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John Hancock Review

John Hancock Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"It took 3 months to finally get a check, and only after saying I will be contacting the Insurance Commissioner. They are refusing to give us the Form 712 without a Letter of Testamentary, which is not needed as this is part of a trust. They outsource their customer service dept. and the personnel cannot answer anything other than what is on their checklist, so they are constantly putting you on hold to check with the US. This company has no consideration for their consumers only the bottom line."
Commented on 2019-02-04 08:17:43 EST
"The policy does what it is supposed to, and the company's financial strength is OK. But their website and back office are terrible - 1990s vintage. I have online accounts with Fidelity, Vanguard, Voya, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Chase and multiple other financial and insurance providers. I can say without reservation that John Hancock's website is the worst. It's buggy and slow and poorly designed, to the extent that you can't do simple things on it like transfer funds between sub-accounts, or change your password. And when you call customer service to have them do what should have been done on the website, it's even worse. You'll end up sending them faxes to prove you've communicated, and to insist they do their job. Find another alternative."
Commented on 2019-01-09 13:13:00 EST
"I purchased an 800,000 self-owned annuity from ManuLife in 1982. ManuLife was acquired by John Hancock. John Hancock has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Without disclosing all the details, I would alert anyone considering doing business with John Hancock to very quickly reconsider who they're doing business with. This company ranks among the lowest of the low and should have their licenses to do business with the public withdrawn. Do not do business with this company or their representatives. From the top down, it's the worst."
Commented on 2017-07-13 17:31:49 EST
"Jphn Hancock's customer service is terrible. Trying to get a claim paid is an absolute nightmare. Do not use this company under any circumstances."
Commented on 2017-05-30 13:39:49 EST
"My father died and left a small life insurance policy. I sent in the paperwork for the payment. Two months later after multiple calls the check was sent to an unknown address. I had to refile the paperwork again. They could not tell me anything about the check. There customer service is in the Philippines and are terrible. The absolutely worst company I have dealt with. Had to file a complaint with state board of insurance. Do not buy anything from this company."
Commented on 2017-05-05 15:05:00 EST
"John Hancock Long Term Care Insurance is great as long as you pay your premium. However when you file a claim there true colors are shown All those statements about LTC and how it will protect you when you need it are untrue. When you file a claim, expect little or no assistance from John Hancock, you are on your own to muddle through the little correspondence you receive from them. Then they quote exemptions that somehow were never mentioned when the agent was selling the policy. Basically the exemptions are going to negatively impact your ability to get reimbursed for cost incurred while providing necessary, and you thought covered, care to your insured loved one. It is easy to see why in all of the surveys, that John Hancock has a 75-80 unsatisfactory rating with their policy holders."
Commented on 2016-07-28 14:05:15 EST
"When we purchased this insurance ten years ago we were told that the premiums would not go up. But two years ago they raised them over 40. Or we could take a reduced benefit, which we did. Hate to think what will happen if we have to use the LTC insurance."
Commented on 2016-07-19 10:14:10 EST
"I've had their long term health care insurance since 1994. When I became an identity theft victim I changed all of my bank account numbers. I informed JHLTC and they basically had to start me all over again with the bank withdrawal forms and such. They asked me to send them a voided check along with the ABW"
Commented on 2015-06-04 21:53:03 EST
"Went to financial advisor to discuss Life Insurance. Left to review plans. Sent email with question and he responded slowly. Sent another email to say that I wanted to go ahead with a certain plan. Also informed him I was shopping around for the best deal. Haven't heard back. Guess he didn't like the fact I was shopping for the best deal? "
Commented on 2014-11-01 20:54:09 EST
"Hancock is a horrible company to do business with. I bought an 800000 immediate annuity through Manufacturer's originally now owned by John Hancock. A simple request to change the bank for my direct deposit is still pending from August and payments are still being deposited into a closed account and it will be November in a few days In another incident I entered a contract to sell some of my annuity payments for a lump sum over 6 weeks ago. The transaction is supposed to take 20-30 days. To date their Structured Settlement Division refuses to provide any information on the progress of this transaction. Their call center in the Philippines are the only people you can talk to. And I am not happy that my financial information is being shared with foreign nationals without my permission. This is a violation of my privacy. The company is unresponsive and fails to service their clients in an ethical and timely manner. I intend to follow up with legal action if possible. "
Commented on 2014-10-28 10:32:03 EST
"I echo the other reviews. Please do NOT use this company. They are incompetent and mean. I just had an argument with a customer service representative who explained to me that I had to care about the company policy of waiting 7-10 business days for approval claim 7-10 more business days for provider claim. When I explained to her that I care about my dad more she explained again that I care about my dad more she repeated that I have to care about company policy.They prey on the helpless and vulnerable. Meanwhile we paid literally thousands and thousands of dollars to them. I would join a class-action suit in a heartbeat."
