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Millers Mutual Review

Millers Mutual Ratings and Company Information

Company Rating:
Best Insurance Reports: A-
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Best Rating: A.M. Best rating: A- (Excellent)
Demotech rating: A Prime (Unsurpassed)

Type of Insurance Company: Mutual

Name of Parent Company:

Company Overview:
Company History: Founded 1889, Harrisburg, PA, serving millers and grain elevator operators. Now the company is one of the top 20 providers in the Mid-Atlantic states. It only provides commercial lines of insurance and no longer insures milling or agricultural operations.

Principle Sales Methods: Independent agents and brokers.

Auto Business: Millers Mutual sells commerical automobile insurance; however, they do not offer personal automobile insurance.

Special Business: Millers Mutual specializes in commercial lines of insurance such as commercial package policies and inland marine. The company does not offer any personal lines of insurance.

Company Financial Status:
Assets & Premiums: Assets: $132.478 million
Total Liabilities: $66.358 million
Direct Written Premium: $58.711 million
Net Income: $3.545 million

Lines of Insurance:

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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