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United Services Automobile Association Review

United Services Automobile Association Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"This is the worst insurance company I have ever had. They hide details, do not take care of their customers. Terrible company."
Commented on 2019-03-14 06:49:50 EST
"Had a claim that took 4 years to complete. USAA was going to fight it as they should but at last minute settled. We wanted to go to court as the claim from the other person was bogus but they cut and ran. By the time it was all said and done it was almost 5 years so claim didnt really affecct us. They always responded and it went smooth. Rates are high."
Commented on 2019-02-26 09:44:33 EST
"Have been with USAA for 48 years. Great company. Have had a couple of auto claims, handled quickly and efficiency. Only problem is the premiums are high. Maybe it's worth it"
Commented on 2018-11-30 10:44:40 EST
"Claims handling is EXCELLENT, but the rates Oh the rates Found coverage must less expensively with Travelers and will be switching"
Commented on 2018-08-16 11:35:06 EST
"Hit and run on my AZ car in Utah. USAA adjuster lied many times trying to find a repair facility. Second adjuster said trust USAA but then failed to go after the Utah ins company to get my deductible. Lies and then they wrote them twice."
Commented on 2018-07-10 17:59:49 EST
"they will not fight for the policy holder they would rather pay out the claim"
Commented on 2018-03-01 12:32:01 EST
"Every insurance company has its ups and downs but I have been insured with USAA for almost 8 years. I left once and went to Progressive, their customer service is definitely 2nd or worse to USAA customer service and their claims agents are RUDE. I had a hit and run and without boring details, I was accused of insurance fraud when a driver side swiped my and fled. They would not provide Uninsured Driver coverage without a police report which put me in a predicament. Never Again"
Commented on 2017-10-16 15:06:05 EST
"USAA only pays actual cash value for used vehicle insurance not the full cost to repair it when another USAA motorist is at fault. Beware."
Commented on 2017-05-04 14:55:15 EST
"Prompt and efficient processing of claims, always"
Commented on 2017-04-28 13:57:13 EST
"High rates"
Commented on 2017-03-01 17:13:03 EST
"My husband and I both hit a deer in each of our cars on the exact same day. We clearly have the best luck lol Calling USAA, the first thing out of the representatives mouth was Are you ok. He showed empathy for our situation from the start and truly cared. This is why I love USAA. The level of service and trust I get from USAA every time I speak to them is unbeatable. I had a rental car within an hour after my vehicle was towed and was back in my car within a couple of weeks. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. I know I can go to another company and pay a lower premium but you get what you pay. The piece of mind and service is worth every penny."
Commented on 2017-02-10 09:10:34 EST
"USAA was much cheaper than Traveler that is the only readon I made the change"
Commented on 2017-02-04 10:08:10 EST
"I have been a USAA member since 1998. Today I switched to GEICO who beat USAA by 800 for car insurance for one year. USAA has raised my rates and I'm 40 years old with a sterling driving record and no claims as long as I've been a customer. My wife is also 40. We have no children. I don't know what happened to USAA but we have banking and other products also which I will be taking elsewhere. What a shame."
Commented on 2016-09-22 22:17:13 EST
"I just got perhaps the rudest customer service rep I've ever had. She would literally laugh when I was trying to understand how one of my policies was overlooked."
Commented on 2016-05-25 09:44:28 EST
"This is a 'Top of the Line Company'."
Commented on 2016-05-22 14:34:59 EST
"My vehicle was stolen around right before Christmas and USAA was there for me. They got me connected with a rental car immediately, made it easy for me to follow the police report, and I received payout for claims in 24 hours. There representatives are knowledgeable, committed, and know when it is appropriate to add extra coverage."
Commented on 2016-05-03 13:59:40 EST
"They valued my vehicle far less than the insurance company of guy who him me. They went to look at my vehicle to assess damage and their field appraiser LOST my key to the car. Then they informed me they would not pay for storage of the car, but it cannot be moved because there is NO key. After telling me they would send a locksmith or find the key, they now refuse to do either. The accident was 11 months ago, they refuse to budge, and I can't get into the car to verify the mileage indicated, which I believe to be wrong. I have been with this company for 30 years, had an claim in 1995 that was quickly and satisfactorily resolved. One week after the accident of 11 months ago, I was driving and a storm came out of nowhere, two trees came down on us, the windshield and roof, they undervalued my car, and have been very difficult in paying medical expenses, they have NOT responded to some and just not covered others. I don't have the money to hire an attorney, so I have lost thousands. I had to settle the one claim because I was without a car. We currently insure 4 vehicles, including the one that has been sitting that they have locked me out of Never go wit USAA, it is the WORST"
Commented on 2016-05-03 00:11:29 EST
"Their internal operations have become disjointed and very frustrating for customers, their employees admit they can't effectively communicate with other departments, and responses to questions can generate a variety of answers depending upon the person you talk with, so it is almost impossible to get a straightforward answer you can count on.>This company used to be the premier that others wanted to emulate, but it has grown into an out of control behemoth that is no longer reliably responsive or customer friendly.>"
Commented on 2016-04-27 05:47:49 EST
"Love to take your money if a claim is filed veterans become the enemy and they spent globs of your premiums on everything but the claim.p.I.s are their secret police force and almost live and drive every place you go with camera in hand trying to let you know veteran we can do anything we want to do to you.real devils for a company sayin it is for veterans that we do this is operated by generals who are veterans themselves go figure eveil money rules these devils what would Jesus say fools.>"
Commented on 2016-04-26 14:06:56 EST
"Homeowners insurance is very bad, they would not pay claim for hail damage on roof even though i have never filed a home claim in over 35 years. The auto insurance generally will not fight with aggressive insurance companies, they will just agree that you are 50% responsible even when you are not. "
Commented on 2016-04-21 09:31:02 EST
"Definitely not the cheapest. Never heard them actually make any claims to be the cheapest out there. But when I was rear ended and lost my car I had money in my account in 2 days to get a new car. Plus I sure like those dividend checks I get every year>Stellar service, super fast claims settlement and a bit of money every year. Never leaving USAA"
Commented on 2016-04-07 13:56:58 EST
"When I added my 2 daughters 19, 16 on my auto policy , I was shocked at the increase. I have been with USAA for 30 plus years. Had to shop for another company , kept the same coverage I have now. Giecgo was 1,800 / YR cheaper for same limits and deductianle"
Commented on 2016-03-28 19:35:30 EST
"USAA provides good values and I love that we get rebates if people claim less than projected. I've had a few car accidents and USAA has always been fair and helpful."
Commented on 2016-03-13 22:58:05 EST
"USAA acts quickly and fairly to provide professional service."
Commented on 2016-01-18 09:55:46 EST
"USAA does NOT...I repeat, does NOT take any kind of "special" care of veterans or military families. It is just a marketing stunt. I am a veteran. I have had both USAA home and auto insurance for three years. Within 3 years they raised the price of my home insurance by 33%, from $1999 per year to just under $3000 per year I had never made a claim. I called to ask why and they could only say it is because of where I live. Same with the auto insurance on my two vehicles. They keep raising the rates even though I have never made a claim and have not received any traffic citations or had any accidents in the entire three years I have had their insurance. Now I find myself in the situation where, because they keep doing this, I have to go through the process of finding a decent insurance company again. I had thought was supposed to be a decent insurance company if there is such a thing, but I was incredibly mistaken. I would not recommend USAA to any family or friends. They just want does not matter if you make no claims or you are a perfect driver, they will keep jacking up your premiums. I am hugely disappointed with USAA."
Commented on 2015-12-29 08:53:00 EST
"We just found out we're over-paying for homeowners insurance, and probably for car insurance too. We'll probably get more quotes from other companies this time around. We often assume that USAA is cheaper and/or better simply because their business plan is centered around supporting members of the military and veterans. But at the end of the day, USAA is just another large company that wants your money."
Commented on 2015-11-09 20:03:14 EST
"I had for 28 years. Thier auto rates are crazy high. When I called to see what could be done they did nothing. I had no claims and my rates were skyhigh they could not explaim why. Homeowners was very high as well. When I complained about rates they became nasty. I went to another company with better rates. Its sad used to be such a great company with good rates."
Commented on 2015-10-02 11:01:26 EST
"Simple, easy and to the point. Insurance cards, documents readily available online. 24/7 customer service and no matter where you at in the US one USAA customer service phone number. "
Commented on 2015-09-22 14:29:41 EST
"USAA has priced itself out of the homeowner's insurance market. I can obtain better coverage for 60% less. While USAA has great customer service, the bottom line is that their premiums are insanely out of line."
Commented on 2015-09-22 07:07:45 EST
"My family has been with USAA for over 30 years. They have always taken great care of us over the years and have done great work with claims that I have had and my parents. They are the best company for insurance and everything else they offer. "
Commented on 2015-09-21 08:52:44 EST
"This is by far the best insurance company. "
Commented on 2015-07-14 16:30:46 EST
"From day one , treated me with contempt >Refused to help denied the claim a burglary while I was out of town . Would never answer questions . Only took written communication >Refused to reopen claim unless I called her >Usaa put a block on all insurance info from MIB and CLue andarked it fraud . >I was and am 100% honest . I've been with them since 1972 "
Commented on 2015-04-14 22:07:13 EST
"I began with USAA in 1966. There's no reason to stay that long except for excellent, responsive, efficient service."
Commented on 2015-04-12 00:31:17 EST
"I cannot imagine an insurance company better than USAA. I've been with them for over 25 years and will never leave. In addition to insurance, I do most of my banking with them although I have found interest rates from credit unions a better deal, I got my mortgage through them, I found a real estate agent through them and got a hefty rebate on the commission I paid, I got a great deal on a new car through their car buying service, etc. I'll be with USAA until the day I die."