Commented on 2014-10-01 09:35:13 EST
"They have no problem collecting premiums for LTC but to get them to pay is a joke. Right now they are months behind in paying claims for my LTC policy. I want to be able to stay in my own home and select the home healthcare caregivers that take care of me. Every time I call their computer is always down and they dont have a system where you can check on the claim status. Expect to pay out-of-pocket for your LTC expenses and after lost claims many phone calls you will one day get paid. It seems that they are trying to drive their clients into insolvency. They do not stand behind their brand"
Commented on 2014-09-22 17:14:38 EST
"I am trying to file a claim for long term care insurance. The Benefit Specialist talk in circles. The information they give is completely different the policy I bought. "
Commented on 2014-09-18 17:30:08 EST
"Both of my parents maintained a long term care policy with John Hancock. My mom had a horrible experience with claims while my father was receiving care. Later I experienced first had what she when through when I oversaw affairs for her. John Hancock "lost" over 1/3 of invoices submitted requiring multiple follow-ups length phone calls and resubmissions. Even when they acknowledged receipt they were slow to pay. Fortunately we were able to cover the costs during 3-4 months of delayed reimbursements. Now seven months after her death and I can finally say the account is settled and I have spoken to them for the last time."
Commented on 2014-09-05 10:24:04 EST
"My mother has long-term health care with John Hancock and she is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. She is in a nursing home however after paying for more than 20 years on this policy they are delaying and making us prove that she need the insurance. So far it has taken 4 months of appeals and still no approval. Terrible customer service Do Not use this Comany "
Commented on 2014-08-27 10:47:41 EST
"A terrible company to deal with. When one is asking for something that benefits them the representatives drag their feet treat the customer in a rude manner and just don't act. However if it is something that benefits them they act very quickly. Terrible company"
Commented on 2014-08-21 15:40:44 EST
"John Hancock has refused to pay out benefits release funds and/or provide information regarding my policies due to a manipulation of facts from their compliance department creating a nightmare for me and my family."
Commented on 2014-08-04 02:40:16 EST
"Unable to get an answer when contacted. Paid Premiums are not credited to accounts. Agents give false information to make customers buy their long term insurance. We were told that the premium will not increase. Already the premium has been increased twice in a few years.I don't trust them to make us any payments when we become sick and disabled."
Commented on 2014-07-31 14:23:17 EST
"Buyer beware John Hancock is probably turning over in his grave with how this company is scamming people with Long Term Care Insurance."
Commented on 2014-06-06 14:53:37 EST
"I have been paying my premium since 1992 every month on time. It wasn't until I became sick with stage 4 cancer and tried to put a claim in for a benefit extension which was denied. When I filed a dispute and stopped paying my premium they cancelled my policy. I have given this company thousands of dollars over the years and in the end what they paid out didn't even come close to what I paid them. Save your money and either invest. Obtaining a policy through John Hancock is waist of your money because you will see little to no return on your long term care insurance policy with them. Believe me I am speaking from experience."
Commented on 2013-09-28 19:50:37 EST
"Policy is over 30 years old and at this point earnings should exceed premiums but they do not company must be very poorly managed. Do not have this issue with Northwest Mutual."
Commented on 2013-08-12 04:32:42 EST
"My wife and I each were sold long term care policies by John Hancock. We were told that rate increases would be by class only and that they would not be greater than the CPI should they even occur. Four years into the policy and several thousand of dollars of premiums paid we are hit with a 45% increase and the promise that more of these kinds of increases are likely in the future. We are on fixed income and cannot accept the risk this policy imposes. The premiums paid already are non-refundable and will provide us with very little or no benefits. In essence John Hancock and its Canadian owner Manulife have stolen a large sum of money from policyholders and due to a loophole in the law will get away with it. I can think of nothing good to say about a company that demonstrates such low character as John Hancock."
