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Lincoln Financial Group Review

Lincoln Financial Group Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 1.5207 Reviews Lincoln Financial Group has received an average of 1.5 stars out of 5 based on 207 user reviews.

Company History:
Founded 1905 in Philadelphia, PA...Read More

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Contact Information for Lincoln Financial Group

Company Contact Info:
Chairman/CEO   Jon A. Boscia
1500 Market Street, Ste. 3900
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2112

Lincoln Financial Group Reviews and Customer Comments

"My father had a life insurance policy and passed away in Sept, 2019. I have been jumping through all of the hoops to try to get this paid out. First they want a few things, I send them, then they need a few more, I send that...then it just has kept going and still it hasn't been paid out and we are almost 3 months into it. Horrible service."
Commented on 2019-11-20 11:37:41 EST
"WORST COMPANY EVER. You pay into this for the reassurance to use it when the emergency occurs. They screw around for weeks and months trying to find a way out of paying you for SHORT TERM disability so you can deal with your emergency, in my case health issues which make my daily life hard enough- so lets add some more stress in your time of need and prolong any communication or approval. Keep you on edge that maybe just maybe your claim will be approved or hold your breath and go ahead and spend your savings to maintain your household. I seriously HATE THIS COMPANY. Been 8 weeks and its one excuse after another if you can even reach your contact or they just ignore you completely."
Commented on 2019-11-18 19:09:54 EST
"My mom has had this insurance for over 6 years since my sister has been born when she was born she was with this insurance. We recently moved and they did being her check to this current direction. She got paid for when she was on maternity leave. She has been paying the insurance for more than 6 years and they would take a little bit of money from each check I think for now they wouldve saved a lot of money but still my mom hasnt been working for about a month and still havent paid her until recently and its only because she fight with the company. They mailed her check from the last direction which she hasnt lived for about more than 6 years. It makes no sense about how they mailed the check to another direction when she doesnt live there. She sent all the paperwork with the direction we live in and when she was on maternity leave she got the check at this direction. I dont know how they even got the old direction. They are suppose to give me 2 more checks and still they just gave me one. How do they expect me to pay my bills for get food it makes no sense. Now they dont want pay to pay my mom the rest of the checks and she already is going to work. This company disappoints me because it makes no sense how they expect someone to get what they need. This company to me is garbage because for my mom not to get the checks for over a month and for them not to want to pay any of the other checks is disappointing. I would recommend this insurance at all because they dont even want to may you the money that they are suppose to."
Commented on 2019-11-08 15:19:33 EST
"I've had to go from short-term to long-term disability. I received a phone call today from Lincoln Financial stating that the results of the review of my many medical records were quote inconclusive on quote. I have been without any form of income since May 2019 and I've had to endure the 180-day waiting. For long term disability to kick in. I tried to be proactive contacted my employer two weeks ahead of the 180-day mark to be sure that there were no delays. I personally sent in all my medical records for review and was told several times they did not receive them when I in fact head confirmation from the fax transmission. I should state that I was the person and my medical office that I work for the handled all this for our patients. So I already knew and had Advanced knowledge of what I needed to do. Now that I am in need of long-term disability of which I paid extra through my employer to receive 60% of my pay in the event of this occurrence only to get a voicemail stating that review of my records was inconclusive My physician stated plainly during a visit that I am now at this time permanently and totally disabled from my job or any job in the future. I have already applied for Social Security disability and I've had to swallow my pride and get assistance from Department of Health and Human Services which was very degrading. I would never ever recommend Lincoln Financial for any employer to use. Dealing with this on a professional level I went to the ends to make sure the patients and my practice for taking care of because I knew ahead of time what a pain in a nightmare Lincoln Financial was. When I discovered that my own employer recently started using Lincoln and I had to file a claim I was literally in tears. As of today I am having the worst anxiety depression and panic attack that I've ever had along with all of my other medical conditions that they state were inconclusive if I do not get resolution within the next 5 business days I will be retaining an attorney and I will make sure that it is harder for them to do this to other people that don't have a medical office background as I do as I've been working in the medical field for 30-plus years. The only thing that I think of when I see or hear the name Lincoln is disgust and sorrow for the people that have to do this and don't have the training that I did"
Commented on 2019-10-24 19:54:19 EST
"Worked for a major Grocery Distribution Center for 13 years paid my Long Term Disability Insurance since Nov 2006. I have multiple chronic conditions in the combination of them all and I'm going testing to find out what else is wrong I've struggled for three years to try to maintain and keep my job. I've had to fight tooth and nail the medical field just to get help I'm trying to find out what was wrong. As of January 2019 I could no longer continue and had to go from two and a half years of intermittent medical leave of absence two continuous medical leave of absence. My company uses Sedgwick as for short-term disability third party and they single-handedly made me homeless. As of July 20th Lincoln Financial also known as liberty mutual took over my long term disability and 62 days left me hanging. We were offered an up by to enhance long term disability so they had to do an investigation to see if any of my conditions were pre-existing as of August of 2018 even though I've had a long term insurance paid since November of 2006. they wanted me to sign papers giving them access to every personal and financial aspect of my life which I would not do because this is a medical long term disability and has nothing to do with my finances are my bank account or my social security disability or my income taxes. I signed papers giving them information giving them access to my medical information because it was pertinent. the first review come back from the nurse who said it was just too much medical information and records that she couldn't handle it so supposedly they sent it to two different doctors because there is medical and mental behavioral issues. So when the reviews was sent back by the two different doctors it just didn't give them the information that they wanted or needed in order to determine the approval-disapproval for my long term disability so they sent it back to them with extra records if they had recently received and questions that they had. Then finally they got it back and head twisted and turned everything including the information that I was asked for and given they twisted and turn my medical treatments have been done and said that basically my doctor was incompetent and that I wasn't eligible for long term disability because I could do my job position and that I have to appeal their decision. These two companies have drove me crazy I literally went into the hospital under 48-hour suicide watch because I just couldn't handle the stress and that is one of my major conditions is major anxiety and depression that's on the mental side. If I had known that this insurance policies that was supposed to be available to me should I ever need them and God forbid that I would ever need them but I did I would have never wasted my money. I have been so humiliated and drug through the mud and sick and broke and homeless and unable to buy food pay for my doctors in order to keep my treatments going or even by my medications. This company and others like it aren't an insurance policy it is a racket a scam. They work extra hard to deny you what they advertise as a good life investment. They are horrible and there is no way to be nice about it. They are from hell. Ever wonder why there are so many Americans homeless and on the streets Well this is one homeless person who had work since I was 14 years old and 13 at the present employer and I have wasted my money on STD and LTD insurance and a 401k that I can touch even though I need my money I earned. Don't waste your money on Lincoln Financial Group LTD insurance they won't be there to help you only murder you by dening you benefits. Demons is what they are and they will put you through hell."
Commented on 2019-10-16 16:30:05 EST
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