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Sentry Group Review

Sentry Group Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Sentry does not like to pay claims, they will write you a policy and take your premiums but good luck if you ever have a loss. Big or small they will some reason not to cover it. They are non responsive and won't return emails or phone calls."
Commented on 2018-04-26 12:43:15 EST
"They field independents adjusters that have no idea about construction. A local construction company comes out with an estimate of 10,500. The independent estimator from sentry thinks that with 3,400 the damaged can be fixed. what a joke. I asked them if they can take care of the damaged themselves with that amount and they say that . no. you figure the rest. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY."
Commented on 2018-02-07 15:32:34 EST
"Bad faith practices"
Commented on 2010-11-27 00:58:15 EST
"Sentry has reckless rate increase practice. My auto and home policy regularly increases above 20% a year with NO claims! Give you an example. I just received our home policy renewal notice, BAM! It went from $670 to $820. A 22% jump! AND this is with ALL the discount! Without the discount, it is $1100. I am actively looking for a new company. Any suggestions out there?"
Commented on 2010-04-21 17:23:44 EST
"good customer service and fair on auto claims"
Commented on 2010-04-13 08:24:51 EST
"Have had auto, home and umbrella policy with Sentry over 24 years. Was great but have received 86% homeowners increase in past 2 years. Have NEVER made a homeowners, auto or umbrella claim! Sentry blames home increases on excessive storm damage in WI but other companies increases much less. NO HELP or compassion from "customer service". Very indignant and poor service company! THEY ULTIMATELY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR POLICY HOLDERS, GOOD OR OTHERWISE!"
Commented on 2010-02-26 09:34:13 EST
"I sadly had a very bad car accident and a death of my husband in it. Luckily, we had been covered and protected by Sentry. Our Agent was the best, she sold us a extra Liability Policy and Life Insurance. Without that I would have lost everything and had no money to feed my family and afford to keep our home. For such a bad time Sentry came thru with great support. I could not have ask for more. Before we were State Farm and they were horrible. "
Commented on 2010-02-19 19:07:30 EST
"continuous premium increases without reason. No accidents, no violations, no home owners claims just premium increases. No rhyme or reason. Bad service. Rep was of no help with questions, policy updates."
Commented on 2009-11-19 01:53:02 EST
"If you farm any part of your property, they will drop you immediately. Frequent Billing screw ups Never viewed the home, just quoted fee "
Commented on 2008-10-20 10:47:07 EST
"No local contact, Continually low balled any repair estimates. Would only consider damage assessments done by their contractors. Would not meet with local roofing contractors who provided home owner repair estimates."
Commented on 2008-09-26 06:48:27 EST
"The claims staff are extremely rude. Their claims service is very slow. I got a notice that my time for a rental while the claim was being processed was cancelled after the due date so I had to pay out of my pocket..just because they didn't notify me. Very very dissatisfied. RUN from Sentry and Dairyland...RUN the other way. "
Commented on 2007-08-06 15:24:26 EST
"After one of their policy holders blew a red light and nearly killed me, Sentry has done everything possible to give me the minimal amount of money for compensation and has even declined settling many accident related damages. Please, I beg you to consider the people who your insurance is supposed to compensate."
Commented on 2007-08-02 20:09:47 EST
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