Commented on 2013-04-22 08:23:34 EST
"Long Term Care was paid in a lump sum to avoid annual or monthly premiums. If you have not signed up DON'T IT'S A RIP OFF read the complaints and make a choice wish the internet were available when we signed up. Now that my wife is 65 she has started to get premium notices. Their answer was if we didn't pay than the insurance in place would reduce by the rate inflation has increased. When J Hancock comes knocking RUN and don't look back. I wish I had that 30 thousand dollars back instead of the ever declining coverage. "
Commented on 2013-03-07 09:38:16 EST
"Rate increase was unbelievable for long term health care"
Commented on 2013-02-04 14:19:59 EST
"This company is definately in trouble. They have no problems collecting premium for LTC but to get them to pay is a joke. Right now they are 2 months behind in paying claims for our LTC policy and they dont have a system where you can check on the status. They used to be good. It seems that they are trying to drive their clients into insolvency."
Commented on 2013-01-16 13:06:13 EST
"They just raised my long term care policy rate 74 PERCENT. Clearly the strategy is to offer a reasonable rate to start then when you get to retirement age and eligibility jack up the rates to force you out and keep all the premiums paid. I should start my own insurance company. "
Commented on 2012-08-11 08:54:36 EST
"The Company that I worked for closed their doors on April 27th 2012. We received paperwork from John Hancock to fill out and return for roll over or whatever you wanted to do with our money. We chose to roll over into an IRA with another company that we already do business with. The paperwork was done in a very timely manner and sent back to them. They received all the paperwork but refused to release the money. When we called to check why the money was not released they said it would be released on July 30th. July 30th passed and nothing happened. Our rep. from the other company called me and told me that they were not releasing the money because the Company had filed bankruptcy. Although we had done all the paperwork and sent it in and they had received it since June 29th they waited until the company filed bankruptcy and then said we cannot release the money because the company has filed bankruptcy. Such dishonesty They literally held on to the money in hopes that the company did do so and now we cannot get our money util who knows whenUsing our money to their advantage....SHAME SHAME SHAME...WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND IT WILL HAPPEN TO ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS ONE DAY"
Commented on 2012-08-07 08:26:09 EST
"My father had a pension annuity. When he passed away they recorded the WRONG death date and they took his last pension payment OUT of the bank account when actually my 90 yr. old widowed mother was entitled to keep it. The phone reps were clueless and would not allow me to speak with a supervisor. I have made 8 calls to them. They keep requesting more documentation. We still have not received restitution."
Commented on 2012-07-11 17:52:00 EST
"I am really angry with this company....we were told that premiums would stay the same...and now we get this huge premium increase....shame on you John Hancock. Cheating the folks who can least afford it....seniors."
Commented on 2012-06-15 13:56:56 EST
"John Hancock long term care insurance is NOT long term insurance. The company is constantly seeking permission for unreasonable premium hikes on well established policies and eventually state regulators give in. Basically the company limits its liability by pricing its policy holders out of their coverage before a claim is filed. "
Commented on 2012-06-11 10:23:15 EST
"EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED AND HAD TO CONTACT MY STATED SENATOR TO RECEIVE PAYMENT.My mother is elderly and trying to collect on her John Hancock Long Term Care Policy. The paper work and number of organizations to coordinate with to file a claim were unbelievable. Well beyond what a person of advancing years could handle. John Hancock handles all calls through central routing location who can provide no information only forward calls to multiple departments who will Get Back To You. John Hancock took almost 8 months of steady phone calls to start payments. They sent and cancelled checks due to clerical errors making billing periods and repayment schedules difficult to track w/o tedious paperwork. I have a file over 2 inches thick of papers and phone call records. There is no way any person of advancing years could handle the amount of record keeping and phone calls needed to collect on a John Hancock policy. If anyone reading this works for John Hancock SAME ON YOU. How can you go to work each day for an organization like this? Would you want your mother and father to be treated this way? I would really like to start a class action law suit or at least a senate investigation into this DESPICABLE COMPANY. "
Commented on 2012-05-07 11:25:53 EST
"Do not believe the terms of John Hancock Long Term policy. They are liars"
Commented on 2012-04-10 14:24:38 EST
"Do no tell the truth leave out pages ofcontract."
Commented on 2012-03-14 09:11:35 EST
"Took six months to get reimbursement for long term care. When I finally got the check it was wrong. Their answer to everything is to call back in two days When I asked for a supervisor none was available ever."
Commented on 2012-03-10 08:36:27 EST
"My husband and I both have LTC policies. Insurance premium increased 90% after 10 years. Big surprise Either pay new premium or options of decreasing current daily benefit reduce benefit period increase elimination period or drop an optional rider. We are senior citizens on fixed income and cannot afford new premium. We feel they are unfairly increasing premiums when policyholder reaches certain age or has policy for about 10 years."