Commented on 2015-02-16 06:43:17 EST
"Had great service for claims. I was on the other side of the world and got it settled with payment in 24 hours after my iphone had been stolen. They replaced it at cost of new replacement even though it was several years old. Now i have switched to AAA insurance because they have a better rate now for homeowners insurance. I am sad to leave USAA, but money does talk. Maybe in the future they will give me a lower quote and I'll go back."
Commented on 2015-01-20 09:13:23 EST
"the cost is high, the representatives are unknowlagable of current state regulations, and the reps are passive aggressive, nice to you on the phone, but not listening."
Commented on 2014-12-05 05:48:47 EST
"I have been with USAA since 1990 and while their automotive insurance department still possesses the quality and customer service reputation many regard with USAA their other branches such as banking brokerage and mutual funds lack the customer orientated focus. They are also outsourcing a lot more and the pass-off between who is responsible or able to assist you becomes more evident and frustrating. Will be leaving USAA soon. "
Commented on 2014-11-05 19:38:46 EST
"no hurry to answer a hurry to answer a phone call."
Commented on 2014-10-04 11:26:56 EST
"If you are eligible obtain USAA insurance."
Commented on 2014-09-25 22:02:40 EST
"We have a "total loss" vehicle for an accident that was not our fault. We have to go through USAA for our claim because the person at fault caused a 5 car accident and the limits on her policy aren't enough to cover property damage. Like someone has already mentioned their valuation for the car amount is done by CCC One based out of Chicago you can google them unfortunately most insurers use them. The valuation is just laughable. They didn't use true comps for our car because they said none were available within 200 miles. When I told them that I knew of at least 5 that were available at our local dealer they told me that those cars were thrown out of the valuation because the prices were too high. I haggled with them until I couldn't do it anymore because they were clearly well trained reading from a script perhaps even believing what they were telling me. Once I got bumped to the "total loss" department they pretty much didn't treat me like a human anymore. So I did my research and find out that I can invoke my appraisal clause meaning I can have my car appraised by and independent appraiser USAA would have to hire one too. The two appraisers would work out a price. I interviewed several car appraisers. One said they would take my case never called me back. One sounded very cautious over the phone about trying to work with USAA. The third one I interviewed just put it all out there for me. She said 1. USAA never negotiates. 2. You can invoke your appraisal clause do what you are suppose to do but they will not follow the law will "hire" one of their own appraisers. 3. They will not work anything out with an appraiser I hire they will automatically send it to arbitration. 4. They will insist that the arbitrator be one that they pick. 5. They will draw the process out for at least 3 months and usually 6 months. 6. Her final advice to me take their offer the loss ...switch insurers. Try to get a small local carrier if you can't go with the best priced carrier. She said most insurers are going to use CCC One for total loss values but all insurers except for USAA will negotiate the total loss settlement."
Commented on 2014-09-05 03:49:44 EST
"I have been with USAA for 26 years. I have had 3 comp losses 2 theft of vehicles 1 glass claim. I have been treated with respect each time. I work for another insurance carrier and the carrier I work for completely sucks compared to USAA. "
Commented on 2014-06-28 18:41:08 EST
"USAA has always been there for me. I have no idea how people can talk bad about them. It seems most negative comments here are all blame blame blame. I bet some people are confused about what they are actually covered for. USAA has always gone above and beyond for me and everyone I know. P.S. I am an insurance agent for another company and I know the difference and I'll never leave"
Commented on 2014-06-18 13:09:05 EST
"We have our vehicles and home insurance through USAA along with a checking account. They have always been great until you need them. I recently was in a car accident where it was deemed I was NOT at fault. My car which I purchased brand new was 6 months old and was deeemed a total loss. USAA was great in the beginning and was on top of things. Then they gave us the value of our car. They use CCC One to determine the value of the vehicle. CCC is known to give low ball values in order to save the insurance companies money every year. We put down 10000 on the car and all they want to offer is the payoff amount on the vehicle. NADA and Edmunds values are right in line with each other and are at least 7000 over what CCC values the car at. I know that cars depreciate but they are not leaving us any room to even look into replacing our family car. We are currently speaking with an attorney to see what avenues we have against this offer. Beware if you have vehicles insured by USAA."
Commented on 2014-05-06 13:42:10 EST
"One claim for water damage and rate went up over 1000 dollars."
Commented on 2014-02-27 03:31:35 EST
"Great Insurance Company just avoid their Mortgage products like the plaque"
Commented on 2014-02-18 17:39:33 EST
"I've been with USAA for over 20 years and this company has changed. They claim to be on your side.. however they are profit motivated and use their old reputation for benefit while operating under new guidelines to increase bonus revenues for higher management. My home was recently struck by lightning and I had to replace all of the appliances and USAA took 6 months and several letters and complaints to fix. It took a letter to the CEO to get their attention. I used to believe it was internal personalities that were the problem but now believe it is endemic to the new USAA. Honesty at the lower levels during purchases and shell games at the top to continue large bonuses. They will move money from account to account so that your home mortgage payment is late. They will uninsure your vehicle when you have paid them in full for the insurance. This is a corrupt company. Do not do business with them in more than one way. I've learned my lesson. Keep your eggs in different baskets and keep your money and assets separated from the billers. "
Commented on 2014-01-15 14:38:24 EST
"At one time USAA set the standard for claims service to its customers. Now that USAA has become a profit center and is advertising to the far reaches of the globe customer service and claims processing have taken a nose dive. Usaa now uses a company to valuate classic cars who has lost every court case on car values they have ever been in. USAA has also gone from its home appraisers who where know for their honesty integrity and fairness to the same people used by such "quality" companies as Farmers Travalers and Met Life. USAA has taken 4 months to pay the remediation and salvage company that came to my house. and YES it is a preferred provider for USAA. Bottom line is that USAA no longer cares about veterans. They only care about their bottom line. "
Commented on 2013-11-18 12:47:00 EST
"I filed my auto claim on a Sunday. Called to speak to an adjuster the next day while speaking to an adjuster my assigned adjuster called me. Tuesday the appraiser called went to my house while I was at work to look at my car and told me more than likely my car would be a total loss. Wednesday the total loss rep called and explained my vehicle was deemed a total loss I was sad because the vehicle was recently paid off but usaa was very generous with the pay out. VERY. So I was greatful. Although I had several people contact me throughout the process it was seamless SO EASY and PAINLESS minus my sentimental attachment to the vehicle. "
Commented on 2013-10-07 20:09:19 EST
"We have purchased a house for my father-inlaw as his primary residence. Not uncommon these days. USAA can't get over the fact that this is NOT A RENTAL property. Also they could not get over that fact that when we were applying for a loan that this was NOT AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY. We are helping someone in need in our family and they cannot help us with this not uncommon task. We ended up going with ENVOY mortage and they handled the mortageg beautifully and we are all joint tenents on the property. We are int he process of looking for another insurer becaue USAA wants us to pay 3x more becuase they can't get it out of their system that this is NOT A RENTAL PORPERTY. Good bye USAA. It's a bitter sweet because we've had good exerpiences with you up until these past two years. USAA is full of unfit customer servie people who are just checking boxes and not listening to what you are saying."
Commented on 2013-09-27 09:53:01 EST
"For the Auto Insurance coverage I cannot say enough. With having 5 cars insured over the past 10 years kids driving 3 different ones with accidents 1 totaled they have ALWAYS provided excellent service. Glad to have them on my side."
Commented on 2013-08-16 02:45:49 EST
"Their customer service is outstanding but after shopping around I did find several other insurers with significantly lower rates for home and auto insurance Geico was about 45% less. Whether or not you get what you pay for I don't know because I've never filed a claim but money is money."
Commented on 2013-07-26 17:50:21 EST
"Always great customer service"
Commented on 2013-07-17 10:42:04 EST
"My car was rear ended by another vehicle. That driver was at fault. My insurance company insisted on having the car towed an hour away to my house. Now that they arent paying storage both companies are dragging their feet. USAA and State Farm can both choke on it."
Commented on 2013-06-18 18:50:42 EST
"Had been a customer of USAA for about 8 years. Utilized checking/savings credit cards auto/home/life insurance policies. I was involved in an auto accident not at fault that left me disabled. Now 3 years after my accident they are refusing to pay any further medical bills based on their "Independant Medical Exam". We closed all accounts cancelled all policies actually found insurance at a lower cost and are beginning litligation. Their claims rep has been rude and incompassionate to the situation. Just really tired of seeing all these commercials saying what a great company they are-they are not"
Commented on 2013-03-22 07:24:34 EST
"They don't skimp on repairs and claims for covered items.Very prompt."
Commented on 2013-03-18 21:53:32 EST
"Auto claim was filed against other driver's insurance. Report and statements indicate 100% liability on other driver. Correspondence I have received from USAA has been all automated with statements regarding my policy that do not even exist. The claims update option on website shows no progress after two weeks. I have had to call them numerous times to upload claim "dairy" that they are supposed to update. I have had to talk to a different USAA adjuster everytime I have called. The final discouragement was when they stated that the other insurance company is willing to pay 50% of my costs. I am dumbfounded that both insurance companies have verifiable statements clearly stating liability my car not driveable and that arbitration is being brouht up. In the end I think it is a "dealing" behind closed doors that has nothing to do with what is truly culpable but financially advantageous to everybody except the policy holder."
Commented on 2013-02-28 07:51:12 EST
"I moved from Ohio to Colorado and they want to raise my Auto premium by 50% 600 tp 900. Comparable policies from other well known companies are HALF as much and USAA refuses to even put my premium to what it was. "
Commented on 2013-01-17 15:57:02 EST
"Always there when needed"
Commented on 2012-11-02 09:27:44 EST
"Replacement values of the outside structures that were damaged were depreciated severely. The agent fought every expense that I had. This was a home owners policy. I ended up receiving a little more than a fourth of the money I had to spend to repair and replace. The auto policy was okay. The homeowners did not cover what it should cover."
