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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Review

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 1.5311 Reviews Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has received an average of 1.5 stars out of 5 based on 311 user reviews.

Company History:
Anthem traces its origins to Mutual Hospital Insurance, Inc. which was incorporated in Indiana in 1944. Through a series of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations (including a 2004 merger with WellPoint Health Networks Inc.) Anthem became part of the Wellpoint, Inc., the largest U.S. health benefits company. Wellpoint serves over 34 million members and owns the right to market its products under the Blue Cross or Blue Shield names (or both) in several states. Anthem operates through several health ins..Read More

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Contact Information for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Company Contact Info:
CEO (of WellPoint)   Angela Braly
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Reviews and Customer Comments

"This is a terrible insurance company. They do whatever they can to avoid giving you the prescription you should be taking, substituting it for an inferior alternative so they can meet their bottom line. Ive had quite a few insurance companies through work in the past, and this one is by far the worst. When I first had them 3 years sgi, they were covering a medication I was taking with no questions asked. Suddenly out of nowhere, they changed their formulary for an inferior alternative and tell me I have to try TWO of their inferior alternatives and report negative results through my doctor via expensive testing before being allowed to use my traditional medication. I went 9 months with poor results on their asthma medication, repeatedly have trouble catching my breath, all so they can push their alternative rX and save a buck. I have to have this insurance because its the only one my company offers. If I could afford to switch, I would in a heartbeat."
Commented on 2019-10-01 01:13:21 EST
"This is a terrible company to do business with and I am a prisoner to them because my company took away our option for a far superior insurance product and company, Optima Health"
Commented on 2019-08-26 17:18:52 EST
"Please don't sign up with Anthem Healthkeepers. They have been nothing but a problem to me. If you have a long term illness plan on dying if you have them. They deserve negative stars from me. The list of things the will not cover is greater than the list of things they do. This company thinks their board certified monkeys know more than my doctors regarding everything. They are a joke. It is criminal what they are doing. My employer switched over to healthkeepers and now every medication is disputed. They have denied me coverage of at least three medications that I have been on for many years. I most was prescribed an antibiotic for possible tick borne illness. They denied the medication. By the time I get through pre-approval and fighting their bogus system it will possibly be too late if I in fact test positive. I take an infusion for kidney transplant and was denied cover for the medication. I fought it and finally had it over turned but in the mean time I was placed back on tacrolimus which they try to force me to buy from their over priced specialty pharmacy to the tune of 1600.00. Now that I missed my infusion date I have to take the Tacrolimus for 2 month before I can taper off. I have sever side effect from Tacrolimus. Please take my advice and stay away from anthem Healthkeepers. They are the worse insurance by far that I have ever had. You will regret it if you sign up with these clowns."
Commented on 2019-07-14 15:38:57 EST
"If I could give this company negative stars, I would. I have been in an ongoing battle with them, which has led to me not being covered for the last four months. The short story is.. I have proof of submitted payment and email confirmation from the company. Unexpectedly, two months later I receive a letter in the mail of coverage termination. I never received any prior notice via email or mail. Btw, never received insurance cards when asked, and never received any information via email or mailing prior to notifying my of cancelled coverage. After countless phone calls that only resulted in false promises, lack of communication, and continuously starting over at each call, I finally spoke to a kind, helpful woman. She did some research and come to the conclusion ANTHEM was at FAULT for a glitch in their system. I was to be reinstated for the past four months coverage. She said in about three weeks you will be notified that your reinstatement would occur and your coverage would be active. Two weeks late, I received another letter in the mail that my insurance will not be reinstated with no explanation. I have left voicemails and emails, and still have not heard back. This company has the by far the worst customer service and I will never use their services and I hope other readers won't as well. Choose ANY company but this one. Anthem is a disaster and sadly the customers are the ones who suffer."
Commented on 2019-06-25 09:28:03 EST
"Website customer support does not work. Rep I had could not pronounce English and refused to email a temporary password. Website denied my CORRECT security question answers. Repeated problems with this."
Commented on 2019-06-04 13:21:57 EST
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