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Lincoln Financial Group Review

Lincoln Financial Group Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Worked for a major Grocery Distribution Center for 13 years paid my Long Term Disability Insurance since Nov 2006. I have multiple chronic conditions in the combination of them all and I'm going testing to find out what else is wrong I've struggled for three years to try to maintain and keep my job. I've had to fight tooth and nail the medical field just to get help I'm trying to find out what was wrong. As of January 2019 I could no longer continue and had to go from two and a half years of intermittent medical leave of absence two continuous medical leave of absence. My company uses Sedgwick as for short-term disability third party and they single-handedly made me homeless. As of July 20th Lincoln Financial also known as liberty mutual took over my long term disability and 62 days left me hanging. We were offered an up by to enhance long term disability so they had to do an investigation to see if any of my conditions were pre-existing as of August of 2018 even though I've had a long term insurance paid since November of 2006. they wanted me to sign papers giving them access to every personal and financial aspect of my life which I would not do because this is a medical long term disability and has nothing to do with my finances are my bank account or my social security disability or my income taxes. I signed papers giving them information giving them access to my medical information because it was pertinent. the first review come back from the nurse who said it was just too much medical information and records that she couldn't handle it so supposedly they sent it to two different doctors because there is medical and mental behavioral issues. So when the reviews was sent back by the two different doctors it just didn't give them the information that they wanted or needed in order to determine the approval-disapproval for my long term disability so they sent it back to them with extra records if they had recently received and questions that they had. Then finally they got it back and head twisted and turned everything including the information that I was asked for and given they twisted and turn my medical treatments have been done and said that basically my doctor was incompetent and that I wasn't eligible for long term disability because I could do my job position and that I have to appeal their decision. These two companies have drove me crazy I literally went into the hospital under 48-hour suicide watch because I just couldn't handle the stress and that is one of my major conditions is major anxiety and depression that's on the mental side. If I had known that this insurance policies that was supposed to be available to me should I ever need them and God forbid that I would ever need them but I did I would have never wasted my money. I have been so humiliated and drug through the mud and sick and broke and homeless and unable to buy food pay for my doctors in order to keep my treatments going or even by my medications. This company and others like it aren't an insurance policy it is a racket a scam. They work extra hard to deny you what they advertise as a good life investment. They are horrible and there is no way to be nice about it. They are from hell. Ever wonder why there are so many Americans homeless and on the streets Well this is one homeless person who had work since I was 14 years old and 13 at the present employer and I have wasted my money on STD and LTD insurance and a 401k that I can touch even though I need my money I earned. Don't waste your money on Lincoln Financial Group LTD insurance they won't be there to help you only murder you by dening you benefits. Demons is what they are and they will put you through hell."
Commented on 2019-10-16 14:30:05 EST
"This is regarding short term disability insurance through work so there is no opportunity to go to a different insurance company. Im approved until November 2nd, yet Im not receiving my payments. They havent even been approved although my claim was No one returns phones calls or e-mails. How can an insurance company just not pay you when your depending on your disability as a pay check. I have no money to pay rent or buy groceries. How is this right"
Commented on 2019-10-10 10:29:06 EST
"This company is very good at taking your premiums over the year but if it ever comes time to use it its nothing but a headache. They dont pay you on time, or at all if they can get out of it. I keep asking you the same stuff over and over and keep sending the paperwork over and over. A lot of delay tactics, saying they didnt get things from doctors that have said theyve already faxed them. Its really big scam because they forced you to apply for Social Security disability and then if you get that they make you pay back some premiums that theyve already paid you and then they lower the pay that theyre giving you because of the Social Security disability that youre getting. I shouldve gotten paid six weeks ago and havent received one penny from them. They havent even told me how much theyre going to give me and its been six weeks. They will look for ways to deny you even if doctors have you out of work. All the comments that people have written on here our true. This is the worst company Ive ever dealt with and have been paying premiums for 15 years. All they do is make your life harder when youre already having problems from being hurt. Do not use this company ever because they will do it to you also."
Commented on 2019-10-02 15:49:49 EST
"Lincoln repeatedly requested the same information every few weeks. Demanding the same forms test clinical visits be repeated every 3-6 weeks to maintain payment. The request were medically not indicated to be repeated in such short intervals- in my case, I felt I was fighting for the disability Insurence to pay. In the year they paid- payments were stopped 3 times- causing such a financial hardship- I lost medical coverage due to this and naturally could not continue the demanded and unnecessary medical visits. They stopped payments again. My appeal-a 5 month process-just confirmed they stopped. I lost my home, car, and lived in my brothers garage. Two years later Social security ruled I was and had been unable to work the entire time. I honestly can not drive a car Now, Lincoln naturally will be paid back the 11 months of payment I did receive. They lost NOTHING. And would have been out NOTHING. My life was ruined, I lost everything I worked for. Lincoln financial is unbelievable the worst company I have had to deal with. Every person I spoke to had different requests or forms needed. I thought I did the right thing- had insurance in case I got sick, retirement investments- I paid Lincoln policy for 13 years. Lincoln ruined my life more than not being able to walk straight."
Commented on 2019-09-24 18:20:52 EST
"Unethical, unprofessional, liars, cheaters, and total rip off artist"
Commented on 2019-09-11 13:17:08 EST
"I find Lincoln to be the most devious insurance company I have ever dealt with. They lie about anything and everything. They use tactics to delay sending the LTD check. They demand information in the way of forms that is highly personnel and that has no bearing on the LTD. For example, number of children and their birth dates, do I have a printer at my house and if so how do I use it, am I left or right handed, do I take vacations, do I take naps, do I hold a drivers license, want a copy of my drivers license, etc. It appears that they are tying to profile me or find any means to discontinue my LTD. I received three different answer from three different people on the same day when I asked about the status of my check. I could keep going but hopefully you get the picture. I read a lot of the other reviews and they are consistant with what is happening with me. The in my mind means that they have a game plan to delay or denie LTD payment that is used for everyone. Someone should sue their socks off. All they understand is money so they need to loose a lot of it for their despicable actions."
Commented on 2019-08-12 20:17:37 EST
"call center reps ask you personal and medical questions about Dr. visit. Never get to talk to your case manager. Instead of leaving disability dates open until your doctor returns you to work, keeps stalling, not updating information so you can get a weekly check. They will not correspond with you and let you know the reason for stall. Every appt. my Dr. faxes info into them. They still don't communicate and let you know what the hold up is. A rep asked me why I wasn't in physical therapy. I told her that was my doctor's decision, not mine. Been a hassle ever since this started almost two months ago. Every time you talk to someone and ask them if there is anything else they need or anything else you need to do, they really can't give you a straight answer or tell you why. They only approve your claim from one doctor's appt. to the next. Then you have to sit and wait on the next approval. And frankly I am getting disgusted with them. They keep stalling but I bet they want their checks on time every time. Not knowledgeable in their positions and no client communication skills."
