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State Farm Insurance Review

State Farm Insurance Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 2.51621 Reviews State Farm Insurance has received an average of 2.5 stars out of 5 based on 1621 user reviews.

Company History:
Founded in 1922 by George Jacob Mecherle in Illinois as a mutual auto insurance company, State Farm was originally a single line auto insurance company. Now the company has over 100 services and products and insures more homes and cars than any other insurance company in the United States. The company is ranked #44 on the Fortune 500 list with 65,000 employees and 18,000 agents. It has over 80 million policies and accounts and its bank has over $15 billion in assets. ..Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Health, Long Term Care, Life, Disability, Homeowners

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Contact Information for State Farm Insurance

Company Contact Info:
Chairman   Edward B. Rust, Jr.
One State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710

State Farm Insurance Reviews and Customer Comments

"Been a State Farm customer for over 39 years After two act of God incidents and a burst pipe resulting in minor claims, State Farm is not renewing my Homeowner's. I will be pulling all my other insurances out of State Farm immediately. This is not how to treat long term customers. State Farm is not a reputable company."
Commented on 2019-09-12 07:52:59 EST
"Claims adjuster unresponsive after 4 days. No initial email confirmation of claim filed after 4 days. No instructions on what to do."
Commented on 2019-08-29 18:39:37 EST
"State Farm has done everything they can think of to not cover our car being damaged. We have been with them for over 3 years and only had one claim from a year ago when we hit a dog. They made us jump through hoops with that too but eventually it got handled. We have had several things happen to our cars over the last year that indicate someone has been vandalizing our vehicles. We never made a claim or reported it until recently because we had no proof and the other issues were able to be fixed by my husband and a family friend. However, this time someone pulled our transmission plug halfway out, leaving obvious scoring on the plug and surrounding area. This is not a part that just 'falls out.When we had the car towed to a shop for the trans, they could not work on it because they could not lift it because there was frame damage. We thought the frame damage may have been from the dog a year ago, so they reopened the case completely separate from the transmission claim with the old claim number and everything and sent a person to look at the car and verify if it was related. The car was never lifted and the trans was never looked at by State Farm. Only the frame was inspected and had pictures in which you can actually see a straight cut part way through the metal next to the rust from even more vandalizing but of course they missed that. We had the car towed to the original shop that found and informed us of the transmission vandalism so that they could give State Farm their first hand account and professional opinion. They decide to call the shop instead of actually go out there, claiming the inspector person had already determined that the frame and transmission were wear and tear damage and they were not covering it. What How is rust in the rear responsible for a plug being damaged leading to leaking fluid leading to damage of the interior of the trans Not possible. They also tried to say that the shop said that they told her person who was supposed to look at it for State Farm that it was not vandalism. This was an outright lie as we had talked to the shop ourselves who said they had in fact talked to State Farm and told them the truth which was that it was not possible for the damage to be wear and tear. We have had to talk to over 20 claims specialists which requires us to tell the whole thing all over again just to have them treat us like crap and be extremely rude every single day for over a month, as if we've done something wrong. Safe to say we will NEVER be using State Farm again and will tell anyone we can to avoid them."
Commented on 2019-06-27 18:03:45 EST
"Car was totled according to them. Was told they would send a check to my agent, never did. Finally on 617 I called and was told the check would be sent via next day to my agent. A letter took 4 business days to arrive and no check. Agent called and was told their mistake and the check would be sent next day. Called 3 days later to find out the check was still sitting there. Next day will be 2 weeks. Even my agent said the claims department LIES."
Commented on 2019-06-26 10:04:25 EST
"Had a major theft of nearly everything I own. Most of the tools, test equipment was in like new condition. Had a policy with 26,700 coverage. About 60,000 worth of equipment was stolen. State Farm excessively depreciates it and claims it is only worth 16,000 . State Farm just lost a class action law suit in California for doing this to other people. Great company until they have to pay out"
Commented on 2019-06-19 02:06:29 EST
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