Commented on 2012-10-31 14:21:49 EST
"Bought a new car traded a car in and sold another car. Usaa removed one vehicle from my policy but failed to make the other changes. Unfortunately I had a collision shortly afterwards and usaa refused to honor the claim--even after I provided the documents they asked for. They also have no claims agents after hours and want you to do everything online. Their customer service is non-existent but they are happy to efficiently process yor premium payments. Do yourself a favor and go with an agency that has real live people to deal with."
Commented on 2012-10-24 11:29:26 EST
"Very very easy to deal with....usually one phone call takes care of it."
Commented on 2012-10-16 14:12:29 EST
"USAA has trust issues with in its own company. I have both insurance and financial products with USAA. When paying from a USAA checking account the funds are held for 7-9 days before they clear as if it is coming from an external source. In some cases this has caused my payments paid a week in advance to be late. I in turn received late fees. Last year I was involved in a traffic accident. USAA treated the accident as if it was my fault when the investigation from the police department clearly showed I was not at fault. I promptly received a letter from USAA stating my account was Under Review for cancelation. After paying them above average insurance premiums for over 30 years with on claim they did not have to pay for and they are ready to drop me. USAA is NOT the company it once was and if they cannot trust their own systems how can I?"
Commented on 2012-08-23 04:27:51 EST
"Company has lower eligibility requirements. I am worried that in the future this will hurt our company and USAA will be just like any other insurance company. So sad that this fine company is going down hill. "
Commented on 2012-08-19 08:14:29 EST
"USAA is no longer the company I have been a proud member of for almost 40 years.Seriously relaxed eligibility will find its way to the bottom line.Furthermore the company has gone Hollywoodwasting millions in advertising to a military base that already knows who they are regarding property casualty...They appear focused on growth at any cost...For the first time in over 35 years I am obtaining quotes from other carriers... remain little more than one more prime-time television commercial away from giving up altogether... "
Commented on 2012-06-08 23:02:16 EST
"No local agents but great online and phone service"
Commented on 2012-06-01 05:01:30 EST
"Raised my rates by 33%. When asked why since I have no claims or tickets I was told it had to do with the way they redid their premiums. This coincided with when they started running all their radio ads. Looking at other companies now."
Commented on 2012-05-15 11:24:45 EST
"Home owners rates keep rising. You must consistent review your home owners policy as they are always changing the criteria that causes rates to go up. We are now paying additional for last years fire and drought losses in Texas. I live on the east coast. Should have taken the money out of their reserves "
Commented on 2012-05-12 09:52:09 EST
"I have been a USAA policy holder for 40 years and many competitors have tried to beat them on premiums and service and have failed every time. This company also returns a portion of profits back to members each year. Absolutely 1 insurance company in USA"
Commented on 2012-05-07 18:17:02 EST
"Never made a claim. My rates have been raised by over 55% in 2 yrs. I compared costs and it is twice what others are charging for same coverage. It is a disgrace that they are presenting themselves as for the Veteran. Treading on very sacred ground in my book.Greed personified."
Commented on 2012-05-05 05:53:29 EST
"Terrible claims service"
Commented on 2012-04-24 15:31:38 EST
"This company will settle false claims overseas with locals without any input from you and will not tell you it settled a claim. Will simply place the blame on you and raise your rates. Makes it very UNSAFE for Americans driving overseas."
Commented on 2012-04-20 13:40:50 EST
"Usaa best insurance company EVER and not just that they also have banking too and I love how easy u can acces your acct on the phone. with out a doubt usaa best insurance ever and great customer service "
Commented on 2012-04-19 04:04:09 EST
"low rates. prompt service cant complain"
Commented on 2012-03-23 20:20:12 EST
"Make sure you read every word of what is not covered on your policy regardless of what an agent may tell you. They often say your property is covered to get you to buy their insurance then when it is claim time say otherwise."
Commented on 2012-03-23 17:17:17 EST
"The people on the phone are always very nice but routinely give inaccurate information or are not helpful."
Commented on 2012-03-21 13:46:14 EST
"Many calls with out saatisfaction"
Commented on 2012-03-12 21:50:18 EST
"After 50 years my family finally needed insurance coverage after a car accident we we not at fault. USAA made the process unbearable. "
Commented on 2012-03-05 19:25:23 EST
"The claims people seem to do everything to discourage you from pursuing your claim. They seem very offended when you ask for more than a superficial explanation of why they are denying your claim. They make statements about what their records show or what their "understanding" is about a situation which are not based upon the actual facts. When you ask where they are getting their information they cannot explain. Since there are no local agents everytime you call you wind up speaking with someone new who does not go back and read through prior notes if any have been made and you have to re-hash the entire issue all over again. When I wrote a letter to management about my dissatisfaction with my claims experience after having been a customer for 29 years I received absolutely NO RESPONSE. Clearly they did not care about losing a long-term customer. I am looking for new insurance company now. I will pay more money but it will be worth if the customer service is better and speak face-to-face with an agent who I hope will be knowledgeable."
Commented on 2012-02-29 12:23:53 EST
"I have never had a problem dealing with USAA they are helpful informative and polite when I deal with them on the phone and quick to service my claims."
Commented on 2012-02-28 15:18:09 EST
"Prices have not kept up with current markets. Severely overpriced"
Commented on 2012-02-15 13:33:17 EST
"Wonderful. Top rate"
Commented on 2012-01-18 23:56:20 EST
"Excellent customer service reasonable and affordable rates and efficient claim service."
Commented on 2012-01-17 17:38:55 EST
"They wont pay claims."
Commented on 2012-01-06 00:09:20 EST
"Exceptionally great service"
Commented on 2011-12-23 12:41:02 EST
"On time on target. Enough said. "
Commented on 2011-12-08 08:56:01 EST
"If you are eligible for membership I would strongly suggest you inquire about their services."
Commented on 2011-11-17 17:35:30 EST
"As a longstanding customer the few times we have needed to actually utilize our coverage we have been very dissatisfied. Our recent hurricane claim has been met with extremely poor service delays and is still ongoing We sure pay a lot for insurance and the quaility of service does not match up."
Commented on 2011-11-01 19:31:05 EST
"It seems like the company is offering less for more. The services offered have high deductables and dont seem to cover basic needs that their competitors cover.I have been with them for 17 years and I am thinking of leaving."
Commented on 2011-10-30 14:46:48 EST
"Is there anyone better Youd be hard pressed to find one."
Commented on 2011-10-27 14:29:57 EST
"USAA was a great company for most of the 22 years I was with them. I had a car totaled my my son and they have been a nightmare. Theyre settlement is less than the lowest trade in value almost 1/2 of the actual value of the car. The CEO office wont take my calls and just pushes me back to the claims group. "
Commented on 2011-10-08 02:58:59 EST
"USAA employs friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff to take care of my automobile insurance needs. Ive been insured with USAA since 1968 and am extremely satisfied with the way my automobile claims that Ive submitted in that time have been handled. Their responses have always been prompt and hassle free with payment of claims being made within little time after filing them. It has been a pleasure to have been associated with this outstanding company."
Commented on 2011-09-29 14:03:49 EST
"USAA is my financial institution and insurance company for over 34 years. I wouldnt think doing business with another company. Service is top notched and USAA works for its customers."
Commented on 2011-09-08 21:34:23 EST
"So far I feel that they are the best and the customer service is outstanding. "
Commented on 2011-09-07 10:16:09 EST
"Horrible experience dealing with Claims adjuster. Claims adjuster does not care about customer and need training on people skills. Pay high premiums each much for over 10 years to be treated poorly. Does not listen and only cares about closing claim and meeting her quota. Also pay premiums for rental car and had to turn it in before check was cut for total loss. Horrible horrible service . Retired veteran "
Commented on 2011-06-27 08:17:37 EST
"WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER! Horrible. They left me at enterprise with no rental three times. Never calls back. Never deal with the same person twice. Eighteen errors ( almost 1000$) on the estimate, all in favor of USAA not me. Stay away!!!!"
Commented on 2011-03-10 12:55:14 EST
"the best"
Commented on 2011-02-16 16:46:11 EST
"We have been with USAA for over 30 years. What was once an excellent insurance provider has degenerated into a poor quality company. The service they were once known for is now a memory. Their once-excellent coverages of home and auto have both morphed into red-tape and hidden-clause entities. I am now searching for a quality replacement company for home/auto/toys/medical. I can barely wait for the moment I can tell this company where to go. "
Commented on 2011-02-07 08:14:19 EST
"This company is ridiculous. They never return phone calls, claims adjusters are rude."
Commented on 2011-01-20 15:54:36 EST
"Great Customer Service always!!!! So far, no problems, ever....knock on wood."
Commented on 2011-01-16 06:09:54 EST
"No personal attention. We have (had) numerous accounts and no one can provide good insurance coverage advice. Good compnay for simple insurance needs but not for small business or rental property owners."
Commented on 2010-12-21 11:18:58 EST
"Good claims process, but they recover any claim with increased rates. My family member was mugged abroad and as a result, they raised my rates by 33%!"
Commented on 2010-12-16 09:01:10 EST
"Am refinancing mortgage on our condo. Asked for quote from USAA for HO6 insurance, as the current policy they sold us (over 5 years now) turns out to be for single family home, not condo (?!#!). Frustrating experience. Talked with five different agents over a week, got quotes ranging from over $4,000/year to over $2,000/year. Different agents give different "explanations" of options, work out different quotes. Have totally lost confidence in honestly and integrity of their condo coverage policies. Was told it was mandatory in HO6 coverage to have both the "building items" coverage (so-called "walls in") but also mandatory to have something called "special item building cost" which amounts to the same thing (and cost the same, which makes it appear that they are charging double the premium, just calling it by different names.) Their total rate quote (including hurricane coverage which our mortgage company requires) is so far above other companies, we are now being forced to leave USAA. Frankly, they donʻt seem to care. I wonder why? Maybe they donʻt want to increase their HO6 insurance business."
