy claims experience, and they canceled me after 8 years as a customer for being 1 day late with my payment. Is AARP really advocating for seniors such as me, or have they just become another insurance broker? I wondered about this after they supported the Bush prescription deal with no negotiation rights with the drug companies. Now, I'm being treated so rudely like this after 8 years with their company? AARP just does not seem what it used to be."
Commented on 2007-11-23 11:37:33 EST
"what a joke i hope they go under soon!!!"
Commented on 2007-11-07 05:14:05 EST
Commented on 2007-10-31 11:05:30 EST
"They sited inquires on our credit report as a reason to raise our rates! These inquiries were not because we were buying anything but because credit providers were wanting to offer us credit! So they raised our rate! Outrageous!"
Commented on 2007-10-24 07:56:46 EST
"Greedy bastards!!"
Commented on 2007-10-17 09:47:07 EST
"They don't have a single point of contact for the claim, so I've been passed to several different adjusters. It's difficult to reach anyone and they have problems returning calls when I leave messages. There's no clear overall direction from Hartford as to how this will all proceed and it took them two weeks to even declare our car a total loss. From our perspective, everthing is a confused muddle, even though it was another Hartford insured that hit us! This should be pretty straight forward. We are in Hartford's AARP program and AARP will certainly here about this as well."
Commented on 2007-10-15 17:43:21 EST
"Very unfair company, borderlines on fraud according to my lawyer. "
Commented on 2007-10-04 12:46:15 EST
"hartford is very slow and does not seemto care about your needs to repair damages to your home when needed. there ajuster did not take the time to check everything out when he came to our home. if and when we settle this claim, we will look for another insur. co."
Commented on 2007-09-29 06:47:16 EST
"I was involved in a hit and run accident (which was my first accident in 30 years) and sustained severe damage to the rear of my vehicle. I was in a construction zone and the car that hit me had hit someone else before they hit me. I dropped the car off at the recommended repair shop and had to go back the next day to pick up a few things that I forgot to take the day before. I then discovered a large scrape in the front bumper of my car that was not there before the accident. I brought this damage to the attention of the auto body repair shop and was in a round about way called a lier and was told that there was no way this happened in the same accident because of the different locations of the damage. I then called Hartford to explain my problem to them... they too, pretty much told me I was a lier. I was told I would have to file a separate claim for that damage (which means another $500.00 deductible). After 30 years of no accidents and no claims I am being called a lier, forced to pay the $500.00 deductible (which I feel should have been waived considering how many years I've been paying and not filed a claim) because the jerk that hit me was more than luckly drunk and possibly didn't have insurance. I feel I am being punished for some thing that someone else did and unfortuanately it's my word against theres. My advice is to check your car over carefully before the police report gets filed to avoid a migraine like I have."
Commented on 2007-09-26 07:37:53 EST
"My company used the Hartford for disability. The harassed me the from the day after my operation until the day I returned to work. The emotional stress they put me under directly affected my physical recovery. The not only harassed me, but also my doctor and support personnel. Horrible, Horrible, people."
Commented on 2007-08-31 15:15:25 EST
"Hartford does not include a date on their policies, so when you're reviewing or checking something as to when a change was made you have no way of knowing when the change took place. I sold a car after 4 months on the insurance policy and it took me a month to get it off. The premium was $405 for a year. I only used 1/3 of the years premium yet I only received a $112 back? I should have received around $260 according to my calculation. I've tried talking to a rep over the phone and after three calls and no satisfaction I will be cancelling my coverage and moving on to another company, ASAP."
Commented on 2007-08-18 11:54:48 EST
"They drop you without notifying you, and don't give you a chance to rectify the situation. Paid my premium in full, think things are fine, and then I'm dropped. All the while, they money is there, in the bank account, and I receive a refund of $3 service fee because I OVERPAID. This company should be called Hartless!"
Commented on 2007-07-14 11:05:47 EST
"They need customer reps that can read english, speak english and follow directions. It would also help if a few of them had some sort of education."
Commented on 2007-06-28 17:12:43 EST
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