Commented on 2019-07-24 21:06:56 EST
"I have submitted for a claim , well actually two claims about my condition, they have denied two claims but approved one, the leave claim that i have submitted that was denied they kept asking for more information and each time I ask the doctor to submit information, they keep asking for more information. I have tried to call my leave specialist but each time I get a voicemail and no callback or maybe once or twice with numerous times to call. These people are slow and dont know what they are doing, why is this company open anyway, with all of the complaints that are going on they should be shut down"
Commented on 2019-07-22 20:25:52 EST
"I'm permenantly disabled. I fought had to receive benefits which with 29 yrs in my field I deserved after 2 failed surgeries. Burying my mother they denied my benefits without notice saying I could work now. I've lost whatever I had because of this. I've provided them with everything necessary. PT evals and medical notes stating I'm severely disabled. A claim adjuster not an MD made the denial decision. I'm told to go to a second appeal While I sit on a friend's couch with no income or way to fed for myself. Disgraceful. It's abusive, stressful and sad. I'm 52 yrs.old penniless and homeless and they are playing the hurry up and wait till we deny you your rightful benefits game. I'm shattered, I was a successful business woman. What they are doing isn't business, it's criminal and deplorable. I have no phone just a small device that allows me a window into the world. It's come to this."
Commented on 2019-01-10 16:09:52 EST
"Major burden to contact them and Im STILL waiting for my short term disability insurance money. Three late payment fees so far and the check that I was told by one of their reps. was mailed on 010319 is another copy of the forms already completed by my physician twice. Some entity needs to get all over this messed up enterprise."
Commented on 2019-01-06 11:56:37 EST
"Lincoln Financial has been the worst company I've ever had to deal with and would rather forgo having STD or LTD and just put that money into the bank as I'd at least have the comfort of knowing that I'd have money there if I needed it. Paying paycheck after paycheck for your std or ltd benefits is as useful as throwing your money into the furnace. The company will drag out, intentionally confuse, lie, stall and just flat out deny your valid claims. This is done, I think, to attempt to wait out the disability claim, or just make it so hard that you stop fighting for it. I've had a claim in with them since October 4th for a valid back surgery and at this point they have denied it three times, told me 14 times that they needed more and more documentation. They then approved the claim - but they didn't approve it for the whole time. The claim was to cover me through surgery and recovery, but Lincoln decided they were only going to pay me till the actually surgery date and told me I would have to call them about any additional time. Do they not think I would need ANY time for recovery from a full lumbar rebuild of my back What the hell is wrong with this people. So the day of my surgery I am supposed to call them and begin the process of fighting for the coverage I should be allowed. These people are complete criminals who prey on those that are already going through a hard time."
Commented on 2018-12-05 08:18:58 EST
"I have read the comments from others on Lincoln Financial Group, and I have experienced all the bad that I am reading. If Lincoln gets an A rating from Ambest, then Ambest either doesn't know what on earth they are talking about, or they are receiving a big kickback from Lincoln for providing false information. I honestly believe that training to be a Lincoln claim reviewer,manager, looker-upper, whatever consists of teaching them how to act stupid, sound stupid, pretend like you know what you are doing, and to consistently tic off the customers who are trying to get a payout on a claim. I don't know how a company can, in good conscience, treat people who have a valid claim of physical or mental injury in the cold and callous way that they do. This is no company that I want a part in, and will be getting out as soon as possible. Horrible, horrible treatment of paying customers."
Commented on 2018-06-01 14:00:41 EST
"I am trying to get long term disability they lie keep asking for more documentation I have to run around and get my notes from specialists and the hospital. I have 3 major health conditions but they insist I can do my job. I was talking with my claims adjuster yesterday and because I was admitted to the last week for my COPD very low oxygen level and i needed to be treated for it she said the notes did not support limitations for me to do my job. We went back and forth then she hung up on me. This ins needs to be taken to court pay penalties awarded pain and suffering to people they have denied benefits to. With medical documentation to support I could not do my job. Shame on them."
Commented on 2018-05-26 09:47:19 EST
"Constantly requesting additional documentation for my LTD claim. I have complied with all of their requests but they are now holding my benefits because one clinic they claim has not sent info. Why is the onus on the consumer to expedite their request"
Commented on 2018-03-21 05:02:15 EST
"Std. Liver transplant 90 days ago. They make you beg for payments. It appears that common practice is to delay payments. Reps have no medical experience. Challenging return to work starting 6 weeks after this major surgery. Been working for over 40 years with premiums paid, never before a claim. They delay every payment and then wait for you to ask what happens and then they ask for updated information. They come across ad sleazy organizations. In process of getting legal advise. I am fortunate that I'm not totally dependant on the payments, but may start legal action to make others aware, to assist others less fortunate, and to get the payments that they owe me."
Commented on 2018-03-08 19:57:08 EST
"They fight paying out even with supported physician statements, medical records and treatment notes."
Commented on 2017-12-27 19:55:34 EST
"does not pay its claims"
Commented on 2017-09-13 09:31:29 EST
"This company needs to be reported to the BBB. I've been off work since 725. Two doctors have supported my leave. Rep constantly needs more notes more records etc. This is the worst insurance you can get. The STD and LTD are ripoffs they won't pay. Some benefit. Guardian was a much better company."
Commented on 2017-08-30 09:54:23 EST
"surrendered life policy 48 days ago no check"
Commented on 2017-03-29 17:47:20 EST
"This company is so full of crap and their either uneducated or just plain stupid. I broke my ankle and have been out of work for a month and a half. I have constantly had to call them to ask them what they need to complete my claim because it keeps saying pending. They always need something else and I can't even get them to call me back. UUGGGHH I'm so irritated with this company I will not be using them after this."
Commented on 2017-02-16 22:04:08 EST
"If you read there reviews this is what I'm going through"
Commented on 2017-01-30 14:28:30 EST
"2nd to die estate planning policies will have premiums rise to the point that it no longer makes any since. Max rates that can be charged ore in the fine print. You will lose."
Commented on 2017-01-24 17:05:00 EST
"HR person faxed my paperwork for me to get STD and they keep saying they didn't received it. Have been calling them everyday but not getting anywhere."
Commented on 2017-01-07 07:01:34 EST
"THis is a result of a STD claim filed with them - Lincoln keeps asking for updated records about every three weeks- who goes to the doctor that often - in my opinion this is claims harassment."