Commented on 2010-12-09 01:45:08 EST
"Always been pleased. I have several claims over the years and process went extremely well."
Commented on 2010-11-30 00:31:34 EST
"They accused me of hitting my own car. I fixed the car my self and put this car on collector car insurance. "
Commented on 2010-11-12 16:18:49 EST
"the best there is, if your eligible"
Commented on 2010-11-11 06:54:31 EST
"The response from the company when I filed a claim on a vehicle (water damage in flood) was prompt and easy. Great experience in a time of frustration. "
Commented on 2010-11-03 07:55:45 EST
"I have had USAA auto insurance over 40 years. Recently I have found that their rates are far more expensive than other carriers. USAA used to be very economical to own but they have raised their rates greatly and I am considering a change."
Commented on 2010-11-01 08:59:48 EST
"As stated by others, USAA is easy to work with, they go out of their way to meet all of your needs. We have had home and auto insurance with them for over 45 years. "
Commented on 2010-10-31 11:38:07 EST
"One of the things i found is that when you do have a claim you must stand up for your rights under that policy. Read the fine print before you buy. "
Commented on 2010-10-27 08:38:50 EST
"We have been with them over 40 years. Whenever we have filed a claim they were very responsive and fully supported our needs. Great customer service, they work very had to ensure your satisfaction. Our children have also become their customer. I would highly recommended USAA to anyone."
Commented on 2010-10-23 14:17:06 EST
"Quick, "no-questions-asked" claim service. Too many extra services and benefits to list. They go way out of the way to support and serve us. Every new service we enter into in banking, financial planning, etc. we spend months researching everywhere possible, and always come back to USAA. Their service to its members is unmatched."
Commented on 2010-10-15 07:38:46 EST
"Highly recommended. "
Commented on 2010-09-28 00:06:05 EST
"this company will drop your policy without handling your claim. the people that they employ to handle case are not honest. "
Commented on 2010-09-27 16:55:42 EST
"Easy access, prompt attention, prompt payment of claims."
Commented on 2010-09-10 14:59:10 EST
"I have been with USAA for more than 16 years. I occasionally check with other companies but have never found a better deal than USAA. Best of all, I get a rebate check almost every December. Just in time for Christmas shopping. How do you beat that?"
Commented on 2010-09-05 18:06:58 EST
"they raise deductibles and hide it"
Commented on 2010-08-31 12:55:25 EST
"I have been with this company for over 45 years. They have excellent and courteous service that is fast and efficient."
Commented on 2010-08-27 10:56:12 EST
"Cost is the only factor contributing to renewal and recommendations. USAA is expensive."
Commented on 2010-08-23 20:11:52 EST
"They are very rsponsive and paid all claims well."
Commented on 2010-08-18 18:28:47 EST
"I have been with USAA for over ten years and my wife and I have had our share of claims. They have stood behind us every step of the way with the upmost respect and support! In my book, this is the number one company in the country! "
Commented on 2010-08-01 20:02:59 EST
"Very easy to work with. They even handled the other guys insurance company for me. I did not have to contact the other company at all."
Commented on 2010-06-28 11:25:41 EST
"Poor claims settlement - took almost a year to finish a very minor claim. The police report indicated the other driver was at fault (along with the other driver while at the scene), but the insurance company decided that it was a no-fault accident causing 50% liability for each party. Everyone except the consumers won!"
Commented on 2010-06-26 18:32:54 EST
"Premiums are extremely high compared to comparable companies."
Commented on 2010-06-24 17:07:00 EST
"USAA -- is NOT the company it used to be. Originally and until same date after 1996, only Unites States Armed Forces Officers, or thier family were elgible... and the company was GREAT. Now they will take anyone, and they have become as greed and wicked as any insurance cinapny."
Commented on 2010-06-24 14:20:10 EST
" Service has varied over the years. Much better than my previous dealings with Allstate."
Commented on 2010-06-06 08:13:10 EST
"Consumer service for USAA has dropped significantly over the years. Also, follow through is poor and there seems to be a lot of confusion in communication. I do not recommend this company and plan to look into other companies soon."
Commented on 2010-05-25 17:23:07 EST
"I have had had to deal with big insurance companies and small but have not been let down by USAA yet. Their prices are very reasonable and the customer service is by far the best out there I have dealt with. I have been in 2 accidents with USAA and they have been a pleasant suprise to deal with. "
Commented on 2010-04-29 16:22:48 EST
"Outstanding service with no hassles."
Commented on 2010-04-22 15:51:36 EST
"They are out there to make money. that is their #1 priority."
Commented on 2010-04-20 08:37:24 EST
"USAA has an interesting way to increase its premiums. They now call you so you can provide them additional information for a higher cost for rebuilding your home. That means more money for them."
Commented on 2010-04-17 10:42:58 EST
"By far the best insurance company out there. If you can get it, you should!"
Commented on 2010-04-13 19:10:15 EST
"Had to file a claim, vehicle rental reservation automatically done for me, I asked repair parts to be original manufactured parts and the claims adjuster agreed, over $5,000 in repairs using all new manufacturers original parts. USAA can teach other insurance companies about excellent customer service."
Commented on 2010-04-07 18:35:01 EST
"The company would not cover a loss due to a leak from a shower into a crawl space. They said it was a long standing problem. But we would have to have been living in the crawl space to be aware of the leak when it started. Problem was reported as soon as discovered, but they stonewalled the claim after being insured for 50 years."
Commented on 2010-03-20 11:56:26 EST
"other than the delay in the claims process, USAA low-balled the offer on the total loss of our veh. Then when I tried to talk to them, and submit compairable vhe values, I was told it would do no good. After I could wait no more I sent in the signed title per their written request and they paid 200 less than the written amount.!!!! I was told they re-evaluated the vhe per my request and it came up lower. "
Commented on 2010-03-18 17:13:40 EST
"They will not cover individuals who have fully recovered from certain types of cancer. "
Commented on 2010-02-18 05:25:59 EST
"For over 26 years, USAA representatives have always treated me and my family with great care and respect, whether it be with auto insurance or banking. No other company that we have dealt with have been this consistent."
Commented on 2010-02-01 15:44:34 EST
"The premiums that this company charges are very expensive. I have never had a claim on this company nor any other."
Commented on 2010-01-27 10:52:35 EST
"Settle claims very fast within 1-2 wks. Have had some problems though settling a rental car accident probably because of the number of parties involved. I kept thinking that it was settled and USAA closed it out put the rental company kept hassling me. fortunately Am Exp covered the $500 deductable and advised against the "loss of use" charge the rental company was trying to charge."
Commented on 2010-01-25 09:34:17 EST
"Best costumer service in existence."
Commented on 2010-01-11 18:12:57 EST
"We have been with USAA since 1978 and have been very unhappy with the continual rate increases. Rates have skyrocked and the company forces many homeowners to over insure their property. In the past we would highly recommend, but no longer. They are far too expensive and no local contact. Going to local agent."
Commented on 2009-11-30 15:05:49 EST
"50 - 60 percent higher for home insurance than other companies. Rates continue to increase with no explanation. "
Commented on 2009-11-14 13:21:47 EST
"USAA has raised my home and auto premiums over the past two years to the point that they no longer really price competitive. I have not had any claims on my house and only one auto claim. I have been with USAA since the late 80’s with my auto and I started my home policy around the year 2000 with them. USAA said the have filed for the opportunity to raise rates in Texas. Boy did USAA ever. My auto insurance has gone up about 30% because they can. USAA did the same with my home policy "
Commented on 2009-11-09 08:47:58 EST
"The best there is for the military/retired military."
Commented on 2009-11-02 16:49:29 EST
"Been with USAA for over 25 years (auto and home), had one minor HO claim that they paid $1000, immediately jack our rates by $900. Now they want to raise our rates again. We are leaving ASAP."
Commented on 2009-10-28 06:54:32 EST
"I have been with USAA for 23 years. My auto policy has been in the same price for that time. They just raised it 70%!!!!!!!!!, no late payments or claims, perfect driving record. They lost me as a customer!!!!!!!!"
Commented on 2009-10-18 14:02:40 EST
"Recent rate increases of up to 30% is totally unreasonable. I have blindly been loyal to this company for 20 years. This is the thanks I get!"
Commented on 2009-10-13 12:21:24 EST
"My wife died unexpectedly a few years ago. USAA processed her life insurance claim with minimal forms on my part and within a week or two, the claim was settled. They provided gratis finanical consulting help as well. "
Commented on 2009-10-05 07:18:11 EST
"Excellent Customer Support; always knowledgeable customer representatives. Home Claims were done quickly and fairly. When other companies were "stiffing" my neighbors after a hail storm, USAA paid for a complete re-siding no questions asked."
Commented on 2009-10-01 12:38:20 EST
"Fast reliable excellent service for over 40 years but just now there pricing has risen 20% in one year need to re-evaluate that. "
Commented on 2009-10-01 09:37:59 EST
"Home insurance is outrageously overpriced. Other products and service are quite good."
Commented on 2009-09-21 16:13:45 EST
"The best insurance company I have ever dealt with."
Commented on 2009-09-11 11:25:09 EST
"I have used USAA for banking and insurance for years, and their customer service is unbeatable."
Commented on 2009-09-09 06:49:32 EST
"Great customer service. Telephone answering system a pain but manageable. No problems with small auto claims in past. Homeowners insurance is higher than competetion and for less coverage in texas - so watch for that."
Commented on 2009-07-22 07:59:29 EST
"USAA does not provide good service to its clients for accidents when an uninsured motorist is at fault. They do not want to pay out for medical claims when an uninsured motorist is at fault. This is very very bad."
