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Lincoln Financial Group Review

Lincoln Financial Group Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 1.5211 Reviews Lincoln Financial Group has received an average of 1.5 stars out of 5 based on 211 user reviews.

Company History:
Founded 1905 in Philadelphia, PA...Read More

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Contact Information for Lincoln Financial Group

Company Contact Info:
Chairman/CEO   Jon A. Boscia
1500 Market Street, Ste. 3900
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2112

Lincoln Financial Group Reviews and Customer Comments

"ADVICE TO EVERYONE ELSE UNHAPPY WITH LINCOLN'S TACTICS- CONTACT YOUR STATE'S COMMISONER OF INSURANCE. Also, remember it is NOT against the law to record phone calls in the State of New York- just one of the parties needs to know it is being recorded. Some will attempt to dispute that it is against the law, but the verbiage of the law makes it impossible to hold someone accountable for doing so. With that said, DO NOT engage in communication with LFG on by phone unless you are recording the call. Always email if possible. It was entertaining to have recorded a call in which I knew the representative was being dishonest. After that phone call, I told the lady that because of everything going on it was easier to communicate by email. I had been in the hospital on and off with MRSA and my memory was rough from being ill. After that email,I sent a very nice follow up email letting her know that even though it was not necessary for me to disclose to her that calls between she and I had been recorded, I wanted to give LFG the same respect as they do me per their recording when you first call,and let them know. I apologized for forgetting to tell her, as this was something I did for all my calls. I then went on to ask follow up questions in reference to the incorrect and unlawful practice they were taking in regards to it. They did not know that my best friend owned his own agency and was licensed in disability insurance. I played dumb. Trying to give enough information to you readers without hurting my pending case I went along with the information that she had previously given to me that I had recorded- adjusting the amount I was required to supposedly pay back for ssdi backpay difference. If i paid it back within 2-3 days, they would supposedly accept 31k dollars lessi was waiting for ssdi for 35 months. If I could not pay it right away, or did not within that time frame it went up that amount. Basically, the wheeling and dealing they were attempting to do was recover the difference in back pay even though they had neglected to list that as criteria when I signed up for service. It got even better... even though the Social Security Administration deemed me completely and 100% fully disabled to work at any job in any capacity- my rep called and canceled my LTD a few days after I finally received my approval letter. She tried to say that it was because my doctor had not included enough info on my previous paperwork that I had turned in. This paperwork had been turned into them for FIVE MONTHS, and was perfectly acceptable. I told the rep that I had given them full access to all my ssdi decisions, communication, etc., and they deemed my situation as no job in the marketplace in which I was capable of doing. After doing my research, I found that many of them will do whatever they can to get you off their books after 36 months of paying-even though I had a unique plan that covered me until death and not a particular age. Many also try to drop you after you're approved for ssdi as well. I knew that was at least part of the reason as I found out my lawyer LFG would have found out I was approved about 5 weeks before I on September 24 20xx. In October my rep tried calling me three days before my benefit was routinely deposited into my account over the past 35 months. I had to call her back 17 times up until the 16th to find out what she needed, and also let her know I was not paid my normal monthly benefit. At that time it was 4 days after the norm as I got it a little earlier due to direct deposit, and one day late according to customer service. They also told me it was in the contract that it could be up to 2 days after the stated date of benefits payout, and I would have it the following day. The point i want to make out of allll that, lol, is they were waiting to see if I would receive SSDI IN October. If I was going to and they had confirmation, I would have been dropped. The call that she made to me that I tried to return 17 times back to her- another important note, I can show that she always called me back within 2 hours- not 5 days. The gentleman working with me on my ssdi claim from LFG, also did not return a half dozen calls over that time period. She tried to say it was from my doctors note, but all that which took place easily showed it was the SSDI approval and first payment. They assume you will not fight it. And I didn't up until now- 15 months later, now that I have made some strides in my health, and feel I can deal with the stress of it. LFG told me I had 18 months to file an appeal, and they had the same amount of time to review and give a decision. Again, after doing through my contract, I have yet to find that. I'm getting a lawyer. I have many email conversations. Phone conversations that cannot be disputed. Most importantly, i have the truth on my side. I know most of you out there are in bad shape health wise, and doing just the smallest things are just too much. Do all you can to document anything you possibly can with this company. Any behaviors that are dishonest, unlawful, or misleading- send it to the NYS INSURANCE COMMISSIONER AS WELL AS ERISA COUNCIL, AND DONT HESITATE TO CALL A LAWYER. ALL THAT PAPERWORK THAT IS FORCED ON US TO TRY TO SCREW US UP AND CANCEL THE POLICY HAS BEEN DETERMINED TO BE UNLAWFUL IN SOME COURTS. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT GOOD LUCK"
Commented on 2020-04-13 14:52:53 EST
"My daughter worked for Barneys of New York and enrolled into Lincoln Financial Group LFG Critical Care plan through her employer. She died waiting for her claim. Her sister and we her parents are retired but utilize our saving to take care of her when she could no longer work full time, part time and not at all. She filed a claim with all of the required paperwork in April of 2019 prior to her transition. LFG asked for more paperwork, then more paperwork. They closed the case when I had sent everything they asked for. To get them to reopen the case I had to resend the same paperwork they already recd. Then they denied the claim, I filed an appeal they denied the appeal. Each time they had a new justification for their denial. I am filing a final appeal but realize they have no intention of paying my daughters claim. They received her premiums through payroll for three years but had no intention of ever paying for her critical care. I agree with the many other claimants LFG should be investigated by the Federal government for its practices and malfeasance. Terrible, unethical company. They are legitimized thieves and crooks. Their policies are written to ensure that LFG is protected from paying any claims. Their INCONTESTABILITY statement and their responsibility to their claimants means nothing. Please read your entire small print numerous page individual policy contract because deep in its content buried is a statement to justify them not paying your claim. Do Not used this company. My daughter die waiting for their claim and we are indebted for her care but I will continue to use every resource I can find to ensure that LFG is exposed for their unethical practices."
Commented on 2020-03-05 11:33:55 EST
"Lincoln Financial Group should be investigated by the Federal government for its practices and malfeasance. Terrible, unethical company. They are legitimized thieves and crooks."
Commented on 2020-01-29 08:40:12 EST
"asks repeatedly for same records every 3 months or so even when explaine to them not currently being treated as nothing more dr can do for back issues as have already had surgery when first applied for their short term.then stated they didnt kno i ever had surgery.That was main reason i applied.neurosurgeon found cancer on preop scans and thats all they talk about.dont take into consideration my orignal issue for applying.and am cancer free at present but it will return at some point 100% so dr just monitoring me currently. feel like constantly looking for way to stop paying me benefits.also very rude on every phone call ive had with them.would not recommend to my worst enemy let alone friends or family"
Commented on 2020-01-21 10:21:49 EST
"My father had a life insurance policy and passed away in Sept, 2019. I have been jumping through all of the hoops to try to get this paid out. First they want a few things, I send them, then they need a few more, I send that...then it just has kept going and still it hasn't been paid out and we are almost 3 months into it. Horrible service."
Commented on 2019-11-20 11:37:41 EST
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