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Country Financial Services Review

Country Financial Services Customer Comments

These are comments left by site visitors who have completed a survey for this company. The comments are unedited and shown in the order the surveys were received. If you would like to participate, just click the "Take a Survey" button at the end of these comments.

"Year over year rate increases far exceeding the rate of inflation to the tune of 9% per year. Our current inflation rate is 2.5 % They have the poorest excuse for customer service I've ever seen. We all expect well rehearsed lip service from politicians but not from our insurance providers. I left two requests for a call back and nothing , silch notta This is the way they treat long standing customers. I strongly recommend going elsewhere for your home and auto insurance needs."
Commented on 2017-07-19 13:09:53 EST
"Country Financial policy holder lost control of his truck and hit me and it's been a nightmare ever since. I had my car towed to the dealership where I purchased my car in January, who only use OEM parts,but the appraiser wants the dealership to use after market parts or match the price. When I purchased my car it was a certified BMW , when I was hit by their policy holder it was still certified, therefore I want it certified when it is repaired and I drive away from the repair shop. The appraiser wants me to pay the difference between the after market parts and the original part which is over 500.00. I called the supervisor and left a message because the appraisal was so rude and and lack of any knowledge, it was like speaking to a pouting 14 year old. I will follow up after speaking with supervisor, but as of right now this insurance company is terrible and causes a lot of stress, which then irritates my injuries received in the accident.I would never use them as a policy holder to anything I owe."
Commented on 2017-06-13 16:50:02 EST
"This company has taken away more for me and my family since our house fire then the fire did it self we lost everything and they have made this process a nightmare"
Commented on 2017-05-17 07:11:02 EST
"Not friendly, not helpful and useless pretty much describe these people."
Commented on 2016-10-26 11:55:32 EST
"I have been with the company for8 years and my insurance rate has increase back to back in the last four years. I call someone to check ask questions about a few damage that occur and they sent someone out. I was told you can fix this on your own. I ask why my insurance incre and he stated because of the area you get a lot of bad weather. So confused with this company and in happy. "
Commented on 2016-04-23 10:13:36 EST
"Great company great service personal attention and great claims service"
Commented on 2014-10-20 14:09:59 EST
"Don't waste your time with this insurance company they will take your money and run. I had a hail damage claim for my roof they gave all kind of excuse not to pay for damage."
Commented on 2014-09-30 18:01:38 EST
"Rude Not helpful with any kind of claims. We got hit with hail twice and they refuse to do work. No contractor wants to deal with this company. "
Commented on 2014-05-03 14:49:23 EST
"Hail damage all over my house. The amount they've offered would suggest snot and duct tape would be the best materials for repair. Having been a long time employee I know that the mismanagement runs deep."
Commented on 2014-04-03 15:43:20 EST
"This is about the financial investments category of Country Financial. Although we also have homeowners policy we have not filed a claim. Possibly we should investigate that further too.But my complaint with the company is that they screwed up the inherited retirement account and supposedly it can't be fixed which will cost about 11000 in extra taxes. I am not saying it was intentional but it was made out of poor knowledge by the advisor. And a refusal to do anything to compensate for their ignorance. Even when speaking with the agent he still keeps making the same mistake that leads me to believe he just doesn't understand tax law. I am extremely upset."
Commented on 2014-03-30 18:06:19 EST
" Recently received invoice for homeowner's premium for '13-'14 and it had increased 407 or 56% from previous year. We have been with this company for close to 20 years have excellent credit and never filed a claim. When I called agent to inquire about increase I was toldand I quote "there is no rhyme or reason" for the increase. They had received several calls about people getting increases for no justifiable reason. There should definitely be a formal investigation into the practices of Country Financial. "
Commented on 2013-06-18 09:08:46 EST
"I am single female with 3 chidren still at home. I have 21 properties two cars unbrella coverage and life insurance with country. Had a house fire 5 months ago a week before xmas. Part of the home is lost with the rest having substanial smoke and water damage. The adjuster was rude treated me with no repect or understanding. I had a home worth 700000. They put us in a dump and to add insult to injury the adjuster would only approve one small 26' tv. We had 2 60' tv's along with other smaller ones. My home was custom built inside and out. I have three quotes from contractors all ranging from 270000 - 30000 along with original reciepts and invoices. Country is almost 100000 less. I have now had to hire a public adjuster public adjuster. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE"
Commented on 2013-04-29 20:15:37 EST
"They are a bunch of thugs"
Commented on 2012-07-29 07:20:32 EST
"They refuse to pay overhead and profit when 5 contractors are needed for major hail damages."