Commented on 2009-07-10 11:40:31 EST
"USAA sets the bar for customer service. Few companies can meet their standard. "
Commented on 2009-07-06 10:27:59 EST
"Excellent company with polite, professional, and compassionate customer service."
Commented on 2009-07-02 14:53:54 EST
"No 24 hour live support so if something happens on the weekend or over a holiday you can not file or get a rental etc. until the next bussiness day....would be nice to speak to a live person as opposed to automated system when you are panicked becaue your car has just been stolen"
Commented on 2009-06-05 20:16:02 EST
"I had Hurricane damage in 2008 and they replaced the whole roof even when my contractor said they would only cover 50% it."
Commented on 2009-05-31 12:39:50 EST
"USAA refused to pay for a roof/wind claim stating that the roofing materials were manufactured, shipped, warehoused, or installed at less than 72ºF. This roof was installed about 1 year before I bought the house (10 Years ago) and was inspected prior to the purchase and signed off by USAA whom financed the home. When I protested I was told I needed to pay for arbitration by USAA and they refused the claim. Then they raised my premiums 30% for making a claim."
Commented on 2009-05-26 14:48:00 EST
"All of the "smack-talkers" on here who failed to take care of their own business oughta just pipe down.... USAA is one of the best deals going for the military but people have to recognize that they ARE a business! "
Commented on 2009-05-23 21:31:15 EST
"I am very satisfied with USAA's claim handling (2 claims in over 30 years), but unsatisfied with their their high premiums and policies on which those premiums are based. (Their "replacement cost" estimate is over twice what my total property, including the land, is worth). That is why I came to this site, to find an insurer with reasonable customer satisfaction at lower cost. It appears that most insurance companies have large numbers of dis-satisfied customers, so I may not find a good alternative."
Commented on 2009-05-13 22:19:10 EST
"I was hit in a parking lot, the police report assigned fault to the other driver but USAA wants me to accept 50% responsibility for the accident! Both of us were insured with USAA. I don't think I had fair representation in this matter. I had nearly $1000 worth of damage to my vehicle and am out of pocket the deductible plus have spent countless hours trying to resolve this matter since USAA is not good at returning my phone calls. To make things even better, if I am involved in another accident, my rates will probably increase. I have been w/USAA for nearly 20 years and this is my first claim!"
Commented on 2009-05-07 16:34:28 EST
"I have auto (54 years!) & home owners (since 1980),no claims. A few claims for auto which were excellent however my last homeowner premium was way too high compared with last years and other companies. I phoned and was told the only way to reduce premium was to take high deductibles. After shopping I found more coverage with lower deductibles and 1/3 less cost. After all these years I regret paying these high premiums when I could have paid a lot less. I will stick with the auto but will drop the homeowner policy. "
Commented on 2009-04-29 13:32:32 EST
"My truck was vandalized, called USAA and filed a claim. Woman I spoke to set everything up for me...made an appointment with the shop and when I got there, they had all the paperwork for my claim. Took less than 10 days from the time I contacted USAA until the time I got my truck back......... "
Commented on 2009-04-20 21:07:42 EST
"I have been with USAA for 20 years....I would have said they were "Great".....but, then, I had to file a claim.....due to someone else rear-ending me. No question: the other party at fault. USAA has been rude, obstrusive, obstructive....made every attempt not to pay one dime! I have been continually shocked!! Hey! I thought my company would stick up for us, our needs. HOW NAIVE of me! The only problem I have with this survey is that there is only one "Very" as a choice to indicate unsatisfaction on claims handling....because I could not be more "very, very, very, very, very, very, {etc.) unsatisfied! Who do these guys think they are?!? If they do not want to cover injury and damage done to one of those whom they insure, caused by fault of another party, then: WHY ARE THEY IN THE INSURANCE FIELD?!?!"
Commented on 2009-04-17 17:10:09 EST
"USAA is always fair, the customer service is excellent and the claims I've had are quickly settled. I'm now in the midst of a claim with another company (Unitrin because someone hit me) and I can sure see the difference. "
Commented on 2009-04-16 14:37:05 EST
"I've been a USAA policy holder since 1971. Up until recently I've been very satisfied with USAA. However they just jacked up the annual cost of my homeowners policy by 25%. I've had no claims and live in an area (Maine) away from the coast, not subject to floods or hurricanes and yet in spite of house prices plummiting they raise my home insurance rate. When I called them to inquire for their rationale the told me that they just got a rate hike approved by the State Insurance Commission and they have a new system for estimating the cost of the home owner's insurance. They said if I didn't want my rate to go up I should reduce my coverage and/or deductible. Very disturbing and something I just can't ignore. I will move all of my insurance and financial accounts to another company. I wonder what size bonus the USAA Senior Management Team got this year?"
Commented on 2009-04-08 09:11:53 EST
"not good to work with"
Commented on 2009-04-06 11:42:47 EST
"I have been a USAA member for over 40 years and am extremely satisfied with the level of service provided. This includes information, advice and claims service."
Commented on 2009-04-02 05:32:48 EST
"They take a longtime to go through your claim, inspection and they do a bad job at following up. I had to call the insurance company and the body shop and get all updates and keep following up. I had to ask the adjuster to call the body shop to talk to them, he would care less about your claim."
Commented on 2009-03-27 07:51:45 EST
"I have been with USAA for over 20 years. I disputed the market value of my vehicle (found online, market value was averaging $8500, thought should get $8000, they gave me $7200). The fact that I have been with them for over 20 years did not affect what I thought was a fair deal. Before this, I had been very satisfied with them."
Commented on 2009-03-26 11:08:49 EST
"BAD FAITH. They keep denying payment for medical bills when I pay for this coverage and have given them ALL required documentation."
Commented on 2009-03-19 12:55:58 EST
"I have been with USAA since I joined the military in 68. Have lived in Baton Rouge, LA the past 20 years and recently went through Hurricane Gustov. Did not have any damage to my home but lost everything in the fridge & freezer due to loss of electricity. Never called USAA to file a claim. They called me a few days after the hurricane and wanted to know what damage we may have incurred. I told them the food going bad was our only loss. They said our policy covered that up to $500 and the next day the money was in my bank account. They took the initiative and it was very welcomed. Never have had any problem with auto claims filed. I have never had any problems with USAA but it does bother me that others seem to have all kind of problems. Its troubling that some get great service and others get poor service. Why would that be happening??? "
Commented on 2009-03-06 13:41:39 EST
"Company is not responsive to the needs of the customer. For insurance purposes they have my house overvaled by almost double and my personal property valued at over five times the value of the property. Thus they have skirted the Florida Laws on raising insurance rates. They will not listen to reason, they say they have a program that computes values and building costs. I would like to run my business with a "program" that I could use to establish my revenues. I would buy their program, wouldn't you? Their auto program is just about as bad. I filed my only claim about five years ago for $1200 and they subsequently raised my premiums by $400 per year. Since then the rates have remained stable at this high rate."
Commented on 2009-03-03 07:51:16 EST
"Do not ever file a home owners claim with USAA. I did and my premiums went up by 148%!!! I have been a loyal customer for 15 years, and had a renters or home owners policy for the last 10 years. I filed one theft claim over 10 years and got paid out $842. Now my premiums are $815 more per year!"
Commented on 2009-02-17 08:49:08 EST
"Wife got into an accident and was NOT her fault. USAA offered us to go through them for medical costs, even though we could have went after State farm. After my wife started receiving treatment, we got statements in the mail from USAA stating that they did not want to cover doctor visits and were telling my wife on how she should be feeling. HMMM... We are dropping USAA once this is over.."
Commented on 2009-02-13 17:18:54 EST
"My apartment was broken into and I made my claim with USAA and about a week later they sent there investigator out to my resident. Though the interview the investigator told me himself that he thought that I staged the break in myself... and in his own words, "HAD A FRIEND KICK IN MY DOOR AND MAYBE PUT ALL MY THINGS IN A STORAGE UNIT," I was never so insulted! So screw you USAA! Good thing I had all my reciepts, but still.. they didn't cover half of my loss. "
Commented on 2009-02-13 10:45:41 EST
"They will not pay out for a claim, they look out for thier best interest. If I have wind damage why the hassle but will payout for people who have years of wind damage without having any of it fixed until its to late. What am I paying for???"
Commented on 2009-02-11 17:10:00 EST
"USAA Customer service is INSANE good. Outstandingly wicked good."
Commented on 2009-02-09 18:41:50 EST
"I had heard that USAA had the best auto insurance there was to offer and I qualified because I am a vet. I recently was in a car accident where I wasn't at fault and my car was totaled. After filing the initial claim I couldn't get ahold of the person handling my claim for about two days. When I did, she couldn't give me any information regarding the close out of the claim and said that someone would be calling me about the final evaluation and pay out. No one called for five days and then when I called back, USAA had already issued a payment and sent it in the mail. I specifically told them I wanted direct deposit since I have all my bank accounts with them. Now, half of the check amount is still on hold because it was over the check deposit limit which wouldn't have happened if they would have done what I said. A week and a half after my car was totaled, out second family car was stolen. there was minor damage on it but the ignition was broken so it had to go to the shop. The adjuster took five days to look at it and then said we have to pay for all of the repairs and then USAA will reimburse us minus the deductible. this doesn't make any sense at all. I don't understand why they couldn't just pay the shop. And then on top of that, they issued another payment with out informing us and now I have to wait for it to come in the mail and then deposit another large check. Overall, I feel as though USAA doesn't care about people who have policy's with them. They also don't share any information with the person that has filed the claim and they just do whatever they want. I don't see why it's so hard to call someone and give them an update if the claims rep has new information."
