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Savings Bank Life Insurance Review

Savings Bank Life Insurance Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"does not automatically report cash value of my whole life policy "
Commented on 2014-06-29 05:03:23 EST
"Sales person provided wrong information. He basically will say anything to get you to apply for their life insurance. It has been more than 3 months, and my application is still in underwriting. E-mail communication to a sale person is never returned."
Commented on 2009-10-26 04:57:59 EST
"This company practices bait and switch. They quoted me a rate based on my medical history then raised the rate by $100 following my blood test because my cholesterol level exceeded that required for the rate quoted. HOWEVER, my actual level was within their standard as proven by the test done for my annual physical just 10 days previously. The reason their test showed a higher level is that I neglected to fast. I told the "doctor" they sent to do the test that I had not fasted but she said we could do the test anyway and if there was a problem we could redo the test. Well, they were not willing to redo the test and they even failed to respond to my phone calls and e-mails asking for an explanation. I would NEVER do business with such a company EVER. Their slogan is "No Nonsense." HA! Not even close. They are ALL nonsense."
Commented on 2007-02-17 06:45:58 EST
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