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Austin Mutual Review

Austin Mutual Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"They pick your home apart looking for anything to force you into paying a higher premium, especially since we paid off our mortgage. "
Commented on 2016-04-05 05:01:30 EST
"Claims adjuster did not return calls. One month after claim was submitted and still had not worked on the claim. Very unhappy after having been with this company for 10+ years. I can how they handle loyal customers. "
Commented on 2015-09-23 12:03:02 EST
"I've been waiting for over a week and I can't even get a call back from the claim manager or the adjuster. Tried speaking with a supervisor and of coarse I was told to wait."
Commented on 2015-09-21 13:30:32 EST
"I had a fico score of over 800 when I financed a new car, got the best finance rate available, fico went down some, Austin Mutual raised my rates by over $460 per year based>on JUST the lower fico score. No violations, no claims. >"
Commented on 2015-09-05 11:37:16 EST
"Very elusive and dishonest group. We've been waiting three months for a claim."
Commented on 2013-10-21 09:40:14 EST
"I had a small fire in my kitchen. The adjuster was out the next morning called in the claim and the restoration company meet with us that afternoon. We were sent to a hotel for 1 week while they re did my whole downstairs. My house was repainted all furniture cleaned all our clothes sent to be cleaned removed everything in the house carpets cleaned put everything back. Total bill 40000. My cost only the deductible. Full payment back to me for the hotel stay for a week and food too. How long did the whole thing take....2 weeks and it was done and paid no questions asked. Just 1 year before the fire a hail and wind storm damaged my AC unit. Replaced that also just paid the deductible. How long for that 10 days. Love this company"
Commented on 2013-08-18 13:09:05 EST
"The absolute WORST"
Commented on 2013-01-08 15:53:17 EST
"We have had several contractors refuse to even look at the house once they heard we had Austin Mutual as our insurance. Over seven contractors have said we needed a new roof only to be denied by Austin Mutual. The biggest rip-off there is out there. Stay away."
Commented on 2012-09-28 16:01:08 EST
"They just continue to give you the run around. the adjuster showed up looking to see if my roof was damaged with 2 specialist and my gosh they never went on the roof or in the attic. Most likely because they did not bring a latter. Not sure how the senior claims adjuster would have transported it since he was driving what appeared to be a banged up insurance salavaged car that was not capable of transporting anything. it has been over 18 m0nths since my claimed started and I still have a bathroom and bdrm. that have not been repaired. In fact the full bathroom is sitting completely gutted including the floor in the 2nd story of our home. It appears that the holes in my siding and the dents in my window casings was not aenough proof that we had a storm here. oh ya and never mind the national weather service report they were wrong. This company and there claims adjuster are one big rip off. they want there premiumns but dont want to pay when the need arises."
Commented on 2012-08-07 06:30:32 EST
"They will make any excuse not to pay. "
Commented on 2012-05-23 14:33:07 EST
"an Insurance company is only as good as the claim they settle. This company does not want to ever provide service or pay for a claim. "
Commented on 2011-06-18 12:28:19 EST
"Excuse after excuse not to pay the claim. Dragged it out forever and would not return phone calls for weeks. VERY dishonest in my opinion. "
Commented on 2011-04-18 20:22:45 EST
"I had hail damage to my roof. I live in a cul-de-sac. Every other home in the cul-de -sac has received a new roof due to the damage. Austin Mutual did not honor my claim they stated their was no hail damage however to stay insured with them they want me to put a new roof on at my expense. "
Commented on 2011-04-14 12:57:39 EST
"Excellent customer service."
Commented on 2010-12-14 14:43:26 EST
"They do not act toward resolution of claims. When in fact their insured is reapsosible and there is liability, they do not contact and or act with any concern to the injured person. It is a shame that 3 months passes and no contact has been made with the damaged party-this is not a good MO for a company to have"
Commented on 2010-02-09 15:55:25 EST
"I have never had a problem with them. And when i had to file my claim they worked fast and effectively to resolve it. I would recommend it to anyone."
Commented on 2010-01-20 15:37:09 EST
"I thought my insurance co. was to work for me but I seem to be fighting my co. and the person I am dealing with. Because of this I have gotten sick and it is just not worth it so I have given in which is irritating."
Commented on 2009-10-12 09:17:08 EST
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