Commented on 2009-02-06 11:27:20 EST
"I have never once contacted USAA, whether to file a claim or ask questions, that I haven't been 100% satisfied."
Commented on 2009-02-03 19:18:17 EST
"I have been a loyal USAA customer for over 10 years with a legitimate claims history. Unfortunately USAA has steadily increased my auto & homeowners rates over the past few years at every premium renewal and my auto & homeowners rates are now up 30 to 40% in just the last 2 years. Received identical coverage quotes from Amica today and I'll save $1050.00 / year when I switch my homeowners coverage & auto coverage TOMORROW! Loyalty deserves Loyalty in return...Goodbye USAA! "
Commented on 2009-01-27 00:12:11 EST
"Friendly on the phone, but malicious when they hang up. It's a classic sale of a bill of goods. They will take your money with a smile, but refuse the services when needed. NOT RECOMMENDED."
Commented on 2009-01-23 14:36:00 EST
"I have them for 25 years. I never compared rates because when I first got them, they could not be beat. However, now I went to add my daughter to the auto policy and they want to double our rate. I now compared and the quote is double most others. I guess it may be time to switch."
Commented on 2009-01-22 09:30:01 EST
"We use USAA for banking and for Auto and Renters insurance. It looks like their premiums may be a bit on the high side. We recently made a claim on our renters insurance. Sewage backed up into our house and flooded it. The initial response by the claims adjusters was friendly and positive. They gave us a $1000 advance on the claim immediately so we could stay in a hotel and replace some of our clothes. After we made the claim it took a week and they gave us a little more than half of what we expected. We had a replacement cost policy, and they gave us replacement cost minus depreciation, with an opportunity to recover depreciation by showing the receipts for the items. It turns out this is how every company does this but we would not have felt betrayed if they had explained this from the beginning. After the initial claim they seem slow in responding to supplements, and to our receipts."
Commented on 2009-01-21 09:39:58 EST
"The main issue we have with USAA is how much we pay for our insurance. Home is over $800/year and auto is over $1250/6 months, granted we do have a teenage son on our policy. But I have shopped around finding they are quite high for home insurance, and I'm under-insured according to a friend in the insurance business. Reading reviews makes me leery of any insurance company, no matter their ratings."
Commented on 2009-01-19 10:49:45 EST
"Outstanding customer service. Very responsive Auto towing service. Been there, done that with the rest, now I have the BEST. "
Commented on 2009-01-14 13:54:08 EST
"Company could not get a rental vehicle, attempting to pay half the value of the vehicle. Very rude adjusters, always call at night and on Saturday and state they are working overtime. Feel like cancer to them."
Commented on 2009-01-11 05:55:10 EST
"Rear-ended by USAA-insured driver, and they admitted total fault. USAA then consistently lied and/or failed to respond, offering to pay total of $500 even though just my chiropractic bill was over $1,700. I filed suit in small claims court - they'd rather pay lawyers thousands and inconvenience policyholders than be fair. Moving all of my business."
Commented on 2009-01-06 07:08:42 EST
"I am considering changing as they have stopped writing wind and hail here and their home owners rates seem too high compared to several others. I will miss them if I do as I have been with them for 46 years. "
Commented on 2009-01-05 12:31:41 EST
"My husband and I have been w/ USAA for many years, he is an officer and a veteran. Right before Christmas we were told our home insurance was being dropped because our home is for sale and somewhat vacant as we are in the moving process. Each representative tells us something different, and a phone call to this company can send you in loops with no consistant answers. Also if you are in florida, forget it, no longer insuring homes in florida, so if you are new to a florida base, call another company. I agree with all the other comments about how their service has declined. Too bad they are turning away their once loyal, paying customers."
Commented on 2009-01-01 21:45:59 EST
"I have been a customer for over 12 years with USAA, but no longer. I also have only had 3 claims over that time, only one of which was my fault (icy road in N Crolina and into a guardrail) I was recently in an accident when a driver ran a stop sign and hit me causing me to roll. My vehicle (a 99 4Runner) was a total loss. USAA is paying me about $5700 for a vehicle valued from 7800 to 8500. (4 sources: bank(loan value), KBB, NADA and's FMV) I researched the company USAA uses for appraisals. It is CCC Valuescope. CCC settled a class action suit in 2005 under a different name. Now USAA uses them and there are many claims of CCC under-valuing vehicles. I pay my premiums and expect USAA to act in a sincere effort with my best interests in mind. This they have not done. Like other posts I have read, their service has been in a steady decline recently and I urge anyone who reads this to consider local agents who deal with you personally. I also urge others to read up on the CCC Valuescope and USAA partership. Just don't blindly go and take someone elses word for it. USAA is a company that supposedly takes care of the military, but I think the $$$ has gotten in the way of that! Sorry USAA, but you have lost my premiums and word of mouth travels quickly in the military. "
Commented on 2008-12-31 12:21:32 EST
"I have been a USAA member for 39 years and last year filed my second roof hail damage claim. The inspector arrived 2 weeks after my phone call and said he was the only adjuster reviewing over 90 homes in the area for damage. I thought USAA should have sent more adjustors to cover the number of homes hit by this large hail storm. My only other complaint is that over the years USAA has become more of a 'hard sell' company and seems to be always increasing my auto insurance rates even when I have never been involved in an accident. Oh well, maybe all companies are doing that as well. But this year I am seeking other company rates for the first time is 39 years before renewing my USAA insurance- just want to see what else is out there. "
Commented on 2008-12-27 15:57:39 EST
"USAA is just another money grubber coasting on an old illusion of service. USAA has declined enormously in the last 15 years."
Commented on 2008-12-26 08:20:41 EST
"I purchase my home in 2003 for 700,000 to include the value of the land. USAA in 2006 appraised the replacment for the dwelling at 990,000 and raised our premium over 400 per year. The appaiser showed our house having vinyl siding when it is clapboard more expensive. When I pointed this out they never sent out another appraiser like they promised. I contacted them again and they won't call me back. Also, they had a supervisor listen to my call without telling until half way through the call they were on the line. Retired military"
Commented on 2008-12-23 16:15:45 EST
"Faithful customer for over 10 years. Late on two separate occasions in a year due to an extended illness and eventual death of a family member out of state. Refused to renew policy to a loyal customer."
Commented on 2008-12-15 12:09:55 EST
"You don't get an assigned claim adjuster so your claim just gets lost if you don't call everyday. They are so busy no one calls back and you are lucky to get anyone to help you without explaining the claim over and over again to each adjuster you talk to. The repair facility that they recommend was also too busy and could not return calls in a timely manner. "
Commented on 2008-12-12 18:14:53 EST
"Member for over 25 yearws and could not be happier with their service."
Commented on 2008-12-12 11:39:13 EST
"Read your renter's policy carefully. Our brand new flat screen television was damaged and USAA would not cover it because it was not a "covered peril" "
Commented on 2008-12-09 17:41:35 EST
"Customer service used to be wonderful, but I have now dealt with 2 adjustors who have both lied (on the phone and in writing) and my impression is that USAA is no longer interested in recruiting or retaining quality staff as it once did. Ironically, I continue to receive solicitation to open investment accounts with them at least twice weekly. At this point, I simply can't imagine sending USAA my hard-earned dollars to help pay the wages of their incompetent agens."
Commented on 2008-12-03 19:49:08 EST
"Pay 50 percent of what they should."
Commented on 2008-12-02 10:36:48 EST
"It is now two weeks since car was stolen. We had full coverage despite having an older car. USAA pays the rental car but not the insurance or tax so we are out $29. a day. We have to call every two days to get rental car extended. They say they will only pay the going rate in the local city newspaper (not Blue Book), despite our vehicle having brand new tires and we have receipts for close to $2000 in repairs done just 4 days before car was stolen! Car contained top of the line baby seat, clothes and other baby equipment--all not covered. The red tape and aggravation are unbelievable! And it still is not settled. Then they say if they pay us now and car is found within 30 days--we have to give the money back--even if it is undriveable. As we tell others about the theft and that we have USAA, we now hear from everyone "oh no-not USAA--they're the worst insurance!"
Commented on 2008-12-01 09:16:59 EST
"My claim experience with USAA and their reasonable pricing is what keeps me with them. I have been treated on every claim occasion with concern for my problem, rapid response, excellent communication and a settlement more than fair to me."
Commented on 2008-11-30 13:45:18 EST
"Claims were handled quickly, efficiently, and courtiously. There's always someone there to answer the phone and take care of my questions. Their website is moderately easy to use and get copies of data I need."
Commented on 2008-11-22 13:08:40 EST
"they lack in taking responsibility for the insuring of the insuree. there is too much responsibility put on the insuree. they try to worm their way out of their fuduciary responsibilities. they are deceptive in the trade practices."
Commented on 2008-11-18 07:36:47 EST
"Was involved in a minor auto accident - USAA swiftly handled the claim and customer service was superior. "
Commented on 2008-10-25 09:50:15 EST
"If you are eligible for USAA I highly recommend you check them out. Customer service is excellent and the website is very useful as well as easy to use. "
Commented on 2008-10-23 23:17:51 EST
"USAA Life Insurance has so many "caveats" that its like having flood insurance which is good until it starts raining. "
Commented on 2008-10-23 21:09:07 EST
"USAA rocks!!"
Commented on 2008-10-17 10:03:22 EST
"USAA is one of the few insurers who has not jumped onto the bandwagon of ridiculous breed specific discriminating policies against homeowners and their dogs. Over 8 years of coverage . . auto, homeowners and rental, and I've never had a complaint with them. Easy and fast claims processes. Their banking is also very good."