Commented on 2017-01-03 14:12:35 EST
"Get a copy of your policy, know your rights as a consumer, ask for company policy and procedures, because clearly they have none, get everything they tell you in writing, email and letter, and read every piece, they give bogus amounts and dates, call them on it. Remind them they are being recorded, get a notebook write every call or dealing with them, time and date. Nightmare for STD and LTD, don't waste your money. From day one, they send no information, etc. They won't get records, I did that all 1300 pages, and letters from doctor saying I would not be returning to work, CHF, late stage, I had to point everything out to them. They read none of my records, go online to get the medical listings, and grid rules, Lincoln requires much less, this gives you an idea if you qualify. They don't tell you when you need forms, they just cut your check off, and tell you you didn't send it. LTD, you may qualify but know this, you paid it all these years, they make you file for SSDI, that second, when you qualify for SSDI, they no longer pay, so really you spent your money all these years for no reason. Get a lawyer, take a loss that way, they don't get paid if you don't, so they can fight them. Ask for their clients rights department and report any incident, gives you a leg to stand on. They don't call you back, keep calling, They also cut my check off and returned me to work without a doctors release, they can not do that, ask them for proof, the doctors letter that returned you to work, they start back tracking then. The medical examiner's are really a joke, I went through the records pointed out the 12 diagnosis, medications, and on a 247 pump line, they still tried to tell me I could work, that's when I went to the medical listing for SSA, and printed it out, faxed it to them showing I met all qualifications. The rule numbers and all. Do your research go in knowing a little about disability. I have reported them to every site I can, I really think this is fraud what they are doing and would love to see them investigated. When you do finally get a check, read the letters they send, they will tell you you owe them from prior payments, letter won't have the right dates they take from you, watch amounts also. Ask for corrected letters, write it down, I use email and keep a copy of everything you send, because they say you didn't send it. Go ahead set yourself up a account on their web site, go ahead and print the forms you will need to take to doctor, go ahead and have it filled out, they don't tell you this, and I was 2 hours away from doctor. Print off your records, keep copies use the doctorhospital web portals, go ahead and print off every time you see the doctor, fax it in. The whole time you are dealing with them. Know your diagnosis, be one step ahead, they can't keep up, tell them every digression they say, mail, email. They will not return calls, I write down everyone I speak with, time and date. They will even tell you they explained the process to you, time frames, forms, even if they didn't. I called them out on this, now they avoid my calls, so I email them to the point of annoying, they have even cut my online account off, I call clients rights. They start on day one with the run around."
Commented on 2016-12-21 23:28:57 EST
"Lincoln Financial is the most disorganized company I have ever dealt with. My mother is in a nursing home and now I have filed 3 claims against her long term care policy with no reimbursement yet. They have no respect for the elderly and no communication education. They do not communicate as to the status of your claim. You have to keep calling and it's always they need something else. But, yet to have communicate this to you. This uses precious time when trying to get reimbursed from the money that is rightfully my mothers."
Commented on 2016-09-27 10:58:44 EST
"I have no idea what the amount of my monthly premiums for my life insurance policy should be because Lincoln Financial has not provided me with a current updated illustration even though I have requested one 2 months ago. The illustration that they provided was run incorrectly and showed an increase in monthly premiums from 470 to 1300. I have spoken to several supervisors on the service line to no avail. Each time they tell me I will have to wait 3 weeks for a new illustration, but it never arrives. I believe they are just waiting for the policy to lapse as I have already paid in 65,000 over 24 years."
Commented on 2016-09-14 10:19:48 EST
"Don't even try tousle the std on a mental disability. PTSD, depression and anxiety apparently are not disabiling enough not to be in front of a class of 24 12 year olds. I if I snapped an arm off like a Barbie doll I'd have no problem apparently. I'm out over 121,000 dollars because of them refusing to pay and delaying their end. It's all crap"
Commented on 2016-09-04 11:51:07 EST
"Lincoln Financial group is terrible They prey on individuals during their time of need. If you have them lawyer up so that they can't jerk you around. They denied my claim even though my doctor has me out on disability for my condition. Now I have to stress about the appeals process. Too much to deal with when you've been paying into a plan for peace of mind and security. If your company uses them do not get roped in. Ask for the policy and plan info before giving your hard earned money to this group. There policies are filled with jargon that only benefits the insurer and not the employee. Plus talk about delay tactics when requesting your claim file for the appeals process.They can take up to 90 days to get the info back to you."
Commented on 2016-08-24 04:28:31 EST
"One bogus delay after another on my Long Term Disability claim. When I called that last time to see what the holdup was, I was told they were digging for information on my claim. Who say's that to a customer"
Commented on 2016-08-08 10:50:54 EST
"Change the numbers and this is my experience. Very rude on the phone and delay tactics until their deadline is passed. Commented on 2013-04-01 095614 EST 25 years ago at the age of 48 I bought a 25000.00 life Insurance policy from a company now owned bythe Lincoln Financial Group. I have been paying 19.05 per month for the last 25 yearsbut I received a notice from them on 132013 that my monthly premium would be raised from 19.05 to 145.00 per month and that I had to immediately send them an additional 290.00.The only justification I could get for this was to pay for Increased Risk.Along with that I also received a yearly statement from them showing that theaccumulated value of my policy had decreased from 3113.36 as of 12272010 to 1311.86 as of 132013 and the cash surrender vale had decreased from 2303.74 to 100.00.It is nice to know that after you reach the age of retirement and get close to the age of dying that the Lincoln Financial Group insurance company after taking your money andusing it for 25 years hits you with a 700 increase in premiums plus a retrospective lump sum ofmoney. Especially when it is a time in your life when you can least afford it.I would discourage anyone from purchasing anything from the Lincoln Financial Group andI would strongly encourage you to examine any Life Insurance Policy very closely forthese fine print clauses."
Commented on 2016-07-29 08:01:14 EST
"Im on the investment end of this viper but that really does not matter from what ive seen happening In all aspects the deadly life robbing venom us the same"
Commented on 2016-06-15 17:37:31 EST
"Lincoln std sucks waste of time and money"
Commented on 2016-04-11 10:15:51 EST
"I have been waiting for 9 months on a decision from Lincoln Financial. STD went smoothly and no answer on LTD. They keep telling me that I will have an answer in a week and it's been close to a year. They keep asking for more paperwork. Terrible Company Refuse communication."
Commented on 2016-03-30 18:38:49 EST
"even thought i have obatined this isurance thru my employement, they ask for many back up documents, and once you send them it takes 3-5 days to review so they can approve it, in case they do approve it, another 3-5 days will take for payment to be posted. On top of that if they miss one little thing from me , lets say a single document, they wont call me, they will just let it go so i dont get paid, and when i called on the status of my case they said my case is not approved they dont have xxxx document, however, i did not know they needed additional docs until after i called."
Commented on 2016-03-29 06:57:45 EST
"If your employer offers this insurance run,your employer is shady"
Commented on 2016-03-14 08:55:46 EST
"At the time i filed my claim and it took a while,but LFG finally started sending my long term benefits on a monthly basis as long as i sent them the required medical paper major complaint and WARNING is once you are approved for your SSDI and even before you receive any benefits from social security or any back pay LFG wants all of the money back in a lump sum or else.WORD TO THE WISEDO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME,ENERGY OR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY."