Commented on 2012-06-20 22:10:40 EST
"Rates are increasing. "
Commented on 2012-06-06 21:50:50 EST
"Had this insurance for 16 years. Filed my first claim in 15 years and was denied. Although the policy never stated a time limitation they thought they would add one out of thin air and deny my claim. Pure evil."
Commented on 2012-03-14 13:46:10 EST
"I have much of my Insurance and investments with Country. That will soon be changing due to their less than stellar performance when it comes to claims. Very slow and uninterested in the needs of the customer."
Commented on 2012-03-07 14:40:01 EST
"Do not follow through with claims....My truck was not fixed properly after accident...was explained they fixed all "they thought" needed fixing"
Commented on 2012-02-02 18:00:30 EST
Commented on 2012-01-16 00:11:57 EST
"Weve never filed a claim in over 6 years but our premium is slowly going up - up - up. In doing comparisons they are the second highest of those weve contacted. But that said service has been great."
Commented on 2012-01-05 22:31:58 EST
"our claims were handled quickly and efficiently. Our agent has always been very helpful. Been with this insurance company for over 20 years."
Commented on 2011-12-14 06:03:10 EST
"Terrible service as no one will call back. cant add autos to policies very easily and my rates keep going up with no claims. i have had 4 reps in almost three years. They burn through agents really fast they must be under high sales pressure."
Commented on 2011-11-23 00:13:21 EST
"We had to file 2 claims due to water damage they were within 2 years of each other 99 2011- they were not high amount claims. The first claim was not even over 2000. We were told by the claims adjuster and our insurance agent that this would not affect our rates or coverage. 6 months after the 2nd claim we get a letter saying we will not be renewed due to filing 2 claims. I have always made my payments on time and am rather surprised that they are dropping us for no reason other then filing 2 claims. We also have auto insurance with them and have to pay a yearly fee to be a member for coverage."
Commented on 2011-10-25 19:23:06 EST
"Agent seems more interested in raising his commissions than providing helpful service. Huge rate increases each of last 3 years."
Commented on 2011-10-11 10:14:22 EST
"Very unethical in its hiring practices as well as treating its valuable employees. Good ol boy network and high pressure sales."
Commented on 2011-10-03 21:18:59 EST
"Have been with conntry for over 35 years.We had a wind storm in March 2011 and had roof damage and we were told that our 13 year old roof was not damaged by the storm but that we had defective shingles.Very unhappy and are getting new company"
Commented on 2011-10-03 08:47:19 EST
"I had a theft of property approx one month ago. Since initiating a claim Country has not been truthful in my questioning. Very difficult to even get time frames and my claim with Country seems to be passing hands. "
Commented on 2011-09-26 17:55:29 EST
"I have had this insurance co for 1 year and received my renewal and I was shocked that it went up over 300.00 dollars a year and I have no claims with them. I will be shopping again."
Commented on 2011-09-13 10:17:46 EST
"Ive had my auto owners homeowner and disability insurance with Country for several years my parents for many years before that. I pay roughly 2500.00 per year to them in policy premiums. 3 years ago I had a water leak in my basement and claim was paid. This June a windstorm did damage to my roof claim was paid. Today I received a letter they are not renewing my policy due to frequency of claims. Guess I will have to cancel my auto and disability policies as well"
Commented on 2011-09-09 19:43:19 EST
"I have been with Country for years and never had trouble until now. They claimed to have preformed an investigation however the information they relayed to me about the scene was obviously incorrect which I proved to them. They then claimed to preform another and commited similar mistakes which I proved wrong again. My parents have been with them for longer than I have been alive and this is our first issue but I have to say that it is a deal-breaker for me. I cant trust them to take care of me if something happens so why would I pay them to "
Commented on 2011-06-24 21:19:12 EST
"Bad faith tell you onething and turn thier back on you."
Commented on 2011-06-08 12:08:45 EST
"Bad Faith company - Anyone who lets them "invest" their retirement money is crazy - If they stick it to you on a fire claim, they will stick it to you when you want to retire."
Commented on 2011-04-16 11:04:33 EST
"I had a charm bracelet stolen. They insisted the replacement value was $500 for a 5oz gold bracelet the the jeweler submitted an exact bill for$3500. They have continually been less than helpful."
Commented on 2011-02-24 18:09:52 EST
"We had a an auto accident that totalled our vehicle the claim rep was rude and definitely not looking out for our interests along with our agent who was rude and very negative. The only one who was polite and efficent was the claim adjuster that handled the inspection of our vehicle. This company is horrible and would not recommend them to my worst enemy!"
