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Pioneer State Mutual Review

Pioneer State Mutual Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Very poor company. Doesn't pay on claims"
Commented on 2019-02-14 07:49:17 EST
"I am in my late fifties and have had many different insurance companies for auto, home, business... Pioneer State Mutual is the absolute worst I have ever experienced after dealing with them for just over one year. I would never recommend them to anyone."
Commented on 2018-11-29 13:51:26 EST
"They refused to honor the terms of the contract."
Commented on 2018-11-07 13:34:05 EST
"Refused to pay for all of damages to my roof. Gave me less than of the money I needed to repairreplace the roof, none of the five contractors agreed was the adequate amount to cover the cost of fixing the roof."
Commented on 2018-06-11 21:57:46 EST
"Love this company"
Commented on 2018-05-01 08:03:23 EST
"They absolutely are the worst insurance company ever"
Commented on 2017-08-14 23:35:00 EST
"claims adjuster delayed claim by weeks, refused to provide report and was an overall rude and arrogant"
Commented on 2017-04-22 11:13:35 EST
"I have had Pioneer State Mutual for over 10 years and I have never had a problem with them. I have had a theft claim on my home and couple of claims on my auto. My claims were paid out immediately and I was extremely satisfied with the work. I have paid my policies monthly out of my checking account for the last 10 years and have never had a problem."
Commented on 2015-09-16 11:15:44 EST
"After being with this company almost ten years they want to do a property survey and take photos inside Forget it Go invade someone else's privacy I'll pay double for home owners insurance at another company just to get these people off my back."
Commented on 2014-08-04 16:32:32 EST
"I filed an auto claim. First adjuster was extremely rude. Was transferred to another adjuster without knowledge when spoke to the original adjuster they were very rude and would not answer questions. To over a month go get loss wages paid out. After several months the new adjuster is acting like she never knew about an injury that came up even though they were informed. They are only paying out a little bit on the claim yet they act like they are paying millions. Thiefs liars and treat customers like dirt"
Commented on 2014-05-20 11:41:58 EST
"This company is a joke won't pay medical bills to doctors and surgeons and hospitals from a head on collision where other driver was at fault. My credit rating is going to heck from unpaid bills and pioneer is literally impossible to get a claim rep to call you back even their supervisors are very rude and treat you like dirt. Family member almost died and is in need of constant treatment but pioneer is not paying bills therefore treatment is denied even when it's heavily documented as related to accident. I've written attorney generals office and sent recorded conversation of extreme rudeness to them and to Insurance commissioner.... "
Commented on 2014-01-30 18:29:44 EST
"They'll scam you on your car insurance billing"
Commented on 2014-01-15 05:38:23 EST
"Very slow and rude service. I put my claim in two weeks ago and no review has been done. I even went to the office to drop off my estimates and the rep could not even take a minute to meet me and take them from me I had to leave them with the receptionist. Probably will not be renewing my policy with you whem it comes up for renewal. I would never recommend this company because of the terrible slow and rude service."
Commented on 2014-01-05 15:28:06 EST
"Not to be trusted... They treat you like a criminal when you file a claim and find anyway they can not to pay. Don't waste your time and money with this company.BEWARE"
Commented on 2013-09-11 11:25:18 EST
"They denied a theft claim on the rental house and than denied the coverage on the same claim on our home owners that also had coverage "
Commented on 2013-08-27 16:05:35 EST
"Pipe broke in basement wall and flooded basement and washer and dryer. Claims said it is not covered. It is routine maintenance. How can you maintain a pipe in a wall?"
Commented on 2013-07-15 09:17:29 EST
"BAD BAD BAD.... Beware"
Commented on 2012-12-10 09:16:03 EST
"Their approach to claims is very customer unfriendly and tactless. After being a good customer for over 15 years and never filing a claim they denied my one claim of theft due to an obscure clause in the contract. This was after I did all the leg work to document the loss receipts replacement cost estimates etc. They treated me as if I were the criminal. The true test of a good insurance company is how they handle their claims and customers. There are too many other good insurance companies out there--I do not need this one any longer."