Commented on 2012-02-13 08:45:29 EST
"My parents have paid into John Hancock LT Care policy for years. My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in September. The cancer had already spread to his brain kidneys and spine. He was placed in 24/7 care facility in November. Still no payments from John Hancock. One excuse after another. Select anyother carrier by John Hancock"
Commented on 2012-02-10 14:47:45 EST
"Long term care insurance. Claims slow to pay. Valid claims unpaid resulting in delays in bills being paid. Complaints sent to supervisors who do absolutely nothing. Usually same useless person. Complaints and lawsuits being filed against company."
Commented on 2012-02-08 19:36:43 EST
"Long Term Policy increased by 50.44% or options to reduce policy results in benefit reductions. When purchased several years ago felt policy and benefits would remain same as long as policy paid....feel increase is insane."
Commented on 2012-01-28 08:41:20 EST
"I am managing a long-term life insurance policy with John Hancock that my parents purchased about 30 years ago. My father collected benefits against his policy a few years ago and the service was reasonable. Recently my mother had to enter a memory care facility and the service on her policy has been horrible. There appears to be an intent by John Hancock to not pay benefits. It took over 3 months from the time my mother entered the memory care facility for JH to qualify the facility it is a large well established outfit it is extremely difficult to get through to an agent on the phone hours are east coast only I live on the west coast. I submitted claims for several months of reimbursement and John Hancock lost all the submittals AFTER supposedly expediting my service request because it has taken so long to get the care facility qualified. My family has had to personally pay for over 20000 in long-term care payments while waiting for John Hancock to provide benefits."
Commented on 2011-11-24 13:05:58 EST
"I bought ten-year level premium long term care insurance eight years ago. I was supposed to pay the same premium for ten years and then have a paid up policy. Now for the last two years of payments John Hancock wants a 90 per year increase. I am too old to go anywhere else and get an even remotely decent LTC premium."
Commented on 2011-11-07 15:29:20 EST
"My mother has a long term care policy w/John Hancock. She is now over 100 days of receiving care in an assisted living facility. But JH rep wont talk to us. She promises to call back and then doesnt. They lost the evaluation with the criteria that make mom eligible for the policy to be activated. They also say the premium 2555 annually can not increase. HOWEVER it HAS increased with the reason being it didnt increase for you - it increased for people in your age group. Such BS "
Commented on 2011-11-07 06:30:25 EST
"John Hancock managed my previous companys 401k but it has been a horrible experience trying to roll my account over to my new employer. My previous employer failed to repay a 401k loan in my name and now I am being charged taxes and penalties. Calling John Hancock for 401k account assistance has proven to be impossible.John Hancock ran me in circles through 5 departments on the line for 45 minutes and still could not answer a single question about why my 401k account was mismanaged.RUN not walk away from this company and their HORRIBLE customer Service. if thats what they want to call it"
Commented on 2011-10-07 08:12:22 EST
"I had a full life insurance policy that would be paid up when I was 65. The agent came to the house and insisted my policy was no good and being phased out and I should get the much Variable Life Insurance Policy. It cost twice as much at 500 a year but what he did not tell me is that it would not be paid up until I was a 100 years old and any lapse in payments would result in all money invested confiscated. I couldnt afford both policies so when I cashed in the full life at far less than I had paid in I was told I had to invest it in one of their funds and the bond fund was pushed by the agent. Legally I had the right to the money to invest as I wanted but the agent failed to reveal that to me. My husband by comparison had a Metropolitan full life policy. He paid 250 a year until he was 70 and it was paid up and he was given a check for 35000. Variable is a rip-off and benefits the company who hopes you get sick and go into a nursing home so the premiums wont get paid and they get to keep it all."