Commented on 2011-02-18 10:31:14 EST
"simply the best"
Commented on 2011-02-16 19:54:54 EST
"A+ company. "
Commented on 2011-01-13 15:24:46 EST
"do not give them your money run, run very fast hold on to your money.they will not give you a true amount until they put it in .(they call it the "system").they will give a number then raise it .wait until you have a claim .if your kids have a claim forget about it.your done for the next five companies can do what they want. I can only let other people know what happened "
Commented on 2010-12-30 15:27:46 EST
"My agent was very reasonable anice gentleman. I had rear ended in the high way and then I found from the time that the adjuster got involved, he tried to push me to send my car to his favourite rapair shop and after I declined, he reduced his first estimates from $3500 to $2200, even the other insurance had to pay the claim. Adjuster gave me a hard time since I refused to choose his interested body shop. "
Commented on 2010-11-05 00:11:28 EST
"Agent was inept and often missed up transactions or changes."
Commented on 2010-10-03 20:32:06 EST
"My family has been with country for over 20 years, and in total have over 50 policies with them including home, rental property, life, auto, and several business policies. Our agent is wonderful and explains everything very well. Every claim they have handled for us has been fair and with a quick response. I even had a flooded basement this summer and they were there within a day to help with all they could."
Commented on 2010-09-30 10:57:27 EST
"Premiums go up very quickly every year "
Commented on 2010-08-30 16:40:14 EST
"If you have a finished basement, please ask your agent to add a Sump Pump clause to your homeowners policy. This was overlooked by our agent and unknown to us, and when our sump pump failed, we paid out of pocket for the clean up and carpet re-lay."
Commented on 2010-07-28 10:18:10 EST
"They tried to slip a 200 a yr increase on my homeowners.On the bill it stated there was no premium change,but when I compared it to last years,it was 200 dollars more.We had no claims . They said it was because of inflation when I questioned them on it. There was no inflation last year. They just made me pay 40 dollars membership to the farm bureau the week before cancelling them,and could not get the money back. Went to another company and got the same coverage for less than I paid even before the increase at Country.Stay away."
Commented on 2010-07-07 10:43:16 EST
"I was very dissatisfied when I got into my car acceident and they only paid for the body of the car to get fixed then made accusations when I needed mechanical work done.. I will never go through country again!!"
Commented on 2010-06-27 23:19:10 EST
"They are terrible!!! Our whole neighborhood was hit with hail damage. Only those few unfortunate to have Country have had nightmares with claims. Ours was finally approved for only 1 side of our roof!! All other homes in neighborhood with other insurance were given new roofs with no problems."
Commented on 2010-06-24 18:58:41 EST
"This is insurance company is horrible to deal with. I agree with another members comment they seem very sexist against women. Wake-up country finical is the 2010 women can be the head of house holds and we should be treated with respect too. If you have this insurance switch because if you ever have to make a calm they will turn hard situation your into worse. VERY UNSATISFIED customer"
Commented on 2010-05-19 09:20:04 EST
"The claims adjuster appears to be VERY prejudiced against single females. With NINE contractors all same the same thing, our claim was denied by the adjuster. Despite proof of "burn through" and total roof damage, he refused to listen. Over $15,000 in damage to dwelling and appliances and I received a little over $3,000. The premiums were raied almost $200 immediately. I have heard from other single women, they had the same treatment from Country insurance people. Plus...if you have a theft, they treat YOU like the crook. They are horrible and dishonest. "
Commented on 2010-04-15 05:03:16 EST
"Great company ! Great reps ! Great prices !"
Commented on 2010-03-13 19:41:34 EST
Commented on 2010-02-26 15:27:11 EST
"Following a high wind storm which took off the back of my roof over night the claims adjuster was out the next day and wrote me a check to begin repairs. I received another check shortly there after once the work was completed. "
Commented on 2010-01-16 21:42:58 EST
"Best insurance company I have ever dealt with. My agent was very informative and extremely helpful. I give em an A++"
Commented on 2009-11-24 23:32:14 EST
"The claim prosses has been the biggest joke I have ever been a part of. It has now been 2 months and we are still trying to get the money to pay the body shop who fixed our car. The adjuster gave us the lowest estimate that we have ever seen!"
Commented on 2009-09-22 13:48:57 EST
"Country Financial OVERCHARGED me for 7 months of Insurance with them. I HAD to catch the problem, and when I finally spoke to an associate manager about the problem, he acted cocky and told me there was no telling how long it would take for the underwriters to get an answer. "
Commented on 2009-08-21 10:29:12 EST
"Have had them for two years. After claims for wind damage and an auto claim they cancelled my insurance. I see other people complaing here had several claims before being cancelled. They have no explanation except their right."