Commented on 2016-02-15 20:06:23 EST
"I had no problem with drawing my STD, however it has been nothing but issues since filing for my LTD, I have been denied and filing an appeal I requested any documentations that they had and they did send it to me about 400 pages with multiple copies of same thing also sent some pages from a different persons file Oh Yea HIPAA violation. They called to assure me that none of my records were compromise, and just shred what wasn't might Oh No I didn't then I wouldn't have any prove. With mishandling of my medical record what else have they done. I will fight for my benefits it's so sad they give you the run around. "
Commented on 2016-01-10 10:10:44 EST
"I filed a STD claim while out on maternity leave. It was never explained to me that the 45 day elimination period is part of the 6-7 weeks they pay. Was told that benefits would START after 45 days and even what amount my "weekly" checks would be. Only received one very small check that is about 1/4 of 1 normal paycheck and was told that was all I am entitled to because of the 45 day elimination period. I have paid almost as much for this policy as the check I received I was mislead by several representatives who gave me specific amounts of what I would receive "weekly" but was never told I would only receive one weeks worth of pay. Very dissatisfied with this company"
Commented on 2016-01-08 13:15:35 EST
"Lincoln Financial Group is a greedy, heartless company with agents that are either incompetant and/or liars. This company could care less about policy holders... I paid insurance premiums to my employer for more than 30 years and have had nothing but problems with Lincoln Financial Group. I'm now filing a claim with the our state insurance division to investigate Lincoln Financial's failure to comply with ERISA requirements. "
Commented on 2015-12-12 04:39:54 EST
"As a long-term carrier the service is totally unacceptable nor beneficial to a consumer. Appeals process is not favorable to the consumer, the review process is 45 days an the consumer is given the run around the entire time. "
Commented on 2015-12-01 07:04:13 EST
"Very horrible. I have been trying to get my LTD approved for weeks, had STD it was approved but had to fight tooth and nail to make sure they were getting appropriate documentation. They are sorry Do not use them..... "
Commented on 2015-11-07 04:31:01 EST
"Never worry about paying your bills on time cause they prolong paying you"
Commented on 2015-09-05 05:12:21 EST
"They have been stalling on a death claim for months. Each time we call they say a check has been processed and mailed. It has yet to arrive. We are about to begin litigation."
Commented on 2015-08-05 15:53:11 EST
"they give you a run around when you file a claim. says i am not faxing info to them they cannot find it....eventually they find it but they make you do so much paper work to get your claim....every month they try to get out without paying. same thing we need more paperwork to process your claim send paperwork in they cannot find keep resending and i finally get claim....they are hoping i will just get tired and give up each month a big PIA x 1000+"
Commented on 2015-06-04 07:33:36 EST
"I have never spoke to more liars in my life then in the Lincoln Financial Group. STD was approved immediately, but when it had to be transferred to long term it took a month for the paperwork to reach the long term department. I have been on the phone fighting with them every day for 2 months. I haven't received a check in 9 weeks. I have bills mounting and have blown through my savings. I don't know what to do. I have done all the running around to get the paperwork myself. Nothing seems to matter. Now they are stating that I fall in the pre-existing clause. WHAT?"
Commented on 2015-05-29 06:00:17 EST
"I have tried to file a short term disability since May 2014 I paid monthly for this benefit free time I called a transfer me to another agent that one does not know what's going on it is been so frustrating to deal with Lincoln mutual insurance I will never buy insurance through this company again "
Commented on 2014-11-18 11:29:34 EST
" They 'state their process' in writing. The process is nothing of the sort of what they describe it to be they say you will have a chance to have a dialog with them. They are very much into pronouncements of 'this is our decision' and will not in any way be in 'dialog'as they stated beforehand that was their process. My husband was approved for a long-term care policy I was not. I sincerely doubt that that a LTC policy through them would be worth anything except aggravation would be swimming in this. "
Commented on 2014-09-17 19:35:40 EST
"Save your time and money this company will not be there for u if u ever need them"
Commented on 2014-09-06 07:53:50 EST
"They were all for approving my std as long as I was receiving back sick pay and they did not need to pay a dime. Now I had to run around getting more evidence which clearly spelled out my limitations.Now they want to have their doctors have a conversation with my gp pain doc and psychiatrist. Most of my time in therapy has been due to my stress with their games. I was not able to return to my job and lost my health insurance and they haven't paid a dime despite the paperwork and aMRI Cat scan xrays and all the meds I am on. They are sneaky and pretend they want to approve you but you must do xyz first and then your doctor has to do this and that although they got complete records.They have made me worse off not better. It is lawyer time."
Commented on 2014-07-17 09:59:01 EST
"they are the worst in the world my children father died and had life insurance with them they have been taking me through so much for the last six months my children haven't received anything their dad left for them to this six months later on top of me spending 2500 in legal fees and still no result their rude and nasty employers that don't even know anything about our legal system if a word isn't what they think it should be you are still without assistance I wouldn't recommend this company for anything "
Commented on 2014-06-26 11:21:46 EST
"The agents they hire to assist you with explanation of your policy terms are thieves."
Commented on 2014-05-05 17:01:19 EST
"Have paid into std and ltd insurance with them for over a year. Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Worked 6 months during treatments Until my doctor gave me an ultimatum And told me if I kept working I would not beat this. Been off work since December. Immediately filed through my human resources for std. Initial paperwork returned immediately. Until I harassed them by phone and e-mail I never got a response. Then was told my doctor did not send the paperwork. the doctor gave me dates and confirmation numbers. When these were sent to Lincoln My records magically appeared within 5 minutes. Then my claim had to be investigated in case it was pre existing. When they could not force that to happen they said that I was approved for 28 days Jan-Feb. And that is all that was allowed for my condition. from there I have to at my own expense more medical documentation to send in and have been told that records from my position will not be considered without medical testing to uphold their opinion. Last day worked was early Dec. Toto I have received one check At the end of March for a total of 750. I have been told my claim is closed and that I should be able to go back to work. I am still having the same treatment. I am NOT in remission. Someone should tell our government at Lincoln Financial can cure stage 3 cancer in 28 days. I do not have the energy to continue with this paperwork run around and I think that's the point. They make it as hard as possible for you at a time when you are the most vulnerable and weak. I cannot wait to drop this policy. I've paid more to have this policy then they have paid on my claim Which I also think is the point. I have gone 3 months with no income. I have shut off notices for all of my utilities And will be lucky if DHS Can help me Before my utilities are shut off Or I lose my apartment. My landlord has let me stay here rent free To try to help. I have worked since I was 14. I have two degrees including a masters. I have been forced into our governmental welfare system By this company when I thought I was planning for my future by investing in this company. Immoral crooks. do not invest any money in this company you are far better to put away some money in a savings account so that when you needed the money is there because Lincoln will leave you hanging out to dry no matter how sick you are and laugh about it all the way to the bank."
Commented on 2014-03-29 12:30:18 EST
"I have been at my job 18 years. Paid short term and long term disablity premiums but cannot get money out of them. I had surgery December 10th have only received two checks I was out of work nine weeks. They decide when your body should heal and you should work. They are in the business of bad faith do not pay and I will certainly drop them and spread the word. DO NOT USE LINCOLN FINANCIAL GROUP. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. IF YOU HAVE THEM HIRE A LAWYER. "
Commented on 2014-02-27 08:29:28 EST
"Ah insurance you've got to love it. These vampiric agencies of doom prey on the weak and laugh all the way to the bank. But that is insurance. They are in the business of making money and paying claims doesn't make them any money. Doesn't matter which one you have.My luck has me with Lincoln Financial Group. Hmm doesn't sound anything like a short term disability insurance company does it? Sounds more like an investment banker. Act more like it too. Just as others have said delays delays delays. We need more xyz...oh we already have it So sorry. We'll call you right back WEEKS later I'll get voice contact due to MY repeatedly calling and demanding to talk to my "benefit specialist". All I can say is that I've been disabled for 6 months and not received a check yet despite all the doctor notes etc. being complete and turned over to them. This experience has shown me that I'm better off WITHOUT STD. If I just put some away I'll be far better off. I can assure you that I'll pay my own claim Don't waste your money. I'll be dropping the second this claim is paid. In the meantime I am contacting a lawyer to look at options. I am not the sort to let thousands of dollars just slide. Disabled or not."
