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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Company Overview

Customer Rating:
Rating: 2.037 Reviews Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has received an average of 2.0 stars out of 5 based on 37 user reviews.

Company History:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is incorporated as a non-profit corporation under Michigan law. It has a number of subsidiaries that provide other services such as workers' compensation (market share of more than one quarter in Michigan), a national dental PPO (DenteMax) with business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a long term care subsidiary (LifeSecure). The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's healthcare operations including a wholly owned HMO subsidiary that provides healthc..Read More

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Contact Information for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Company Contact Info:
CEO and President   Daniel J. Loepp
600 Lafayette East MC 0820
Detroit, MI 48226

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Reviews and Customer Comments

"They never answer the phone. Reject payments for wrong account no. when the PNC validates that it is indeed the correct bcbs account no. They cash another check with my ss no. on it so it goes through. Then they send me bills saying I never paid when they cashed it Jan2. Today is Jan 15 / 2014. They will not answer the phone for individual members. I have not been able to talk with a person"
Commented on 2014-01-15 09:56:40 EST
"not sure it wouldn't be better to be unisured. Have recently tries to iron out a problem and am in the the month of working on it. will be sending it to michigan insurance commission if not resolved by sept 2013. I've never heard back from bc. I'm embarrassed to be a part of this."
Commented on 2013-07-13 23:39:19 EST
"I had BCBS coverage with my previous employer. When I left that position and became self-employed I converted my policy to an individual plan. I stated that I wanted the same coverage but understood that I would have a much higher deductible and higher monthly premiums. While with a group plan my allergy shots were considered a covered benefit. As my allergy shots are my primary medical expense I ALWAYS ask whether these would be covered whenever I change plans and when I changed to an individual plan with BCBS of Michigan I was assured the allergy shots and serum would be covered if they had been covered under the group plan. I later discovered that in fact BCBS does NOT cover allergy shots in ANY of their individual plans. My policy has a high deductible but my allergy shot expenses over 1000 per year including serum do not count toward the deductible contrary to what the sales rep told me when I switched plans. Furthermore one of my prescriptions was about 300 for a 90-day supply when I was with the group plan but with the individual plan the cost is 4499 for a 90-day supply. The only good thing is that the 4499 would apply toward my deductible but at that cost there's no way I can continue with that prescription even though it does a great job in keeping my eyes healthy and has greatly reduced the need for other drugs and doctor visits over the years. "
Commented on 2013-06-28 13:55:24 EST
"This is a total waste of money. They refuse to cover even the most basic of procedures and argue with patients about what information is needed for authorization to have things done. Patients are left in obscene amounts of pain while they take your money to the bank. I would avoid them as if my life depended on it because I know I'd end up dead."
Commented on 2013-04-09 14:20:25 EST
"One word SUCKS."
Commented on 2013-04-08 08:14:01 EST
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