Commented on 2011-10-06 09:45:41 EST
"John Hancock LTC Custmer Service department exsists to protect the company from its polcyholders. "
Commented on 2011-10-04 10:14:07 EST
"I was very satisfied with the long term care claims department. We didnt know what to do when we were filing a claim for my grandmother who was going in to the nursing home. They walked us through the situation and the claims process and were very helpful. Definitely recommend this company"
Commented on 2011-10-01 09:17:39 EST
"Never had a panic attack in my life until I dealt with John Hancock on long term care claim for my husband. Policy premiums paid over 18 yrs. There standard claim process is to DELAY confirmation of coverage- in my opinion to force policyholders to not seek the benefits they are entitled to under the policy. I was given totally incorrect benefit information and denied benefit which were covered for the home care provision on more than one occasion until I spoke to a claims supervisors at their home office and found indeed their claims handlers HAD NO CLUE of my particular policy. If I had it to do over I would NOT BUY from John Hancock . "
Commented on 2011-09-28 14:30:41 EST
"10 year old LTC policy.Claim filed two years ago.Everything had been very smooth until one month ago.The reimbursement check for nursing home services in August 2011 still has not been posted to our checking account.Customer service has been pathetic.I have talked to at least eight 8 different Customer Service folks in the Claims group and have not gotten the same story twice. I have been shuffled around put on hold disconnected and flat out lied to.I am preparing to start legal proceedings to recover our money."
Commented on 2011-09-27 07:58:14 EST
"John Hancock LTC is not what it claims to be.I filed a claim Feb. 2011. I have had this policy since 2003. I sent documents by many pages it was always they never received them. I spent hours on the phone was never connected to a supervisor. The Stay at Home Benefit is a joke. The re-imbursement check was a very small percentage paid for my stay at home befit. Paid reciepts for these services were practically null-in- void. Save your money."
Commented on 2011-09-09 14:02:10 EST
"My mother opened a LTC policy with J.Hancock over 14 years ago and I initiated her claims for homecare reimbursement over 5 months ago. The elimination period was satisfied over a month ago and I am still faxing signed documents of which they claimed they never received that were essential to getting a check processed to my mother. I cant tell you how many times I have phoned their customer service office for follow-up on her policy and NEVER can be forwarded to a supervisor Its very frustrating and adds to the mega-stress I already have caring for a mother with Alzheimers."
Commented on 2011-06-30 14:57:21 EST
"Very Very Bad"
Commented on 2011-06-07 10:00:46 EST
"I have had a LTC policy for over six years. I was told when I purchased it that I would have to make arrangements so that John Hancock could automatically charge the monthly premiums to my credit card account. A year ago I lost my job but continued having the premiums charged to my credit card. Now I am being told that they will no longer offer the credit card deduction option and that I have to arrange for the premiums to be paid by either being automatically taken from my savings account which was exhausted during unemployment or taken from my checking account which is inadequate until I find a higher paying job. I have paid premiums of approximately 12500 so I cannot just let it lapse and lose that investment. Since I am olderto obtain equal coverage would be exponentially more expensive. I am caught it a vicious cycle and now have to choose between food and maintaining this insurance. When I called to discuss if I had any other options the customer service representative was so incredibly rude I just gave up asking questions. I dont understand how they can just change the rules in the middle of the game. Do these people not think they are getting older too."
Commented on 2011-06-06 11:59:39 EST
"Long Term care re-imbursement is very difficult to obtain. There is no one "in charge" that can help move things along. I have spent hours on the phone for my parents. Avoid at all cost."
Commented on 2011-05-25 19:42:48 EST
"I have been paying into a whole life insurance policy for about 25 years. In an emergency situation, I have requested a loan for 4,000 out of a 37,000 policy. I am still sending....resending.....calling customer service on May 19th for a request made on or about April 18th. So much for emergencies! On one call I was told that no supervisors were available to speak to me. In another call, the service rep. told me that the loan was approved , only to find out that the loan was not approved when I recieved a request to fill out more paperwork the next week by mail. "
Commented on 2011-05-19 07:47:24 EST
"Long-term Care policy experience: Horrible customer service, unable to understand basic claim information provided to them, multiple over-40-minute waits on hold to talk to generic claims person. Policy not clearly worded. Sends out incorrect system-generated letters including inaccurate ones that state a claim has been closed. This for a reliable 10 -yr customer (senior citizen) who had paid over 10K into premiums. "
Commented on 2011-02-22 14:46:34 EST
"Spent 55 minutes waiting to speak to someone about opening a claim. Gave up! Second try 22 minutes. Information given and then referred to a social worker who contacted me within 48 hours. Waiting again to contact them with required far 46 minutes."
Commented on 2011-02-08 11:47:33 EST
"I have been trying for two months to file a claim for my mother in a nursing with John Hancock LTC insurance. The customer service is horrible. I am on hold for well over 30 minutes every time and they keep telling me that have not received the information requested from the nursing home. The nursing home has faxed and mailed this information several times. I talked with a mananger once and got her phone number but when I tried to call her with the fedex tracking number her voice mailbox was full. I think this is a scam to get people to just give up."