Commented on 2014-02-21 15:18:44 EST
"I was receiving ltd for 3 yes then denied even though I have a terminal illness get an attorney when dealing with these thugs."
Commented on 2014-02-21 07:35:43 EST
"Very unprofessional filed claim and was approved then one month later received a letter stating I was no longer qualified to receive LTD benefits even though SSD approved me and nothing had changed on my medical case. Left me no choice but to hire an attorney. Have filed 2 appeals now going to federal court....."
Commented on 2014-01-25 03:44:11 EST
"Extremely hard to deal with. Deny and delay is their standard operating procedure. "
Commented on 2013-12-31 19:38:58 EST
"They do everything they can to delay the process of your claim. They fax your request for medical records to the wrong numbers and think of many reasons to delay the process. Who knows when they will decide about my claim. "
Commented on 2013-11-30 13:25:50 EST
"They denied my claim even though two Dr.s said I cannot return to work. "
Commented on 2013-11-26 18:47:32 EST
"Horrible Horrible Horrible This company should be fined by the Feds for unethical delay and claim denial tactics- Shameful demonstration of corporate greed. "
Commented on 2013-11-22 10:17:04 EST
"My employer filed a claim for me. I first waited 32 minutes on hold to speak to the first representative that told me I needed to speak to someone else. I then waited 21 more minutes waiting for this other person before they hung up on me or the line was dropped. if you are an employer you want this group as they obviously don't spend money on customer service and must be very inexpensive. If you are an employee and have lots of time and unlimited cell phone minutes to waste go ahead and just try to make a claim "
Commented on 2013-11-05 08:59:52 EST
"Lincoln Financial Group LFG is a RIP-OFF company they take your premiums but FAIL to honor their obligation when you need it most. They are unethical abusive and cheaters that force individuals with legitimate disabilities into poverty with their unethical practices.LFG forces you to provide documentation to the point of harassment and jump through a MULTIPLE of hoops to try to get you to go away. They constantly tell you you have to submit medical documentation that is never good enough. You can have twenty doctors verifying your disability and they will deny your claim based on their in house personnel with no experience in your illness. I would like to know what qualifications their untrained medical persons hold in the area in question when making decisions that essentially deem my board certified physicians liars.LFG representatives are very rude unprofessional underhanded heartless thieves with nothing but an array of arrogance incompetence and a total void of customer care. I have never been treated so horribly by any other company in my life. So tired of fighting especially when I do not feel well enough to fight. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY"
Commented on 2013-09-23 13:33:32 EST
"LTD policy provided by employer they threaten to cancel claim about every 2 weeks they canceled my claim saying my doctor never sent the records they requested..... nothing but hoops to jump thru and additional stress created by constant threats when you need the rest the most "
Commented on 2013-08-29 03:11:04 EST
"This company is a waste after months of trying to get my moms little life insurance policy turned over to the funeral home where it wouldn't be an asset of my parents all we get is a run around over and over they will say oh we need this paper and that paper and then now we need this and now we need that I explained to them that they were keeping my mom from getting approved for medicaid at the nursing home because they keep stalling coming up with weeks and weeks of excuses we had no problem with changing dads over to the funeral home he has commonwealth though whats the deal"
Commented on 2013-08-13 13:57:19 EST
"Although Social Security and my state teacher's disability division found me to be totally and permanently disabled Lincoln delayed and delayed claiming they did not receive my medical records. Finally they sent a letter of denial on my claim. They are a total rip-off."
Commented on 2013-07-30 01:17:03 EST
"My ltd was denied by. lFG stating I'm able to return to work. Two doctors stated my disability was needed LFG had a doctor in California review part of my file and stated I'm able to return to work. This company will use any measures to not pay benefits. I'm working on my second appeal."
Commented on 2013-05-12 17:06:51 EST
"LFG denied my STD claim. I truly believe that their standard practice is to deny any claim first - that weeks out 50% of the claimants. Then they make it extremely difficult to get it approved. My STD policy the only choice through my employer is a waste of money. I am extremely disappointed with Lincoln and believe they should not get away with this. "
Commented on 2013-04-11 10:04:48 EST
"Even though they had all documentation on the 7th day of my Husbands diabilitey they took another three weeks to send a check even though he was written out of work past his benifits we had to ask/beg for a check even with a drs orders records and another heart surgery The 11th of this month will be four weeks since we have gotten a check againThen they tried to act like we didnt turn in the information when their "claims speacilist"was the one who said that she sent the request to our dr.IT IS A RIP OFFWE PLANNED TO HAVE A PLAN IF WE EVER NEED IT MY PLAN NEVER WAS TO BEG FOR THE MONEY THAT WE SHOULD HAVE HAD FOUR WEEKS AGO. "
Commented on 2013-04-08 14:31:01 EST
"Lincoln finacial std ltd Is a waste of your money I have had to obtain an attorney and still have not received a security approved me in 90 days ..a federal agency lived up to their responsibility before a private coverage I paid for. Unbelieveable...I wrote obama a letter...I wrote to my states insurance crooks is what they are...I paid them to rip me off and shatter my security."
Commented on 2013-04-04 20:11:05 EST
"Lincoln Financial is denying my long-term disability claim based on a bogus policy start date. Using this bogus date they claim that my illness is a pre-existing condition. I applied for coverage in October of 2009 but they are claiming a policy start date of April 2010. A copy of my enrollment form shows the date of enrollment of October 2009. I have not received any money for 12 months. I have had to file for bankruptcy had my car repossesed and had to apply for welfare Ridiculous"
Commented on 2013-04-01 07:56:14 EST
"25 years ago at the age of 48 I bought a 25000.00 life Insurance policy from a company now owned bythe Lincoln Financial Group. I have been paying 19.05 per month for the last 25 yearsbut I received a notice from them on 1/3/2013 that my monthly premium would be raised from 19.05 to 145.00 per month and that I had to immediately send them an additional 290.00.The only justification I could get for this was to pay for "Increased Risk".Along with that I also received a yearly statement from them showing that theaccumulated value of my policy had decreased from 3113.36 as of 12/27/2010 to 1311.86 as of 1/3/2013 and the cash surrender vale had decreased from 2303.74 to 100.00.It is nice to know that after you reach the age of retirement and get close to the age of dying that the Lincoln Financial Group insurance company after taking your money andusing it for 25 years hits you with a 700% increase in premiums plus a retrospective lump sum ofmoney. Especially when it is a time in your life when you can least afford it.I would discourage anyone from purchasing anything from the Lincoln Financial Group andI would strongly encourage you to examine any Life Insurance Policy very closely forthese fine print clauses."
Commented on 2013-01-04 08:21:06 EST
"My policy had a 90 exclusion period where I had to use all my sick and vacation time for that 90 days. At the end of 90 days my long term disability began. It was a smooth seamless process. So far I have been collecting for the last 10 months with no problems. I still have another 16 months left before the end of my elagiblity time."
