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Wellington Review

Wellington Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 1.029 Reviews Wellington has received an average of 1.0 stars out of 5 based on 29 user reviews.

Company History:
Wellington Insurance Company is based in Texas. Its ultimate parent Frontier Consolidated Corporation provides property and casualty insurance and related services through a subsidiary general agency and several other subsidiaries. Wellington Insurance sells primarily homeowner's insurance. It is licensed in Oklahoma and Texas, but direct premium writings in 2005 came entirely from Texas. In 2006, Wellington introduced an additional product (a non-standard auto insurance policy) in Texas. Sales are con..Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Homeowners

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Wellington

Company Contact Info:
President   William E. Geer
6801 Calmont Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Wellington Reviews and Customer Comments

"Literally had about 10% of my roof blow off in a storm and they said it would be under my deductible. A couple years before had a pipe burst and flood my floor. They said it's not covered. They are they worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs."
Commented on 2018-10-30 14:37:38 EST
"They take 5 weeks to complete your claim. They will not return your calls. Poor customer service."
Commented on 2018-10-09 20:04:36 EST
"My home was broken into on 11117 and burglarized. I have damage to my home, property, jewelry, and guns stolen to the amount of 146K. I've been fighting with Wellington adjusters to receive my payment. So far they have sent me a check for 1600 to cover the replacement of my flooring ONLY That doesn't even cover the cost for ONE ROOM Besides not returning any of my calls, they keep requesting the same documentation pictures, receipts of purchase, etc. of ownership of the things stolen over and over again. Each time saying that isn't good enough for proof of ownership. So now they have refused ANY communication with me since 32818. I'm filing formal complaints with TX Dept of Insurance, TX Insurance Commissioner, BBB, my Senator Representative. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD Also, the agency that sold me the policy, XXXXX XXXX owner, refuses to do anything to help Don't use his company either. Both are out of Ft Worth, TX. AVOID AT ALL COST"
Commented on 2018-04-22 13:57:56 EST
"Rude unkowlegable adjusters"
Commented on 2018-01-20 10:37:45 EST
"Hurricane Harvey Unable to get anyone to return calls after 2 months still have nothing from them"
Commented on 2017-11-05 10:22:25 EST
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