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SAFECO Insurance Review

SAFECO Insurance Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 2.0671 Reviews SAFECO Insurance has received an average of 2.0 stars out of 5 based on 671 user reviews.

Company History:
We focus on providing the insurance products that matter most to consumers – auto, homeowners and small-business policies. Our business helps people protect what they value and deal with the unexpected. At Safeco, we are intent on offering the best mix of insurance coverages and pricing, and fulfilling the promise of our products when a loss occurs. Our most visible product is the personalized service and support we provide when a customer files a claim – whether it’s a fender-..Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Life, Homeowners

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Contact Information for SAFECO Insurance

Company Contact Info:
Ms.   Paula Rosput Reynolds
4333 Brooklyn Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98185
(206) 545-5000

SAFECO Insurance Reviews and Customer Comments

"Claims adjusters very slow to respond and hard to communicate with. I took over a week for them to respond to email and phone calls. It took 10 months to settle a wind damage claim on our barn and 5 months to settle a freeze break pipe damage. The SAFECO estimators are ALWAYS way low in comparison to contractors that do the work. I was forced to go up the chain of command to get results and even then it was a constant battle. SAFECO is the last insurance company that I would ever do business with again. My advice would be to find another insurance carrier if you happen to be insured by SAFECO."
Commented on 2017-12-17 10:15:19 EST
"took 2hours for road assistanse NOT ACCEPtable"
Commented on 2017-11-12 07:01:52 EST
"The claims adjuster denied our claim for a broken water pipe from a freeze on Jan 6, 2017. Too long a detailed explanation needed for their reasoning. I advised the adjuster that if they refused our claim I intended to sue them. They then sent out an adjusterappraiser who said our claim was valid. There was a lot of mold as a result of the busted pipe that we had to request an additional review for that portion of the claim. The adjusters did not want to accept the mold claim. Then they finally told us to get an estimate. They assigned a new adjuster, the original adjust had a mailing address in PA and our claim was in Oregon. They denied our contractors bid and a new adjust was assigned from LA, Calif. After about 1.5 hours of discussion with our contractor, they approved only about 60% of what the contractor submitted. They increased the approved amount to about 70%. The adjuster would delay returning calls and emails until I finally got the email address of his supervisor and the Oregon state head of claims. After copying them on several emails we started to get better attention but the final work was not completed until June 13, 2017. The entire kitchenliving room flooring had to be replaced along with sub-floor insulation. Many of the kitchen cabinets had to be replaced for which they only paid for the counter-top replacement. Now that we have filed a claim, we cannot get a new insurer for two years without having our premium almost double. So we are stuck with Safeco for another 14 months before we can change carriers. Rest assured we will be changing carriers after our probation time is up. Amazing how Safeco brags about how good they are until you have a claim. I am 83 yo and have had several insurance claims over my lifetime. Windrain damage. Roof collapse from snow load. Burglarytheft. I have NEVER had such mistreatment and delays from any of the prior insurance companies like we have had from Safeco. Is it any wonder they come out on the bottom of the list. Too soon old, too late smart. But then you will never know how good or bad they are until you have a claim. Companies like Safeco love to collect premiums but HATE having to pay for legitimate claims. My advice is to really investigate before you select your insurance carrier even if your premium is a bit higher than the low bidder. BTW, I found out that my insurance agent gets an annual kickback of big bucks if he keeps his annual claims below a given limit. I have to ask who he is really working for That's another story for another time. I have all of our telephone calls recorded and every email or USPS correspondence to prove all of the above and more. I suggest that anyone filing a claim, meticulously record dates and times and item's discussed. Attorneys love to sue rogue insurance companies."
Commented on 2017-11-06 15:44:39 EST
"To sum this up I pay this company roughly 2000 a year for auto and homeowners. I have had them for 2 years after having Allstate for over 30. I left Allstate after a quarel over rates. The thing is when I had Allstate the few times I needed them, they had my back. I have had a perfectly clean driving record for 11 years and I was rear ended by a ride share driver while they had fares in their car. The moral is Safeco has done NOTHING to help me settle this simple body damage claim. My experience is with a very young girl fresh out of college that is my adjuster. She works for Safeco and does nothing but talk and talk. She even managed to get all of the information wrong when it came to this accident and I had to procure all of the reports. I have gone far beyong what a reasonable person would do to make this as easy as possible for Safeco. When you have an insurance company where you do all the work, they pass you off to the ride shares company insurance and even though they have have a better adjuster then Safecos and yet are notoriously bad at paying claims, why spend the money on this charade of a company It's companies like this that make everybody rates go up because thats the reason people hire morally questionable attorneys. That is the only way you are going to get payment. I have a 1500 simple body damage claim and Safeco won't pay it. Imagine if someone in my car was hurt in a real acident, like say with big truck If Safeco wont handle a small body damage claim where I'm clearly not at fault, imagine if it was a big claim and say I was at fault After I get my car fixed, Safeco is gone, my independent agent is gone, I will file a complaint with my States Department of Insurance and I will probably go with State Farm, Farmers or Allstate again. Don't think for a minute that saving some pennies is worth it, go with a name that you can trust. As a footnote the rates when I got insurance with Safeco two years ago were low. When my first renewel came the rates jumped 24% and then this renewel they went up 9%. Thats with zero claims, accidents or tickets. Run from this company, they are a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual. As their commercial says, Maybe I picked the wrong insurance company. They got that right. You may think you have the best insurance company in the world until you need them. Then you find out that you are paying 1100 for insurance cards and nothing else. 900 for homeowners and heaven help you if need them for that. I CANNOT even begin explain how BAD this company is, don't even think about getting insurance with them. Me I was rear ended by somebody but nobody was hurt Safeco adjuster OMG thats horrible, do you have their insurance info Me Yes. Safeco OK, file a claim against their insurance. What What am I paying you for and why Thats the claims process through them.- A 24 year old girl reading from a script. Pretty Ridiculous but 100% true. Pay the extra money in premiums so you have peace of mind and not undue stress. You will have to do the all of the work when Safeco should be and in subrogation with the other insurance company. You pay for insurance to let them deal with stuff like this and insurance with Safeco doesn't work that way. Even their preferred bodyshop is in shock at how this has been handled. Look at some of Safecos reviews and complaints on the internet and make your own decision. I bet you come to the same conclusion. Eight reviews on here and they managed to eek out a whopping 1.6 stars with their one 5 star review claiming your agent is at fault. Isn't your agent an extension of this company The person you call first when you have to make a claim My agent is getting fired for even recommending this horible company. I AM IN SHOCK THAT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT HAS NOT BEEN FILED AND WON AGAINST SAFECO INSURANCE"
Commented on 2017-10-08 03:34:49 EST
"price is high"
Commented on 2017-07-28 18:33:57 EST
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