Commented on 2012-11-12 10:56:54 EST
"Hard to communicate with a live rep. Long wait times to speak with someone. Never contacted me with approval or denial of coverage for disability went months thinking i was covered but was not. No apology and when they said the reason it was outrageous and required me to once again go to all my doctors and have them send in revised information for better clarification oh wait im still waiting for the letter im supposed to have already received so show my doctors so they know what to write and fax in...What a joke a bunch of crooks just trying to steal money absolutely appalled with this company would never recommend."
Commented on 2012-09-07 14:09:29 EST
"My husband had life insurance with lincoln financial for9 years we checked into borrowing from his cash value we got 1700 dollars after 13 phone calls hours worth of conversing with these people being told we have plenty of cash value enough to cover up to 3 years if we never paid another premium payment this was on dec 29 they said we had 3700 dollars in surrender value and 2700 in cash value.We did the loan with the understanding we were safe dec 29 2011 we got our money they cancelled his life insurance feb 2012. They said they mailed us notices which we did not recieve only regular monthly statements as usual.Im still here august 9 2012 trying to get it reinstated which they are refusing to do i faxed a request for phone transcripts because i know my conversations with them which the lady said i had to do.Today august 9 they told me lincoln financial does not give out that info it stays in the building that they revied it and they found no wrong doing on their part any way i havent given up i am contacting the insurance commissioners office so they can investigate it futher.If they dont help then i will go to tv stations so their name will be seen by lots of people to warn them that this company is a scam look on your computer at the law suits stacking up against them it only tells me they have some serious honesty issues we cant all be wrong"
Commented on 2012-08-09 19:09:54 EST
" My job involved over 50% travel I take percocet methadone neurontin and zanaflexfor degenerative disc disease spinal stenosis and nerve damage. I had a failed back surgery to correct these problems. Lincoln required medical notes to pay the claim. They paid at first then demanded more information paid a litle more then demanded a job description from my employer. They held up my benefits for 8 weeks giving me the runaround about medical review and denying that the got the job description which my employer and myself emailed to them. After all the stalling they have now denied my claim. It took me 7 months to get paid for 6 weeks then get denied. My attorney has the info to try and collect. These people are rude unproffesional heartless thieves. They take your premiums but refuse to pay whn you are disabled. I wish I had my premeums back to live on. I have been hung up on lied to and cheated by this company a nightmare. They play with your life and ruin you with their lies and deceptive business practices. How can the insurance commisioners of all these states allow them to stay in business. They are a FRAUDULENT company. What a SCAM."
Commented on 2012-08-08 18:34:14 EST
"This company will continually harass you and refuse to pay on disability and life insurance premiums. They will continually threaten to stop payments so that you have to hire a lawyer to keep the benefits you paid for.Even if you have 12 Drs saying you are unable to work Lincoln will insist you are. When you hire the lawyer they will pay for a while and then they will start threatening you again and start the whole process over.It costs them nothing to continue to threaten but you have to pay a lawyer to protect yourself.Look at the ratings BEFORE you use this company Beware"
Commented on 2012-07-21 06:16:50 EST
"After 5 back surgeries Lincoln Financial states that I am fine and able to work full-time disregarding several physicians that have seen and treated me and disregarding my functional capacity exam. I would never ever give them another cent or let any friends or family buy a policy from the. This has gotten to the point of a lawsuit for denying the claime."
Commented on 2012-06-19 16:02:00 EST
"LFG raised my life insurance premium over 1000% when I turned 52."
Commented on 2012-06-18 20:33:12 EST
"I have been on short term disability with this company and now they say I am denied . "
Commented on 2012-06-15 13:55:19 EST
"I went out on partial short term disability because I continued to work part time while receiving cancer treatment. Initially they delayed my claim by requesting the same info over and over. Finally they start to pay and supposed to issue checks every other week. Its been 3 weeks since my last check and they are still "processing" and tell me it will be at least another week. A month between checks?? How am I supposed to pay my bills. I pay my premiums each month through my employer and should be able to count on coverage and timely payments"
Commented on 2012-04-20 09:29:05 EST
"Originally with First Penn-Pacific they were bought by Lincoln Financial a few years ago we have had our life insurance policy for over 20 years and now we find out that the near 60000 we have put in is all for nothing. The policy is near worthless now."
Commented on 2012-04-01 22:07:04 EST
"Treated me fairly."
Commented on 2012-03-16 14:43:09 EST
"Lincoln Financial seems to Delay....Delay....Delay...and hope you die"
Commented on 2012-02-22 11:59:43 EST
"Spent over 3 months faxing doctor findings. had to have 2 surgeries dotor said I am not able to go back to work and they still denied my claim. "
Commented on 2012-02-06 13:32:57 EST
"Beware of their LTD policies. They have no internal procedures for how they process claims. Except for trying to find anyway they can to drop you. They will not accept your personal doctors recommendations about disability. They say that doctors will write anything. They will constantly tell you that you have to submit medical documentation and it is never good enough. If you get a Social Security Award it will not be considered period. They claim it is determined by a different method. Additionally they will hold checks and make you sweat every single month."
Commented on 2012-01-17 18:46:14 EST
"Lincoln Financial provides my companys short-term disability benefits. I have been out of work for nearly 2 months with a torn rotator cuff and have not received a penny from Lincoln Financial"
Commented on 2011-12-20 14:22:10 EST
"I have been and still am waiting for a decision of an appeal of a short term disability claim. I filed the claim over 180 days ago. Yesthat means no income for 7 months now. I was eligible to start receiving long term disability 4 days ago. I wonder how long it will take to get THAT claim processed. WRITE YOUR SENATOR. ERISA STINKS. My only hope is all the employees of Lincoln Financial Group have their own STD/LTD coverage. "
Commented on 2011-11-30 18:51:10 EST
"They are hoping people will miss payments to cancel policies and make it almost impossible for them to notify someone else is you miss a payment even while required by law in FL. They are blood suckers and as difficult to do business with as possible."
Commented on 2011-11-19 05:40:02 EST
"I have 10 years term insurance with Lincoln financial group. We notified the company about change of address using the check box in the payment slip. The company ignored the address change notification. The company representative admitted that the the bill-payment service they are using for address changes is not reliable when it comes to address changes. The companys policy is not to call policy holders or use any other means of communication when the insurance lapses for no payment. "
Commented on 2011-11-17 07:22:10 EST
"This company does all it can not to pay. They rejected my claim even tho doctor has submitted tons of reports even dictating a letter directly to them stating that I am disable."
Commented on 2011-11-06 08:48:00 EST
"My father had an annuity with this company naming my sister and I the beneficiaries. They dragged their feet so long asking us to jump through so many hoops that none of the other financial companies or life insurance companies asked for. Avoid this company. Horrible moral compass."
