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Peoples Benefit Life Review

Peoples Benefit Life Customer Comments

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"After my mother passed away, I sent in a change of beneficiary for my brother and fathers life insurance policy because my mother had been the original beneficiary. (I sent it in the same envelope that I sent the payment.) Unfortunately, my brother passed away only three months after my mother. Peoples Benefit Life told me that they did not receive the change in beneficiary notice although they did receive the payment. To make an extremely long story short, I had to hire a lawyer to get them to pay. The mortuary had been harrassing me the whole time (2 years) wanting their money. I ended up wasting thousands of dollars on an attorney while the rest went to my nieces. I would defenitely not reccommend this company to anyone because the ironic part of the story is, my aunt had to do the same thing (sue) in order to get her benefits for her deceased husband from this company. What a shame these people would take advantage of people, especially during hard times like these."
Commented on 2008-06-13 13:26:21 EST
"People's Benefit sent a bill for insurance to my mother after her death. I confirmed she owned the policy and it was for my brother. I notified them the policy was no longer wanted. They charged the premium to her credit card before the account could be closed. Customer Service said a claim form would be sent and the premium returned. The form never arrived although it was promised twice. Subsequently, I was told a Death of Ownership form had to be returned (it was never received)and ownership had to pass from my father(dead 3 years) to my mother and then to the covered family member. That person would have to request the refund of premium. I was also variously told my father had paid the premium in question, that my mother was on a "split" policy (she was not on the policy), and that the form/forms would or had been sent. Nothing has arrived until today, a year after I first started trying to deal with this company,and it's another bill for the premium. This is the short version."
Commented on 2008-04-27 12:16:53 EST
"Not only was I on hold for over 2 hours, the supervisor was rude and hung up the phone on me. I am extremely dissatisfied and do not recommend any giving them business."
Commented on 2007-11-02 13:08:13 EST
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