Commented on 2011-01-31 09:40:24 EST
"unable to reach my agent. He does not return my call."
Commented on 2011-01-05 19:03:10 EST
"I have dealing with a reinstatement problem for 11 months with no help from any one at JH. after paying on a policy for 10 years they have no interest in solving the problem. they do not return calls. If I had a claim I suspect that they would pay only after several years of delay. I suspect that they moved to canada to insulate themselves from any liability issues from the U. S. I will never give this company another cent of my money. I have told many people of the misserable customer service oand lack of competance of this miserable company."
Commented on 2010-10-06 10:28:30 EST
"My husband & I purchased Life Insurance from John Hancock approximately 43 years ago. The policy was for both of us, we both signed everything. When I call for any information they will not talk to me only my husband and yet I am on the policy also. Now my husband passed away 6 weeks ago the funeral home gave the policy to John Hancock, we have not heard anything from them. The funeral home called to inquire what the hold up was and they said they were waiting for a Death Certificate. So we sent a Death Certificate 2 weeks ago and still have heard nothing. It is now 8 weeks since my husband passed and I am still paying the payments for the policy but no one is responding. I would not deal with this company ever again if I have a choice."
Commented on 2010-09-03 10:41:55 EST
"John Hancock was handling my retirement plan. They lost 80% of my investment and then started charging me fees for not having enough money in the account. Now I have to pay exorbitant taxes on the little money I have left, just to get it out of their hands."
Commented on 2010-08-19 11:24:01 EST
"My mother purchased a long term care policy in 1989 and in 2010 filed a claim. They Hancock people did everything in a timely manner and paid on her claim. I think it is important to be proactive in dealing with this and all other insurance companies and to submit as much documentation as possible to substantiate your claim."
Commented on 2010-07-20 07:41:43 EST
"Probably the worst insurance experience ever. They only want money. They have no desire to serve."
Commented on 2010-04-25 06:12:06 EST
"My uncle had a long term care policy. While he was hospitalized, we tried to find out the terms of his policy. The customer service would not talk with us or his social worker. They could only talk with him eventhough we repeatedly told them he was to ill. We requested a copy of his policy and were told it would be 2 months before we could get one. It actually took almost 4 months. We filed all the paper work once he was in assisted living. We have yet to receive payment. It has been three months and my uncle has passed away. Every week when we call, the claim is being reviewed even though the policy plainly states it pays for this care. We will probably have to sue to get the payment. This is a terrible company to deal with!!!"
Commented on 2010-02-22 08:49:35 EST
Commented on 2010-02-05 09:01:57 EST
"had to file suit to get paid what was owed on longterm care policy -- this worked and we settled for all I was owed and expenses -- this is no way to run a business, however"
Commented on 2010-01-02 19:47:34 EST
"Salesman-agent misrepresented the Long Term Care policy I purchased. I wrote to the JH CEO to complain and was brushed off. The company took no responsibility and the salesman-agent would not return calls. The CEO's office gave me a number to call for answers to questions about the policy, but the JH rep answering the phone apologized that she just didn't know about how LT CAre policies work. I had to consult an Elder care lawyer for $100 to get an answer."
Commented on 2009-05-08 18:35:36 EST
"I was informed recently that my long-term care policy premiums are being increased. Per your agent, John Hancock had never increased the cost of this type policy and never would. I cannot express my outrage at the increase. Shame on you John Hancock. "
Commented on 2009-04-06 08:21:05 EST
"I have a Long Term Care policy with John mother had one before me before she passed away. She had to place a claim for coverage, and the policy paid out exactly as they said it would. Didn't have to jump through a lot of hoops to get them to start paying for her care when the time came for it. Very impressed."
Commented on 2009-03-30 20:17:25 EST
"Have had 401k plan with John Hancock for 4 years. Professional service, excellent administration, and very friendly customer service. Transfered it from ING to Hancock and am thrilled my company made that decision. I suggest anyone responsible for their company 401k ask why they are not with this company. I give them a 9 out of 10 stars!"
Commented on 2009-01-21 18:41:49 EST
"Annuity NOT paid on time. Bad customer service. "
Commented on 2008-10-20 16:54:09 EST
"Very slow customer service. Did not pay as promised because it says conditions were not being met which clearly were."
Commented on 2008-07-11 18:28:10 EST
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