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Modern Woodmen of America Review

Modern Woodmen of America Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 4.083 Reviews Modern Woodmen of America has received an average of 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 83 user reviews.

Company History:
Founded 1883, Lyons, IA...Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Health, Long Term Care, Life, Disability

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Modern Woodmen of America

Company Contact Info:
President   W. Kenny Massey
1701 1st Avenue
Rock Island, IL 61201

Modern Woodmen of America Reviews and Customer Comments

"At least the rep was very nice, tried be helpful. Unfortunately, I have had a less than stellar experience with the company and its protocols. It was a matter of communication and logistics. I got up on my days off to meet with rep, sign on for a whole life ins policy and later on a Roth IRA, was asked when I'd like to have deductions, I chose the 15th for the ins only Roth was separately dealt. They instead deducted on the 1-5th. Over several months, tried to correct twice, in person with rep., one morning awoke to insufficient bank funds. We thought we'd had this fixed, now months into the policy. I always prep for funds to leave my account, keep very little in checking with no overdraft, for my protection, and told them this, which was why to prep on a certain date for deduction. Rep kindly discovered it's the company's choice, based on when policy beganput into system. He apologized for lack of attention to account, took responsibility for it. Then I ask How was he trainedwhy even ask my choice Why did he not know Did he know proper deduction protocol Poorly trained or not paying attention during Lack of company communication, hidden in small print I wanted to pull my funds then, but chose to keep in, try to be wise about this, just logistics. We were both patient, but then the month after that happened, by luck I checked email late at night to find a new much larger deduction not previously taken from my account, on... the 15th Didn't recognizenot told in advance about it, so called bank to stop pay. I was puzzled and over it now, plus the name taking it out was different, but I had a hunch, related to MW. I let my insufficient bank funds just be, which auto corrected two days later. Asked rep about the deduction, who told me was another portion of my account, apparently. No reminder, warning, etc. I asked if I could end policy and transfer my life ins funds to another account to save it by this time, I've really had it, and this rep really made me question his position, and who they hire. He didn't get that I don't have any fixed portion, because this was the amount I didn't recognize and stopped pay and called him about, it being the first time I'd seen this, didn't recognize it. I had to explain to him the whole deal with my account, esp. the math about what I was asking to have transferred. This made me question them as a whole, and now, the rep. Why was I not given at the start some sort of paper to describe exactly what amount, when, how, would be taken This was done, no problems for my Roth IRA, dealt with this rep's mngrr, I received clear paperwork. But nothing, except for one receipt I got at home, for this whole life insurance. In addition, they were very late to sign me upon for personal computer online setup. So I really am not happy about this, to conclude that this company andor rep are less than competent, and my money would be better used elsewhere, so to forfeit this account because these people are out to lunch, but I don't trust them anymore. So I lose money to an organization that gives so much to charity, how much do I have to lose in order to qualify to get my money back Thankfully, I was in for only a few months, but still, a loss when surrendered. Could have really used that money for Christmas, bank savings, put into next year's Roth, etc. Instead, I receive no tangible benefits. Too many inconsistencies, logistics issues, and lack of attention to my accountlittle communication. They say, save up. then you're condemned to have not, but this is why. Better for me to have stayed in bed on my day off, saved by transferring to my savings account. They lost my future monies across the next 10 years, totaling probably more than 120,000, plus the 2-yr Roth IRA I'm transferring out to my bank. Don't go with this company. Save yourself the petty grievances and worries. Go to your bank, or Fidelity Federal, or wherever. MW touts the social benefits, but apparently I'm not part of that social end, and you probably won't be either."
Commented on 2018-10-29 03:06:05 EST
"I have had life insurance with this company for 42 years and thought they were a great company until recently,when I found out what I had been told and promised when purchasing were lies. If you have this insurance , make sure before age 65 that you check on it or cash it out,or this billionaire company will get all your promises."
Commented on 2017-02-07 20:04:19 EST
"This is a terrible company that I will not recommend to anyone. They claim to offer Newborn benefits, but in the fine print if your baby does not live more than 5 complete days, then nothing is given. Our daughter died after two days, and when we called to verify this and see if anything could be offered, we were told that because of this limit our precious daughter was not a viable life, and the representative offered no condolences or answers in any way. This is obviously a money grab without mercy or concern because how many newborns made it past 5 days, and hospitals and funeral homes do not make such a distinction."
Commented on 2016-09-06 14:52:29 EST
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