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How To Lower Your Car Insurance By Choosing The Best Deductible

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When you sign up for an auto insurance policy, you will have to choose your auto insurance deductible payment amounts as part of your plan. Your car insurance deductible becomes important whenever there is damage to your vehicle, and you intend to use your insurance as a means to pay for it. When filing a claim, you will have to pay your auto insurance deductible to cover some of the damages, and then your insurance company will pay for the rest according to your car insurance policy.

EXAMPLE: To illustrate how your car insurance deductible operates, consider the scenario in which your automobile insurance policy comes with a $100 deductible payment. If your car suffers $500 in damages that are covered by your car insurance and you wish to file a claim to have them help you pay for the repairs, you will pay your car insurance deductible amount of $100 and your insurance will pay the remaining $400.

How Your Car Insurance Deductible Affects Premium Payments

Your car insurance deductible translates into money you will have to pay in order to settle a damages claim that your car insurance company does not. This means that if you select a car insurance policy with a higher deductible payment, you will be able to get cheaper car insurance. On the other hand, if you select a policy with a lower deductible payment, then your monthly premium payments will be higher.

How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Deductible

When comparing auto insurance plans you will be given the option of what your deductible payment will be. Your personal finances are always a deciding factor when selecting a car insurance policy, and, as stated above, your choice will impact the amount of your monthly payments. However, because you are not certain about if and when you need to make a car insurance deductible payment, be sure to consider the following:

  • What Causes You to Pay Your Car Insurance Deductible: The answer to this is simple: damage to the car. What you need to consider when choosing an auto insurance deductible is how likely damage is to occur. Look at your driving record and the safety of your neighborhood. If you are a good driver in a neighborhood where your car is safe, then you can consider a higher deductible as you may not need to pay it, and doing so reduces your monthly payments. However, if you aren't a good driver, or your car is at risk for a break in you may want to pay more per month and get a lower car insurance deductible payment.
  • What Risks Are You Willing to Take: Look closely at your past insurance history, or the insurance history of people in similar situations as you, and see if you are at a high risk for damages to your car. By understanding the risk factor you can determine whether or not you are willing to pay less money per month and have a higher deductible payment. If you have not relied on your deductible in the past, then you may want to take the risk, but if you fear that you will need your deductible often then pay the higher premiums for the lower payments to repair damages. Find the risk level you are comfortable with.
  • Compare Before Purchasing: Car insurance deductible amounts can vary drastically across car insurance companies, so take the time and shop for car insurance quotes and find a company that works best for you. After you have determined what type of automobile insurance deductible you are willing to pay, find the company that provides you with that option with the lowest monthly rates, or the best quality of service. If your current insurer will not accept a car insurance deductible that is satisfactory, take the opportunity to find a company that will.

Reduce Your Car Insurance Deductible

Several insurers now offer car insurance discounts or programs to significantly decrease your car insurance deductible in exchange for your good driving record. When selecting a car insurance company, ask them if they offer a reduction in your car insurance deductible if you are not involved in any accidents, or do not have any traffic citations.

TIP: If you are a good driver and want to be rewarded for it by a reducing car insurance deductible payment, then consider a company with a plan that will accommodate you.

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