Commented on 2011-10-28 14:03:33 EST
"Worst company Ive ever dealt with. I have a disability policy through them and they constantly delay and stall the payments. Stay away at all costs from LFG"
Commented on 2011-09-30 19:09:45 EST
"We have called repeatedly and dont seem to be able to ever speak with the person handling our claim. Process is agonizingly slow and we keep getting the runaround when we call. "
Commented on 2011-09-28 00:11:46 EST
"I found this forum and couldnt believe how many complaints there were about Lincoln absolutely the worst insurance I have ever dealt with 1 lie after the other yanking me around after 5 months with no income reduced to using credit cards for groceries how is this stuff alowed to go on had to go out sick 3 different health issues work for the school district they deliberatly hire these people pay low premiums and basically try to starve you into going back to work isnt there a law against this stuff who do you contact you have to have a lawyer to wade through all the BS and still arent guaranteed any money we all need to get together and complain to someone who can do something about this "
Commented on 2011-09-17 19:53:07 EST
"They choose a precentage of claims to just not pay with no reason. Then they force you to go through a bunch of hoops to try to get you to go away.Then you are forced to take them to court to get them to fulfill their oblegations.This is the worst company ever. If you have disability or life insurance with them you might as well throw your money away. They will not pay."
Commented on 2011-06-16 07:35:00 EST
"Do not waste your money purchasing a long-term disability or life insurance policy from Lincoln Financial. When it comes time to pay your claim, they pull the delay, deny, deny, until you die act. Had long-term and life through job. Became totally disabled (social security approved). Needed an attorney from the get-go to fight this company who still claims that I am not totally disabled (despite the statements from 5 specialist physicians) and will be ending my benefits as well as not honoring my life insurance policy. So tired of fighting, especially when I do not feel well enough to fight. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I do not want another person scammed by them."
Commented on 2011-05-27 10:05:00 EST
"I am waiting to hear about my long term benefits but this company paid my short term claim as quickly as my pay check at work so I never missed any money. I am hoping things continue to go smoothly"
Commented on 2011-05-10 08:15:11 EST
"HORRIBLE Insurance Company. Do not waste your money and time. Does not matter if the specialist doctor send all medical records, they always will tell you they need 5 business days to process. Next time you call, the same answer, after more than a month, same answer five business days more. Also they are rude and treat you like they are doing a nice favor to you answer your phone call. The social security was more fast to approved my claim than Lincoln Financial Group, they sounds more like a scam."
Commented on 2011-03-25 13:48:58 EST
"My dealings with LFG intially was very positive. Short term disablity management was handled really well, as was the LT at the beginning. They helped me get my SSD started, and here is where my complaint exists. They did not make it clear that when I got my SSD, they would want all of their money back. It is essentially a loan. Their paperwork is vague and for people that are usually on pain meds, can be easily misunderstood. They now have an attorney group persuing me for not only my SS lump sum, but the amount I received for my 14 year old son. "
Commented on 2010-12-11 16:44:49 EST
"Very slow and they do lie to the customer about medical records. They SUCK!"
Commented on 2010-08-26 14:53:25 EST
"We have been trying for over a year to have a life insurance policy ownership changed over with Lincoln Financial to the insureds beneficiary. Currently we, the employer, own the policy. Not one employee at Lincoln will return phone calls or help in this matter and each time we submit what they request, Lincoln denies it for a different reason. Now the insured has passed away and the Claims Department will not answer or return phone calls. Our company has over 500 employees and will NEVER again do business with Lincoln Financial!!"
Commented on 2010-06-16 08:51:51 EST
"This Company does whatever it can to delay your disability claim. It has been more than a month since I filed my claim for short term disability and when I call they tell me they are still waiting for information from my physician or employer or me. Do NOT COUNT ON THIS AS INCOME. A fellow employee was back to work 3 weeks before they sent his first check."
Commented on 2010-06-09 12:53:18 EST
"They investigate every claim, regardless of when the policy issued and they try to avoid paying all claims, if possible. "
Commented on 2010-03-01 13:21:14 EST
"Put in claim for LTD throught my employeer. I have never been sick or injured in my 40 year of work. I legitimatly injured my back and have been to several of the best specialist in New England. They verified the injury and surgury is the only option for my cure recovery. I will be out of work for at least another yesr. LFG approved my claim for benifits, They shortchange me on my earnings and approved a lesser amount. I fought their figures and was basically told to take it or leave it...Then they have told me they would send the check on a certain date....check never came....called after a week, they denied they gave me a date....them they told me another date they would send check...6 weeks check and no call back after leaving 10 messages. Who are these people !! and how can they be allowed to operate this way...Let a lawyer file your claim for you is the only advise I can give when dealing with them....20/20 should do a whole show on this rude and corrupt company. "
Commented on 2010-01-30 08:43:02 EST
"My husband died of natural causes on New Years Eve 2009. I submitted a Certified Death Certificate as they instructed. I have received a form letter stating that the Certified Death Certificate by the State of Florida fails to meet their standards and so they are holding the claim until I resubmit the documents. Since the Death Certificate was completed by a Hospice Doctor (meaning he does it all day long for a living), this gambit looks like a refusal to honor a simple contract - life insurance, a natural death, honor your contract. Very disappointing so far. Not a lot of money involved, so looks like this is just the way they do business. Time to get my lawyers involved? Shameful. My husband was always so proud that he had done the "responsible" thing. What a way to treat a widow."
Commented on 2010-01-29 03:20:04 EST
"Misleading sales people. Never get a straight answer to anything. Variable policy investments impossible to get good info on or even to know what choices are available to the policy. Withdrawal penalty on quiting the policy is huge and long lived. "
Commented on 2009-12-14 14:52:33 EST
"Lincoln Financial has declined to pay the ad&d insurance after my father was killed in a car wreck. For the past 2 months they have been erratic in responses, given no feedback, and have been extremely rude to deal with. I know nothing more frustrating that having a claims specialist laugh out loud in response to paying the ad&d claim. My fathers death was a very simple case of car wreck = accident...his doctors gave sworn statements showing his cause of death and the specifics of that, but still we get laughed at rather than helped. If you wish to have a professional, compassionate, and honest life insurer, please avoid Lincoln Financial Group."
Commented on 2009-11-10 12:29:21 EST
"Almost impossible to communicate with anyone with qualifications. Front line cuties are curt and rude. Difficult to contact. Terrible service. I have a prepaid life insurance policy and wonder if the death benefit will be paid. Absooutely the worst company I have dealt with in my 72 years. It is an insult to the memory of Lincoln that his name should be associated with the group of unprofessional people."
Commented on 2009-11-07 03:39:21 EST
"John Hancock agent rolled policy over to Lincoln. Current policy is not what I thought I was getting. Furthermore, an administrative charge of >30% of cash value was incurred. Next step will be pursuing legalcounsel for possible insurance fraud."
Commented on 2009-10-10 14:36:19 EST
"Peoples attitudes suck and I was treated very badly."
Commented on 2009-09-28 20:09:29 EST
"Have short term disability with this company through my employer. After staying hospital for 36 days for complication, LFG only agrees to pay for 6 weeks recovery after discharge. My Dr. clearly prescribed 8-week total off, and provided complete doc to support it, but LFG tried everything they can to prevent paying aft week 6. Shame on you, LFG!! cheating the most venerable people while they are applying to DISABLITY! "
Commented on 2009-08-17 09:41:57 EST
"After years of paying for STD I was denied a claim after my doctor who is treating me for lupus asked that I take a leave of absence from work because of my very advanced state of SLE."