Commented on 2008-10-16 20:53:52 EST
"the premium has gone up to high"
Commented on 2008-10-12 14:08:55 EST
"honest straight forward and there for the customer"
Commented on 2008-10-08 14:52:37 EST
"I have had insurance with USAA for 44 years. Nine years ago I added homeowners insurance when I purchased my current residence. In all that time, I have a perfect record of paying premiums. For auto claims and homer claims, I was always impressed with their service.I remained loyal to this company even though their rates were not always that competitive. This summer, however, a situation arose that has caused me great consternation. In June, our dog inflicted a wound on a neighbor who was walking in front of our property. We immediately notified USAA of the situation b ecause we wanted the person to receive medical treatment at our local hospital. USAA said not to worry and that they would take care of everything. To my knowledge, the did this. The dog had no prior record of such activity, and the local animal control officer who investigated the situation (required by law) determined that she was not a "dangerous animal." Her quarantine was removed--however, we no longer allow her outside access unless she is on a lead. My insurance was renewed on August 28th. On September 25, 2008, I received a telephone call from a USAA underwriter informing me that I would receive a letter indicating that because of "the substantial change in the risk assumed. Specifically, your dog has shown a tendency for aggressive behavior as demonstrated by your June 17, 2008, animal liability claim," they were canceling my homeowners policy. This was very different from the assurances given me when the claim was filed. I tried to suggest that the dog was determined to not be a danger and that my 40 plus years with the company warranted at least one reprieve--or as an alternative, to amend the policy to exclude the animal. Thus far, they have refused to consider this--all I can obtain is a "bean counter" answer, specifically, we've done all that we can." Obviously, this is not true. I was told that if we "get rid of the dog" before October 29, 2008, the insurance will remain intact. This issue goes far beyond this incident, however, and others need to be forewarned. Because a claim was made, no other reputable insurance company will consider me for a policy until June 2010 (apparently even if the dog is excluded). As a consequence, I void the insurance condition for my mortgage. I am being forced to euthanize my pet of 9 years or lose my home! As a by-product of my search into my USAA homeowners policy, I discovered that they had increased my premium approximately 30% for a $2800 dollar claim in 2005! They never informed me of this intended action when my renewal came up. The irony, is that after the dog claim, my premium was lowered from the previous year. I think USAA has relied on its past reputation for some time. I will no longer accord it with the kind of loyalty I had given it in the past. They don't deserve it. They are no better or worse than any other homeowner policy (I am not addressing the auto policies here). In regard to homeowners insurance, the coverage is fine so long as you don't use it!"
Commented on 2008-09-28 22:49:02 EST
"USAA has great customer service, after all they have been recognized by Business Week for being #1 Customer Service for two years! I have never had a problem with the service or the policy. By far they care about their customers more than any other customer out there!"
Commented on 2008-09-26 07:53:46 EST
"Their online banking is great too... especially deposit at home."
Commented on 2008-09-23 12:19:17 EST
"USAA is the best company period. They treat customers with respect and most of all pay out on their claims and do not penalize you for filing a claim unlik eother companies whoses rates "mysteriosuly" go up year after year!"
Commented on 2008-09-22 18:13:14 EST
"After being a customer for 40 years and living in the same house for 20 years with no significant claims, they have refused to renew my homeowners coverage, because there are too many trees and woods nearby."
Commented on 2008-09-19 09:11:15 EST
"USAA is a great company. If anyone is a service member, or descendant of one, I highly recommend it. First, the service is excellent. I have never had anyone there be anything less than polite and professional. Amazingly they also seem to be the cheapest around. You are getting good service and a good value. Third they are extremely fair, professional, and well organized when you file a claim. I got into an at fault accident. They handled everything. I would not switch ever. I trust them. They deserve to charge more. They are good stewards of your capital. They provide a great service at a fair price. If they have extra premium left over at the end of the year they send out a refund check. Even though they are currently the cheapest of all high service providers! I have shopped GEICO and Allstate to compare. "
Commented on 2008-08-26 19:15:20 EST
"I had to file a homeowners claim and they were very efficient/proficient in their handling of my claim. They have always been very professional in any matter I have had to contact them about. I would not switch to another insurance company even if they increased their rates."
Commented on 2008-08-13 08:38:03 EST
"Rates go up all the time..."
Commented on 2008-08-07 20:40:48 EST
"We've had USAA for the last 5+ years. We've not had a claim so we're not sure how they would pay out. It's also a shareholder's company so the insureds get a kick-back when there haven't been very many claims. But you have to be with them for quite a while and the more vehicles/homes, etc. you have with them the more your kick-back is. This was appealing to us but after this last policy renewal period, they increased our premium with no real explanation. We started looking around and are finding a significant decrease in auto/home premiums with other companies. We will probably switch soon or just before the policy renews again."
Commented on 2008-08-04 11:16:57 EST
"30 years, about 5 claims in that time, one major (when we lost a shipment) and they have always been wonderful."
Commented on 2008-07-26 15:33:59 EST
"buy it if you can. Only open to members of the military and their dependents."
Commented on 2008-07-26 14:35:44 EST
"Up until now we've been VERY VERY happy with USAA. But...they just dropped our homeowners insurance due to our home location and a fire risk (california). They are giving us one month to find another carrier. We border openspace - which is maintained VERY well by the city and right off of a main road and one mile from a fire station. But, it was a risk they weren't willing to take. USAA is a military service and after all the years my husband put into the military, now they are DROPPING US without even any discussion or longer notice. Very Poor. We'll be taking all of our business away from them now - all insurance and banking."
Commented on 2008-07-25 12:49:23 EST
"USAA does not insure against theft if you rent your condo out furnished. Otherwise, an awesome company!"
Commented on 2008-07-16 15:45:36 EST
"Competitive rates, outstanding customer service, claim service representatives who genuinely care about their members. USAA is the whole package!"
Commented on 2008-06-29 23:02:37 EST
"I've been with USAA for 17 years. They have always had A+ customer service and quick resolution of claims. Eleven years ago, we were at fault for a very serious accident resulting in damages that far exceeded our coverage limits. We were facing a very large lawsuit, but USAA offered the plaintiffs double the amount of coverage to settle. I have never come across another company that does so much for its clients. I won't go anywhere else!"
Commented on 2008-06-24 08:15:26 EST
"No matter what I have always been able to count on USAA for service and value."
Commented on 2008-06-18 14:14:05 EST
"My first claim, its been 3 weeks and all im getting is..Im working on it. Been really good at taking my payments, just not at making them to me."
Commented on 2008-06-13 07:16:30 EST
"High level of integrity. Responsive. Quality controls in place. Friendly. Competent. Communicative. AMAZING!"
Commented on 2008-06-12 11:10:32 EST
"The best insurance company I have ever used"
Commented on 2008-05-19 15:40:25 EST
"I got in to an accident with my brand new car 2 months after buying it. I was hit by a not so sober driver from another insurance company. When the other guy’s insurance company tired to blame me for the accident USAA adjuster treated me with kindness and respect. I was able to pay them my deductible when they went after the other insurance company. My car got fixed in a timely manor, and a few months later after they augured with the other insurance I got a check for my deductible plus a bit extra for the stress of the accident. "
Commented on 2008-05-09 08:31:05 EST
"USAA homeowners rates in coastal NC are extremely high. It appears that they are attempting to exit coastal NC"
Commented on 2008-04-29 10:42:25 EST
"Have had USAA for over 27 yrs, they used to be very competitive in the auto ins. However; in the past 18 mos. my auto ins has increased $180.00 and that is with no claims in the past 10 yrs. Calling them and questioning their increases is a waste of time, you get a "canned" response that it is because of the state you live in or the # of policy holders that are in that state. I live in VA which probably has one of the highest # of USAA members, so convenience me that the increases are justified. I just voted with my feet and changed companies for auto and saved over $430.00 a year. When USAA gets back to being the company they were 20yrs ago, I will consider going back to them, but like another person wrote, to stay for the annual rebate check of $150.00 is having a negative effect on my pocketbook."
Commented on 2008-04-25 13:38:17 EST
"all i can say to the "happy people" is WAIT till you have to report a claim. your smile will become a frown"
Commented on 2008-04-25 05:07:07 EST
"I've used USAA exclusively for over 15 years (auto, renters, then homeowners). They have always handled my claims promptly and I never had any disputes. But my rates just keep going up without explanation so I am switching this year."
Commented on 2008-04-23 12:55:52 EST
"I have been a USAA customer for over 16 years. Today, I cancelled all policies I have with them; 2 houses and 3 autos. They continually raise rates with no warning. I understand these insurance companies want to recoup their losses from Katrina and Ivan, however, to do it in this manner is just unsat! USAA is not competitive in their quotes, and threatens to drop you at the slightest thought of making a claim. We just recently purchased another house, and the insurance quote from USAA was $2500 more than Nationwide, AllState and Statefarm. No reasons were given, just threats that if we left USAA, we could never come back. The coverage offered from the other companies is the same if not more than USAA offered. This company has apparently become a bit too comfortable with their solid military base, and feels they now can "stick it" to those who selflessly serve their country. I have no tolerance for an unpatriotic, bully of a company like this. Yes, I have enjoyed the small rebate checks in the mail in the past, but an overall savings of $3400 dollars per year is not enough to keep me hanging on for a $150 check. Good riddance, I say. "
Commented on 2008-04-22 14:52:12 EST
"Was hit from behind by another auto - they were very responsive to my concerns and had the car repaired and then recouped the money from the other insurance company (Allstate) and refunded my deductable."
Commented on 2008-04-14 08:10:44 EST
"Simply the BEST!!!!!"
Commented on 2008-04-03 10:22:56 EST
"I've been a USAA member for over 18 years. Even though USAA's rates hae appeared to be higher I stayed with the company based on service and reputation. In the last year two key issues have occured 1) they've gone to an automated phone system which has completely changed my interaction with USAA i.e. significantly more difficult to navigate (was a complete fan of the old method), and 2) they more than doubled my home owners insurance based a new appraisal which is completely out of line with my neighborhood. I've challenged USAA and they're response is that they'd rather lose my $8K of annual payments and 18 years of loyalty (without any claims) rather than have a second apprasial as i have requested. My guess here is that USAA lost money over new systems investments and Katrina payouts and is trying to recoup via existing members such as myself. Obviously my complaint isn't unique as there are several other commentors who have raised the same issues."
