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Unum Review

Unum Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 1.5121 Reviews Unum has received an average of 1.5 stars out of 5 based on 121 user reviews.

Company History:
Union Mutual was founded in Maine in 1848. In 1864 Union Mutual reinsured Chicago Mutual Life, making it the first American company to re-insure another business. Union Mutual changed its name to Unum in 1986 and merged with Colonial Life in 1993. In 1999 the UnumProvident Corporation was formed with the merging of Unum and Provident, and in 2007 UnumProvident changed its name to Unum Group. Unum Group has 3 main divisions: Colonial Life, Unum US, and Unum UK. In 2013 Unum was placed on Forbes list of Ameri..Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Life, Disability

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Unum

Company Contact Info:
President/CEO   Thomas R. Watjen
1 Fountain Square
Chattanooga, TN 37402-1330

Unum Reviews and Customer Comments

"I don't want to throw around the word incompetent but it seems to fit. I have a very very serious spinal disorder, which complicates my daily life. And MEDICALLY TRAINED person that could read a mylogram would understand the seriousness and total gravity of the diagnosis. Nothing is as it was for me. I don't have the ability to work but things could have gone a different direction with some support, proper medication and therapy. I think people are better off with state disability not sure why this place exists other than to fleece corporate money."
Commented on 2020-01-11 23:57:14 EST
"If your an individual or a buisness owner looking for an insurance provider for Life aand Disability, Look elsewhere. The UNUM lost disability lawsuits nation wide as well as abroad speak for themselves. UNUM will fight for years trying Not to pay out on any benefits even with medical proof."
Commented on 2019-11-20 16:30:15 EST
"I will write this about me but I am only one person in thousands or maybe millions. Millions is more likely since this includes people from all over the world. I have always been a hard working person and picking a career as an auto technician and working hard to advance thru the years to the highest level as a Toyota Technician should prove this fact. I want you all to know this because I am a tax payer, voter, father, husband, brother, and law abiding citizen. Here is my story. Seven years ago while I was at work, I fell down. I started dropping things from my hands. I noticed that I was gradually losing strength. I wasn't myself anymore, and slowly losing the ability to do my job. I was paid on a commission type basis. So if I couldn't work as hard and fast as usual then my pay amount dropped. I fault for a few more years as I struggled to continue. Of course I had medical insurance, short term disability, long-term, and death insurance. I have paid for these policies for over 30 years. About four years ago, I had to leave my job due to illness and it was really becoming unsafe for myself to even be in a shop. During these years I have seen a handful of Doctors that struggled with diagnosing my issues. A clear diagnosis was uncertain and Unum isurance company demanded one. But what these doctors did agree on was that I was disabled and continuing to get worse. I was unable to continue to perform a mechanics job by far and the doctors noted this in their records. I was eventually Diagnosed after years and multiple doctor visits, I even took a plane to Rochester, Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. I am now considered a patient there also. I hope you are still reading along and I'm not boring you so far. Well, I find this very hard to say, but I have ALS disease. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease. As you most likely know, My days are numbered and there's No sunshine at the end of my rainbow. But this is not a pity party about me. My whole life was about providing for my loved ones. I am so saddened that I feel that I let everyone down because now they provide for me.This was not in my game plan. I had UNUM insurance whom has worked over time on denying my claim. They ignored my doctors opinions and records, they went way low on my estimated yearly salary, and they prolonged any judgement about me collecting any funds. which also cost me my savings. They flooded my doctors offices with letters and ringing phone calls for info that they could use against me. I had one doctor out of about 7 that I have seen in the very early stages of this disease that I had seen while I was still working that told UNUM that she didn't feel that I was disabled. I wasn't far enough along to confirm any diagnosis. She also didn't care to research my illness. So I fired her. Unum used her records as their source to refuse my situation. I had to sue UNUM. My attorney told me that I couldn't sue for damages because Congress passed a law that prevented these types of lawsuits. Unum caused me so much stress that my health was really taking a hit. The attorney said that due to a bill that congress passed stated that I can only sue Unum to force them to honor the policy that they sold me. This means that Unum has no recoil to deny claimant claims. So they Steal and rob from their customers constantly everyday. This attorney was going to take benefit money's from me that was rightfully mine. This attorney recently dropped my case. He said that there's just not enough money in it to fight them any further. Unum gets to deny me, keep their money. I get NOTHING.... My family gets NOTHING. When I die and I will, There's NO insurance money to help them that I paid for for so many years. I now live on my wifes income. She works over-time everyday. My mother died about nine years ago and left me about 100k dollars that I put in saving, it's all gone now, spent on bills. We have been searching our home for stuff to sell. I live in Spring Texas in a nice 250k house that we have called home for so many years that is now going up for sale. I was denied Social Security benefits also as a normal thing that I have been told. My attorney has dropped appealing this also. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that, I understand that people shouldn't be able to sue insurance companies for millions of dollars or for profit. But if there's a law that states that a person can sue an insurance company for POOR FAITH If Proven for five times the benefit amount, then these insurance companies wouldn't mess us over so badly. Just maybe they would be forced to take care of all the others that are legitimately disabled like they promise to do so in their policies that they sell us.I have read so many other people's comments about what Unum has done to them. I even read one about an ex-employee of Unum getting messed over by them. This is a crime or should be. I wish you all good health now and in the future. And I prey to GOD that you never get sick or have Umun insurance or any other insurance company that is in business to steal from us. Don't ever put yourselves in our positions. Thank You for reading my story. My wishes is for everyone to take notice of this and copy and paste it. then send it to anyone and everyone on the internet, Government offices, State Reps, etc.We the people need help Badly. I hope that I'm still around to see change in this. Thanks Again, [signed]"
Commented on 2019-08-28 14:12:35 EST
"I was sold Critical Illness Insurance from UNUM through my employer, we were told it would pay out a lump sum to help with expenses for things like Cancer, Heart attack, ETC. I was diagnosed with Malignant melanoma which is cancer and they denied my claim, they stated that my cancer had not become bad enough for them to pay out. so I had five thousand dollars coverage supposedly. they didn't pay me a dime and now I am left with thousands of dollars in bills from the four surgeries I've had. I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone."
Commented on 2019-08-06 13:25:09 EST
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