Commented on 2012-11-06 13:46:16 EST
"hope you get an agent that cares about your loss more than his days off early on friday.."
Commented on 2012-10-30 11:25:00 EST
"I have had nothing but good service from this company with both home and auto claims. I have made more auto claims than home claims and have even had many rental houses insured. Never a problem."
Commented on 2011-12-04 13:23:58 EST
"Lost a vehicle to arson. Pioneer refused to pay for rental car stating that out of state claims were not covered. Horrible company mean adjusters rude people on the phone. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. "
Commented on 2011-11-15 12:13:44 EST
"after filling a police report on stolen tools at my dads shop they had me make a detailed list,only to find out that were only willing to pay 250 dollars of 8,000 dollars worth of tools. pretty much told me that i was needing money because I am laid off, it was one insult after another on a taped interview. after this i will shop for a new insurance company after 15 years of having my home,2 cars an travle trailer. will write a letter to the state attorneys office to see if their is any help with this situation. "
Commented on 2011-05-26 18:42:50 EST
"Pioneer was very quick to respond to the body shop and the claim was settled fairly and quickly. Very pleased!"
Commented on 2010-10-13 10:28:44 EST
"We had our house burn down 2 months ago and it has been a nightmare ever since, we lost everything and Pioneer has done nothing but screw us over BAD!!! They have not paid us anything and we have had to hire a lawyer they tried to give us a low settlement offer that did not even come close to our policy at all. I highly recommend that you NEVER EVER get insurance with this company they are HORRIBLE and will only make your life HELL!!!! BAD BAD BAD insurance company"
Commented on 2010-09-13 13:24:14 EST
"Raised my rates 63% in 2 years and they have no idea why."
Commented on 2010-09-10 12:50:36 EST
"Replaced a damaged fender with a used one; it rusted trough from the inside in 2 years, while the rest of the car is spotless!"
Commented on 2010-07-11 17:25:46 EST
"i was a loyal customer for over 8 years, never a need for a claim until my house was broken into this past winter. And the insurance is not willing to pay for my claim, giving me the run around."
Commented on 2010-07-01 22:37:27 EST
"claims department takes way to long "
Commented on 2010-04-30 14:28:01 EST
"Horrific company. Will do absolutely everything possible not to pay a claim. If and when they finally do, it will be a low ball settlement or you will be forced to take them to court. They are extremely unethical and make your life so miserable that you will finally agree to a settlement that is totally unfair just to end the misery of dealing with such a deceitful company."
Commented on 2010-01-10 04:23:05 EST
"They do not pay the claims and beware. We had the state police department on our side and thier attorney was at the seen of the fire a week after and was introduced to me as there associate. Took 3 years to go to court was found not guilty but guilty of non co-operation. One question was did I deposit all my pay check in the bank and if not what did I do with the balance of the check for the past 5 years. I told them I could not answer that and was told I was not co-operating with them. That is a reason not to pay the claim."
Commented on 2009-12-01 16:49:31 EST
"Pioneer claims adjuster was very fast and helpful. We were very happy with the handling of our claim. I would recommend them highly. "
Commented on 2009-11-10 13:13:01 EST
"Have had 2 claims with pioneer, never any problem."
Commented on 2009-11-02 10:54:41 EST
"Horrendous company. STAY AWAY. Will not pay a claim or will try to low ball the claim and starve you out. WHATEVER you do, NEVER purchase insurance from this horrific, unethical insurance company. Total FRAUD!!!"
Commented on 2009-10-18 15:37:19 EST
"Pioneer State Mutual is absolutely the most unethical and deceitful company I have ever dealt with. They absolutely REFUSE to pay a large claim and will do everything possible to avoid payment of the claim, delay, lie, try to state the claim is false, refuse payment under any circumstances possible. Please - NEVER even consider this company for any of your insurance needs. They are a nightmare you will never recover from if you ever have to file a claim. BEWARE!"
Commented on 2009-07-26 09:17:24 EST
"They fight you ever step of the way when it comes to claims, are not out to help people who have dumped money into them for years who really need the help, and treat you like you are some kind of criminal, or scam artist. You have to fight tooth and nail to get your claim processed. It's a complete nightmare."