Commented on 2009-07-05 18:57:47 EST
"I have a several things that went wrong with me and my PHYSICIANS took me off work and told me that I should seek Social Security benefits. In the meantime, I file for short term disability with Lincoln Financial Group! Not only did they loose the first claim, but after calling that to their attention and talking with a supervisor, I was denied every single claim after that! I have fibro, blood disorders, degenerative disc disease, only ONE good disc in my neck, severe fatigue and major depression due to all of these things. They will take the least one thing and deny on that! This place is a disservice to anyone who is need of help who has anything wrong with them! I, for one, wish that we would all get together and place a suit on this Company, for it is the most horrible place to give money to, bar none! "
Commented on 2009-06-29 11:40:12 EST
"Denied long term disability. Total and complete thieves. Their "reviewer" of my claim was well over 80 with no active medical practice. Essentially called my two board certified physicians liars. Which basically makes them unethical if they were lying to support a claim for me. They are a scam. Most long term disability is a scam. And my claim was only for five months!!!!!!!!!!"
Commented on 2009-06-21 10:44:58 EST
"Have short term disability with this company through my employer for which I pay the premiums.I chose a 14 day waiting period. In April I was hospitalized for 9 days and was not released to go back to work for a month after that.Filed a claim which was denied becuase they say I have a 45 day waiting period, which is incorrect and they know it-they have stalled and stalled me- I get a different answer every time I talk to one of their RUDE employees.To this day, I am still waiting for their denial to be reversed. They just want your money and then do their best to keep you from what you are legitimately owed. DO NOT deal with this company!! "
Commented on 2009-05-31 11:17:07 EST
"I was "forced" to deal with this company through my school system, and frankly, I am dissatisfied, especially with the lack of customer service! It took awhile for my funds to be transferred, and my rep was supposed to let me know when they did. I actually had to go online and find out whether or not they did. Meanwhile, my rep STILL hasn't contacted me. Lincoln needs to highly improve their customer service! "
Commented on 2009-05-02 12:29:31 EST
"I have never dealt with a financial services company which demonstrates such a disregard for customer service as Lincoln Financial Group does. I have encountered nothing but an array of arrogance, incompentence and a total void of customer care, with each and every encounter I have had with Lincoln Financial Group. Exhausted with the shenanigans of this company, I'm actually attempting to surrender a small life insurance policy right now through Lincoln Financial Group and I am just amazed after more than a month of conversations, forms, phone calls and complaining, Lincoln Financial Group still hasn't made a single proactive effort to assist me or even keep me informed as to the status of the surrender process, other than to make every effort to change my mind about surrendering the insurance policy or doing everything they can to delay distributing my funds to me. My advice to anyone doing business with Lincoln Financial Group, is to get your assets out of their hands as soon as you can, because it will be an uphill battle just to get the forms you'll need and you'll be lucky to see a check from them while your still alive (they are very efficient at taking your money, just not paying it back.) "
Commented on 2009-04-30 20:09:47 EST
"Despite acknowledging diagnosis of Mixed Connective Tissue disease, including symptoms of related joint pain, fatigue, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, and lupus, they rendered me able to perform my job. Even during the 2 yrs that I did receive benefits for depression and anxiety, they requested monthly documentation to the point of harrassment. I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone."
Commented on 2009-04-15 10:22:11 EST
"Slow pay tactics on short-term disability - never actually communicate with "Benefit Specialist" but with others answering phone, looking up records online. Caught in two lies - when I asked the representative to resend letter to my doctor, she could find no letter that benefit specialist claimed in writing to have sent, but promised to have the "benefit specialist" contact me and my company. This is just not right! But how do I or my company fight them?"
Commented on 2009-04-10 16:05:07 EST
"They have taken all my information, taken what THEY thought they should take, left out some VERY important details of the claim and then denied me. I appealed it, only for them to do the exact same thing! What can someone like me do????"
Commented on 2009-02-25 13:56:48 EST
"Granted LTD by company and then was denied twice over a 5 year period. I fought and they caved and paid me back money. Now they are at it again claiming I was never disabled to begin with. They are underhanded and work hard to dump claimants any way they can."
Commented on 2009-02-11 14:13:53 EST
"Lincoln National reps are very rude and unhelpful! I filed a claim for disability insurance and have never been treated in such a terrible manner!"
Commented on 2009-01-17 16:06:13 EST
"denied ltd claim based on records obtained from a doctor I have never seen. denied the claim based on 1 of multiple health examiner took "adversarial" demeanor during phone conversations.have purchased ltd for 20 years. would be better off investing the money i would saved on premiums.HIRE A LAWYER!"
Commented on 2008-12-07 17:34:17 EST
"i URGE customers of Lincoln Financial to contact their companys HR person and/or CEO about switching companies for insurance"
Commented on 2008-10-09 08:06:03 EST
"We were scammed by our agent.When we renewed our policy the price we were given was false.Our agent took the difference in the price we were quoted and what we were really being charged out of money we had built up from interest we had in our original account with them."
Commented on 2008-03-22 08:55:48 EST
"They are unfair and unknowledgable. I have been fighting them for two months now. You have to be dead to get benefits from them."
Commented on 2008-03-04 23:38:40 EST
"This company is full of it. I sent in information that was requested and they denied a legitimate health claim based on what "
Commented on 2008-02-15 10:25:41 EST
"The handling of my disability claim was handled very poorly and unprofessional. The representatives are very rude and dishonest,and I was treated very unfair. The delays for call backs and processing are way to long, I could call them and not hear from them for up to two to three weeks or sometimes longer. I pray that no one has to go through the mental anguish and frustration that I have had to experience with this company."
Commented on 2008-02-03 17:30:03 EST
"Lincoln Financial is a rip-off company, they take your premiums than make you jump through hoops when you need them. They are unethical, abusive and cheaters. You can have twenty doctors verifying your disability and they will deny your claim based on an in house nurse with no experience in your illness. I would recommend torture before Lincoln Financial....because what they put you through is worse. Stay away from this company if you want to pay into insurance for security in life, they will abuse you and never make good on what they legitamitely owe you. "
Commented on 2008-01-18 16:08:12 EST
"This company plays the "delay, deny, hope they die" game. Forces people with legitimate disabilities into poverty with their unethical practices. They do not follow their own policies and practices and do not used trained medical persons in the area in question when making decisions. You pay your premiums each month for a peace of mind that should you become disabled, you are covered....but this company is more interested in making a profit than taking care of their customers. STAY AWAY from LINCOLN FINANCIAL. It is the WORST insurance company out there."
Commented on 2008-01-06 20:36:16 EST
"In speaking to different agents you will never get the same answer twice. I did everything one agent said to do and then another would say that was wrong and I had to start all over again. They are also very rude, I have never been treated so horribly by any other company in my life. I am currently out of work because of a assault that left me in the position of using their short term disability insurance, I feel as if I was assaulted all over again in having to deal with the people at Lincoln Financial Insurance Company. I do not recommend this company to ANYONE."
Commented on 2007-05-29 07:47:09 EST
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