Commented on 2009-04-25 17:27:15 EST
"We had a house fire in August of 2007. The claims representative for large claim losses, did not settle till late November. During that time he was not able to be reached and did not call us back for 3 weeks at a time. He did not provide any sort of housing allowance till over a year later. The claims representative that handled our personal property lied to us and cheated us out of any settlement for most of our clothing. This claims representative went on CAT duty and completely ignored our claim. We had to contact the agent and then he had to complain to the adjuster in order for us to get our calls returned. We were not able to get back into our home for 15 months. We were very unsatisfied with the claim reps not calling us back, not revising the initial property lists (as we remembered things) and not giving us the fair value of items. Although we loved our agent, the adjusters, in this area, were terrible! "
Commented on 2009-03-02 09:24:34 EST
"Been with Country for over 30 years. Pretty happy with the over all. Did have a slight car dent that happend in a parking lot. The rep who needed to review the damage was hard to get a hold for an appt. However, recently I was rear-end and the car was totaled. The claims manager was the best. He explained everything, faxed docs to me. Called to be sure things were ok. They let me have a rental extra days, due to my daughters wedding that same week. They were great. Agent is also great. Not a hard sell type. Asked if things are ok and leaves it at that. Not pushy. "
Commented on 2008-12-18 20:28:44 EST
"Agent is very good, knows our family, recommends what we need. Plus our claim was handled quickly."
Commented on 2008-11-22 23:07:32 EST
"They are AWEFUL when it comes to actually paying the claim. You will NOT get the money you should."
Commented on 2008-10-08 10:42:00 EST
"Over some six years, I insured three vehicles and two homes with Country, paying them at least $,018,000 in auto premiums alone. But after having several windshield claims and hail claims and one deer impact, Country sent an "adverse underwriting decision" and refused to provide comprehensive and collision coverage anymore, despite the fact that both my wife and I have not had any at-fault claims and we have never had any citations on our driving license records. At most, Country would have paid some $8,000 in claims, keepin the remaining $10,000 in premiums for their own profit. But apparently that was not enough profit for them. For a separate insurance policy that my daughter had, Country set a pattern of not investigating accidents completely, failing in one incident to even interview the other driver and establish the facts concerning him. He "skipped out" and yet Country maintained he was a claimant even though he never filed a claim. Country prefers to just pay claims to other parties rather than "stand up" for its clients' rights, and raise rates on its clients or file "adverse underwriting" decisions against them. Basically, all Country wants to do is collect premiums and "screw" their clients who have claims. If you contact their customer service reps, they don't listen and don't answer questions; and, if one persists, they became rude, use a standard phrase ("This conversation is over.") to end discussion and hang up. "
Commented on 2008-08-02 20:55:39 EST
"I tried to make my house insurance payment online when the system first locked me out, then I had to call the insurance. They got me back to the website and I went ahead and made the payment, once the confirmation came up, the payment was already done and I realized they had an old Debit/credit card on file. So I told the CSR that I was talking to that it was the wrong card, she cancelled the first payment, then told me where to edit the card information. So I updated and redid the payment. I then hung up and checked my bank account. There were two charges pending for the same amount. I then called back and spoke to a gentleman that said that the first payment was cancelled and it should clear overnight, once everything goes through. I also told him that if it didn't then I would call back. Well this morning, we had overdraft fees because the gentleman stated that it should have cleared out over night. $66 in overdraft fees. So I called them this morning and spoke to a female CSR and she said that the cancellation had been done for the first payment and she even had talked to credit card department. She said there was nothing else that they could do and how could she refund $$$$ that they didn't have. So I got furious and told her that I was going to call my agent. My agent called me back and stated that with a refund like that it take 2-7 days, no one told me this when I called to begin with. Now, I had to call the Debit/credit card office and they were able to take one of the charges off, but Country life insurance does not want to give me my $66 back for the overdraft fee, when the male CSR told me it would correct itself over night and it should not affect my bank account. So, I am going to fight to get my $$$$$ back. "
Commented on 2008-07-22 11:46:43 EST
" exactly in detail what your policy covers and ask alot of questions"
Commented on 2008-06-11 18:14:31 EST
"Very great rates for sub-contractors they beat my current rates by 25% saved me a bundle."
Commented on 2008-03-26 11:41:00 EST
"I paid for a $500,000 insurance policy on a motorcycle and when an accident occured which was not our fault they are calling us liars and cheats on what a fair price is. This motorcycle is 11 years old and they and to give us nothing for it. Both parties got a little excited speaking to each other and now the insurance company refuses to speak to us."
Commented on 2007-11-13 11:15:09 EST
"This company fails to honor estimates of car damages from certified repair specialists. They pay claims based on damage done to their owners cars instead of damage done to the car their insured damaged. In other words if little damage was done to their car, but significant damage was done to the victims car then they only pay a fraction of actual cost to repair victims car. "
Commented on 2007-11-09 14:19:29 EST
Commented on 2007-08-17 11:05:41 EST
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