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Car Insurance For Seniors: Discounts And Coverage

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One of the many questions faced as you age is whether or not getting older means paying more for your senior auto insurance, and the answer, unfortunately, can be yes. Higher car insurance for seniors is not considered discrimination because insurance companies set their rates depending on what groups present more of a risk. Many companies find that senior drivers have more frequent accidents than other age groups, and they set their senior car insurance rates accordingly. While this does not mean your rates will go up, it does mean that an increase is possible.

TIP: If your insurance company has raised your rates due to age, that does not imply that you can't find insurance at a better rate elsewhere. If you decide to shop for cheaper car insurance, compare quotes and ask about any car insurance discounts you may have earned with years of driving with a good record. Click here to use Free Advice's quote center for your senior insurance needs.

Keeping your Senior Auto Insurance Low

If your car insurance rates have ticked up slightly, there are things that you can do to help bring your rate back to what you were used to be before reaching your golden years. When selecting a senior insurance policy, consider the following options:

  • Raise your deductible- This can lower your premium. However, remember this amount will be your out of pocket expense in the event of a claim.

  • Consider dropping collision coverage -if you can afford car repairs or replace cars, dropping the collision on an older model car can save you a great deal.

  • Carpool- With 60 being the new 50, people are working longer and driving more. You can save with a low mileage discount by commuting by rail and parking your car at a station, or commuting or carpooling with others.

  • Pay annually- rather than in installments and you could save as much as 8 percent by avoiding fees.

  • Take a safe-driving course- A senior driving course can reduce your insurance rates. It can be an auto insurance discount of up to 10 percent. Washington, D.C., and 36 states mandate discounts for people who take a course, which usually costs between $10 and $30. Ask your agent to see if your carrier offers such a course. AARP also offers a course. For more information go to

License Suspension or Revocation

If you are a senior and your licenses as been suspended or revoked for any reason, your local DMV will notify your insurance carrier. When the insurance company learns that a license has been suspended it is their standard procedure to cancel the policy, since there is not a valid driver in the household.

TIP: If you hire someone or have a family member drive you around while your license is suspended, then may be able to add that person to your insurance policy. With a licensed driver on the car insurance policy, you may be able to prevent it from being canceled.

If your license is suspended, then you have to work with the DMV in your state to reverse the revocation or suspension or to obtain your license back and get yourself back on an insurance policy. Once you have cleared your record, contact your insurer to obtain a new policy.

KEEP IN MIND: Any incident that causes your license to be suspended or revoked will cause further increase in your car insurance rate, and make it difficult to get a discount on your senior auto insurance rate. Drive safe to get the lowest rates possible!

If you see your car insurance rates go up as you get older, take the opportunity to search for cheaper car insurance. Keep cost saving strategies in mind when considering your senior auto insurance plan, and click here for a free no-obligation quote on your auto insurance that could put you back to saving in your senior years.

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