Commented on 2008-03-14 11:08:55 EST
"I have used USAA insurance for over 15 years. They were always a great company to be associated with but appear to be declining. Recently returned from Iraq, where I'd had an expensive watch stolen that was a going away present. USAA actually encouraged me to file a claim, which after the deductible, only netted me $233. This was my first claim in over a decade, and for a paltry sum. Three months later, I get my next year's rate quote, it was double the previous year. After much discussions back and forth with their customer service, I am forced to leave USAA. (I shopped for new quotes at multiple other companies and they ALL comparable to my original rate.) USAA,... great to work with until you need them."
Commented on 2008-03-11 08:27:25 EST
"Excellent help and service and saves money"
Commented on 2008-02-03 13:00:08 EST
"They rock."
Commented on 2008-02-02 10:14:34 EST
"Applied for life insurance and given best rate. Medical exam confirmed best rate. Two (redundant) phone questionnaires later, neither of which produced anything negative, I was told they had forgotten to tell me previously --- but they needed a personal financial statement. I provided one. It apparently produced nothing negative. I was then told that they had also forgotten to tell me that they needed my tax returns for the last two years. I provided them. They apparently produced nothing negative. They then discovered that they had forgotten to ask for my medical records. I had them forwarded and of course my records confirmed that there was nothing negative. However, I was then told that they had overlooked the need for a treadmill exam !! Their little game is obviously intended to find something that disqualifies me from the offered rates. They clearly have no intention of letting me have the coverage at their advertised rate - despite my obviously excellent health. I'm currently in process of filing formal complaints and considering legal action."
Commented on 2008-01-12 10:03:03 EST
"Used them for auto for over 20 years. Have seen the company decline over the years from what it was at the beginning. Had an issue with my child's car insurance rates being raised an absurd amount. USAA had no interest in listening to their customer and the facts, preferred to trust Choice Point data, which is well known to be inaccurate, preferred to stick rigidly to policy, bald faced lied to me. Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced."
Commented on 2008-01-04 17:08:28 EST
"Could not get any replies and my concerns and USAA used the cheapest used parts they could find. I called over six times and never got a return call. My car was in body shop for 10 weeks on a 2300 dollar repair. Unexuseable."
Commented on 2007-12-31 01:50:57 EST
"Company does not return your calls. Almost three weeks since claim filed and no idea of when a settlement will be made."
Commented on 2007-12-24 13:19:59 EST
"USAA is hands down the BEST insurance company on the market. They offer the best rates and the best customer service. Its hard to go wrong with that combination."
Commented on 2007-12-13 17:00:07 EST
"I have had USAA for over 30 years. Have always been happy with them UNTIL my husband had an accident several months ago. He was not at fault. The driver at fault was also USAA insured. Our treatment has been, at best, incompetent. Example: They were not even going to handle getting a rental vehicle for us until we insisted. I had an accident a few years ago. Another driver hit my car. Their insurance company, State Farm, was so good in the way they treated us. I am disappointed in USAA. By comparison, they have been awful. "
Commented on 2007-12-12 11:14:41 EST
"I have been with USAA since 1984. Rates are excellent, customer service is good, claim handling is very good. I check other rates (it makes sense) and each time, if I want to at least double my premium I can go with the other company, whether it's 'on my side', has 'good hands', or 'saves money'. I'm not likely to switch."
Commented on 2007-12-10 04:30:02 EST
Commented on 2007-11-28 17:37:09 EST
"USAA went downhill, unfortunately, when they got too big and changed the demographics of the customer base, by opening it up to a broader category of policyholders. It hasn't been the same since."
Commented on 2007-11-10 20:25:17 EST
"The auto insurance rates have beat everyone I have compared them with. The home owners insurance comes in high. I have not placed a claim on the home owners but if their service is as good as what I have received when using the auto coverage, the extra cost ($350.00 per year) may be worth while."
Commented on 2007-11-09 06:55:38 EST
"I have 6 vehicles insured for my wife and I and 2 children. I dropped my oldest son and his vehicle from my policy, and my rates went up! It seems that the CSR changed the existing annual mileage and coverages on all of my other vehicles. She even put full coverage on my ATV, whereas previously, I only had COMP. My pickup rates went from 313.25 to 546.35-and this truck is seldom driven, as I drive a company car."
Commented on 2007-11-09 02:25:55 EST
"After 27+ years with USAA, they refused to insure my home that is for sale, forcing me to look for another carrier even though I've been a loyal customer for almost 3-decades."
Commented on 2007-11-05 09:29:32 EST
"Best in the business - I keep getting refunds on auto insurance, Rates are good"
Commented on 2007-10-30 20:26:24 EST
"USAA is known for serving the military but it's great for anyone at all. A really friendly, wonderful company."
Commented on 2007-10-29 08:23:52 EST
"prompt, efficient, thorough, follow up calls to ensure satisfaction"
Commented on 2007-10-18 05:46:08 EST
"Great company!!! They provide GREAT customer service and claims service."
Commented on 2007-10-15 14:10:35 EST
"Their services are great, but the customer support is better. The only complaint I can kind of make is that when I "drove our car (by accident) into a puddle the size of a lake" they mandated the repair shop use the cheapest engine to replace the one I damaged. We were not notified that we were getting substandard parts. After the install we continued to have issues and had to drive and hour each way from the repair shop to have it fixed. We were also, told (after the fact) that our engine guarantee was only usable in Northern MI where we were stationed at the time. They covered all cost for the repair including the multiple returns to the garage and will cover future issues (if any others arise) as a result of the repair. Other than that we have had exemplary service."
Commented on 2007-10-05 13:54:20 EST
"I've been with USAA since being a cadet at USMA (West Point) in 1987. They have always treated me well, and have taken care of several claims (auto and home) promptly and fairly. No complaints, and would highly recommend them to anyone who's eligible."
Commented on 2007-09-27 15:00:48 EST
"USAA always takes care of you and anyone you may cause an accident with. I love USAA."
Commented on 2007-09-26 17:29:26 EST
"USAA is probably the best company I have ever done business with. I have been a member for nearly 50 years, and during that time have had occasion to file several claims and have been treated fairly and courteously every time. They have gone "above and beyond" in their treatment of me over the years, and I can very highly reccommend them to any one."
Commented on 2007-09-26 13:11:13 EST
"These guys (USAA) are wonderful. However be warned! I just got hit by a person with AAA. I took the car to my shop, and AAA decided the bill was too much and refused to pay it. They left me holding $330 out of $1500. So if someone with AAA hits you, go to YOUR insurance first! "
Commented on 2007-08-21 16:48:23 EST
"rates are not competitive - rates go up based not on your performance but your neighborhoods - houses are over priced to raise premiums"
Commented on 2007-08-14 16:43:12 EST
"Very POOR service. After I called in my claim for interior water damage, I was told a claims adjuster would contact me right away. I called back three times in two days and was told to wait. The claims adjuster called me four days later. Mold and mildew doesnt wait four days for an adjuster to call back."
Commented on 2007-08-13 20:51:33 EST
"I've been with USAA since 1969 when I returned from Vietnam. Their premiums have always been fair and I've only had two claims (1 auto and 1 homeowners)during those 38 years which were equitably settled. Their customer service has always been prompt, courtous and very helpfull. All three of our children have selected USAA for their families insurance needs. "
Commented on 2007-07-31 12:30:00 EST
"Failed to honor 3 quotes, one written, in their auto line. Blatant fraud by some of their management regarding a policy for my son."
Commented on 2007-07-28 17:58:15 EST
"Usaa is a great company who will go out of thier way to satisfay you. I had quite a few claims in a short period of time. Usaa never squawked at me nor threaten to drop/raise rates. In fact I had the body shop owner tell me NEVER let Usaa's insurance coverage lapse because they will not fail you. I have only had two hicupos with 6 claims"
Commented on 2007-07-13 06:04:27 EST
"USAA is a great company full of great employees. I have never had anything but great service from them!"
Commented on 2007-07-03 15:20:35 EST
"1st a comment to the FL HO. I am as well. They had to increase prices as all other insurance companies to stay in business. Do forget USAA is member owned. Allot of these insured are getting dividends and year end. Any way. USAA is great. I've had one auto claim with no complaints. I think USAA does so much hand holding that members forget what thier responsabilites are, then when the member drops thier ball they cry and blame it on USAA. I've only heard true complaints when a USAA insured never made any calls or expected USAA to pay for something no insurance company would pay for. I still save money with USAA because I use thier banking (when I say completely free, it's free) they even pay me for atm charges. Thier will always be a few bad apples. Sorry if you spoke to one at USAA."
Commented on 2007-05-07 17:17:08 EST
"Love USAA, but...they made record profits last year, but are jacking up my Florida homeowners insurance this year, and I do not live anywhere near the coast. I understand their position, but they are getting greedy, just like every other company they claim to be different from."
Commented on 2007-05-03 14:47:48 EST
"They are excellent. Whenever I have filed a claim, they respond almost immediately. This applies to auto and home owner's insurance. Their payments have always been fair. My husband switched to a different company about 15 years ago. We were back with USAA within less than a year. There was a horrible hailstorm that dented both of our cars. The other insurance company battled with us every step of the way. "
Commented on 2007-04-25 17:33:18 EST
"very rude customer service very unsatifactory , have to get law advice to pay for claims."
Commented on 2007-03-20 12:08:05 EST
"exceptional customer service"
Commented on 2007-01-23 15:41:30 EST
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