Commented on 2009-01-11 10:38:52 EST
"i made a claim for theft on my garage, not only did pioneer take forever but they sent me to this as*hole lawyer who basically called me aliar and said i was a criminal, and then theyn sent a PI to my freinds and family andwhen i finally did get a check it was far less the the amoutn i have to hire at my cost a n adjuster to get the rest of my money..i have contacted a lwayer and intend to sue if i can.."
Commented on 2008-10-22 15:37:38 EST
"Is backing out of their responsibility to pay our claim. We have paid insurance for 25+ yrs and never have had a claim and now when we need it most, Pioneer is not there."
Commented on 2008-08-26 16:51:40 EST
"Horrible company who won't pay for my care after a near fatal car accident. Have to hire an attorney for help. This company is a sham, stay away!"
Commented on 2008-07-26 22:29:52 EST
"We have always been given the best contractors to complete the work on our home. Pioneer was quick to send an adjuster and write a check for repairs. I would highly recommend them."
Commented on 2008-07-04 18:20:36 EST
"Very confusing policy language that sometimes ccontradicts covered items from not covered items. When claims are filed company representatives will take position od not covered even before an adjustor arrives to access."
Commented on 2008-06-09 03:39:11 EST
"This company will delay or avoid payments at all costs. You will be required to file a lawsuit to recieve full benefits or agree to a substantially reduced settlement to receive any funds whatsoever from this company. The absolute worst experience of our lives."
Commented on 2007-11-17 16:01:32 EST
"We lost our garage, pool house and damage was done to our pool by a fire. Thier insurance adjuster from Mcmartin and Wasek group insulted us by very rude comments only later to be followed by an adjuster who works for Pioneer and also treated us like crap by him too. We have had to fight for so many things. Show documentation after documentation to prove ourselves. They are great until you have to make a claim, then it's all about proving yourself and fighting for what belongs to you. "
Commented on 2007-10-02 16:12:51 EST
"A fire started in the attic of my sisters house destroying 3/4 of the roof. The hundreds of gallons of water/foam pumped into the attic buckled the ceilings, ran down the side walls, warped the wood floors, melted the siding, warped the kitchen drawers and cabinets, filled the furnace w/water, and melted the inside casing of the a/c. Smoke was sucked into the running appliances. The claims inspector's response: Piece the siding from the areas that didn't burn, to the front of the house and match the burned area with as close a match as possible. Only replace the drywall in the room that burned and the ceilings that buckled. Spray the remaining drywall and wall insulation w/ a mold inhibitor and repaint when it dries out. He said the tile on the bathroom wall that partially burned didn't have to be replaced because tile was suppose to get wet so the the water between the walls didn't hurt it. Only 3/4 of the roof joists had to be replaced and even though the township building inspector said the metal connectors had been compromised by the heat and all had to be replaced the Pioneer insp. said he didn't feel that was necessary. After much arguing he finally agreed to replace all the drywall, however, "as a trade off", he would only replace the tile on the bathroom floor and my sister was responsible for the plumbing, sink, tub, commode, and the wall tile. He gave her $1000 the day after the fire for incidentals for her and her 2 daughters(10 & 9 yrs) and it took 3 weeks and approx. 10 phone calls to get any housing money-he said he "thought she would stay with family" and she didn't need it. When he sent money for her to rent a house it was $600 short of what the lease required for first months rent and security deposit. The house burned 8 weeks ago, he's held up the funds arguing what he won't do while the the house has no roof or back walls, and the rain is falling in. Along with no home, my sister now has to add the expense of a lawyer to try to get the "full replacement" as stated in her policy. Pioneer said they set aside $100,000 for repairs, the inspector said he will give her $75,000. In another incident years ago, she lost the diamond out of her wedding ring. The insurance adjuster told her he would replace it but she could only use a jeweler he recommended. Pioneer only gave her half of the stones value. Apparantly, Pioneer pays their adjusters a percentage of the money they save the company and short change their policy holders. Pioneer will cheat you!"
Commented on 2007-09-20 11:16:58 EST
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