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Thrivent Financial Review

Thrivent Financial Company Overview

Company History:
Founded 1902 in Appleton, WI, Thrivent Financial (formerly Thrivent Financial for Lutherans) is America's largest fraternal benefit society...Read More

Lines of Insurance:
Auto, Health, Long Term Care, Life, Disability, Homeowners

States licensed to sell insurance in:

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Contact Information for Thrivent Financial

Company Contact Info:
Chairman/President   Bruce J. Nicholson
625 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1624

Thrivent Financial Reviews and Customer Comments

"This company is totally abusive and hateful towards those of special needs and disabilities. I would call it slaughter city of abuse. Wayne Luck thinks he is God of Thrivent."
Commented on 2020-03-08 19:44:21 EST
"Have overfunded our policies for years. Wanted to withdraw the cash we had in our policies. I can withdraw all of mine with no penalty or additional premium charge on my 500,000.00 My husband was told his 500,000.00 would be reduced to 375.00.00 maintaining the same premium cost per year if he withdraws 125,000.00 of his interest free cash from his. He has been rated standard up until this year. Had know idea you could lose all your savings at the drop of a dime with this company. This was our savings plan. Where can we go to appeal their decision"
Commented on 2018-10-07 09:43:44 EST
"I am 53 years old. My parents purchased a life insurance for me and paid the premiums including the disability options for the first 25 years. I took over the premiums when I turned 25 and continued to pay the premiums with the disability options. Social Security Disability has May 2017 as the start date of my disability with disability payments of less than 600 a month starting in November 2017. It was impossible to continue to make my Thrivent life insurance premiums so I contacted my agent about the disability waiver for premiums. After getting no where by phone or email, I meet with my Thrivent agent in person to inquire about the premium waiver due to disability. The meeting with both agents from the local office became a sales pitch for additional insurance for my kids and their services as financial advisors. When my agent realized I was not going to purchase any additional insurance or use him as my financial advisor, he turned to the other agent describing some of my ex husbands business scams eluding to the fact that I knowingly participated. I was confused and surprised by his unprofessional comments attributing some of my ex husband less than honest business dealings to me. My agent had worked at the same bank where my ex husband had accounts and obviously knows more about these scams than I do. I resolved not to waste my time meeting with him again. I was deeply hurt by the slanderous comments made by my local agent. Despite continued requests to him for disability info, I received no disability paperwork. I finally wrote to Thrivent Headquarters to request disability waiver paperwork. I filled out this disability paperwork and sent it in. Two days later I received the same disability paperwork from my agent. I was greatly disappointed and hurt by the treatment from my local agent but my disappointment grew when dealing with the Senior Claims Examiner, XXXXX. After speaking with her, I learned Thrivent Financial would not be honoring the disability waiver for my life insurance premium for multiple reasons. It depends on how you are listed on your tax return, when you first or last went in to have your disability identified before your SS Disability date,......She suggested I provide more details while answering none of my questions. I realized it was like being in court with my ex husband and his lawyers, the more info I provided the more fuel I provided for their next attack. The more info I gave her the more reasons she would have for my denial. I discussed this with a friend and they read me some of the reviews from the site. I immediatelyI called my parents who have a lot of money invested with Thrivent. I told them how I could not make the payments and was cancelling my policy. I felt bad and my parents offered to make the premiums for me. I told my mom, No, why continue to give any money to an organization that does not honor their agreement. I told my mom to move their money and my mom replied, Our agent told us if we move our money it will be counted as income and we would owe taxes. Odd, their agent had already advised them not to move their money elsewhere. Apparently my mom was disappointed with her Thrivent long term care policy she had purchased 20 years prior when she tried to make a claim a few months ago. She contacted her agent who has done nothing to resolve her claim but during this conversation he advised her to keep her money with him to avoid paying taxes. My reply, Of course that's what your agent said. Move your money now. There is silver lining. I am legally blind so paperwork while not impossible is difficult. So the next time the IRS contacts me about my ex husband's finances, I will give them the name of my Thrivent agent. Could the extremely satisfied shown above be those who have never filed a claim"
Commented on 2018-02-22 12:07:42 EST
"I would never advise anyone to do business with Thrivent. Have had a LTC policy since '98 when it was Luthern Brotherhood. The salesman was not upfront about many things, just wanted sell policies and when customers ran out at our church, he changed churches. It was like pulling teeth to get any satisfaction from their customer service people. why have a long term care policy if you have to pay for 90 days care before they even consider help. You might as well kiss your money good by. Out of 170,000 fund, my husband only used 6,000 because of their intransgence. They write the restrictions to benefit them, not the customer.Do research"
Commented on 2018-02-06 16:28:53 EST
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